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Downloads Home » Recorded Games » not very good a build up PLZ help!

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not very good a build up PLZ help!

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Version: The Conquerors
I need ur help. PLZ watch than tell me what Im not doing right.
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Mangudia_force you won albeit against low powered comps you seem to have the normal comps with the backbone added you had a nice army but it was not well teched and you did not use the reseeder in the mill the market you could put further and build castles exspeciall for defence walls are ok but gates better 1000 more hit points and you can pass threw them while the enimy cant as fars as wronge well for comp play you did well Live you would have been eaten alive the rm players are like this race to castle then at castle build tc's aleast 3 more if possable agasint the comps i can mass as many as 150 castles the market works two ways trade and comerce you can buy and sell resorses remember to ballance economy with army there is acctually 3 parts to aoc Econimic stability defensive stance and offensive attacks. all 3 muct me ballanced if you lack in 1 you will suffer. like this what is better a bomb tower or a castle. answer CASTLE bomb tower are 120+1 hit but a castle 11+4 X() ok the x is this put 20 archers in a caslte (20) meaning that 11+4 jsut went to 220+4 100 hit points more than any bomb tower armor you must upgrade armor but you also must get the university for soziatal tech ok also remember this 1 barrack can hold 15 men 10 can hold 150 more army can be made quicker with more buildingsget more vills get more resorses make a bigger army i am a live player download some of my dm there are al post imp but in 1 is a michi rm match there you can see howi use erconomy i Hope you have fun and remember you won this game so you have no problems getting a standard comp and normap speed you can move up to a higher comp level with no problems but to build up faster get more vills in the beginning and build more army buildings put your market in the far cormer and get trade started as soon as possable the extra gold helps with getting men and resorses

[Edited on 09/10/05 @ 05:46 PM]

File Author
1st off I play with a higher comp, I just turn it down so it would not attack me early in the game. I only was asking for help with my early eco. Im alot better in DM. RM and DM r very different early in game play. I usualy use the reseed. BUT I MUST NOTE: that my monitor was broken when I played this game, and can't read the # of resouces I have.
Mangudia_force i play both rm and dm in either case a strong economy is nessasary and i do not play comps i play live players on the game zone. on any map in any game dm rm regi od what not the economy is very important your vill count was low my count is normally even in dm around 100 to 159 vills and if i need a bigger army i vill kill. or delete any non nessasary villagers i have a saying you cant not kill what you can not run out of resorses. try doing a 50/50 split also if you knotse how many tc's did you have in rm i try for aleasst no les than 5 more if i can afford them and normally i can remember this you are never out of resorses of any kind whenther it is a free for all or teams that is what the market is for. you did well as i said but you lacked a strong economy andi do hope you got teh monator fixxed you do need to see the level of res you have in stores. good luck in your endevors i hope you make it live with us some day before conquerors is dead forever as it is its dieing now and soon will be gone or atleast not what is once was we have two rm rooms uneasy alliances and midevil siege that do well and death match is down to a fw hundred i play moslty in deathmatch 1 but i am also found in uneasy as well playing rm you will find if you come we have a problem with cheaters but we have a solution 1.0E patch so you will se 1.0C and E games come join us if you feel like it and there you will find friends like me that will help you with all yoru gaming strats econ defence and attack you did well on attack so i see no problem in you playing live. it alot of fun and with live you get friends and allies from across the world

[Edited on 09/11/05 @ 11:01 PM]

Sir_Lohengrin Your monitor was broken? I mean, really broken or did your game just crash?

One good way to build a decent economy is to (surprise, surprise) make lots of villagers as fast as possible. Someone said that there should be at least 20 of them before advancing into Feudal age. This works for most comps, but human opponents are entirely different; i's not rare to see the best players use even 100-150 villagers. It depends also of the resources available; in the beginning you'll need lots of wood to build many farms, unless you have plenty of foraging bushes, sheep or animals to hunt nearby.

[Edited on 09/12/05 @ 05:50 PM]

kimmy Or, you know...You could just flush, it's easy to flush the computer. :D Or, boom for an hour and a half, and then take like 30 teutonic knights and destroy them...Or, whatever they said up top.
Mangudia_force lol he wants a better econ so he need to bill out get more tc's like 5 or 6 and vill the game out
File Author
I want a better eco early in the game.
My monitor was broken I hooked my computer up to my tv but u can't read anything.
I don't play this game very often I do play mp, but lately I just been playing EE2.

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