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Unlimited Population Limit -- With Triggers Only

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
By Oliver, member of Tsunami Studios

In this tutorial scenario, you will learn the easy way to change the starting state of your population in order to support creation of more units than 200. There is virtually no limit of how high the limit can be set. Email me if you've got any questions, olifver at gmail dot com, or ask me at the forums.

Quite easy if you're familiar with the editor
Made solely with triggers = works on all computers
Your computer is the only limit
Can be activated whenever you want
No c-patch required

A small part of the map will be covered by fog of war
You don't need houses to a certain extent (everyone's playing as if they were huns)
I have no idea how the computer AI will react.
You'll have to make a trigger system for every player that is supposed to have the pop increase.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Magnum Pi
Rating: 5

This utility is excellent. It utilises a bug involved with units garrisoned in a ram, and receiving a negative population value. Mandalorian's file, although great, has the disadvantages that it is limited to a 500 pop. cap and requires you to back up your original empires2_x1_p1 file. This method uses triggers only (as stated in the title) but unfortunately it invovles ram garissoning so it can't be done in AoK. (If it works using any building, however, then it will work without the expansion. I don't acually know, I'm only wondering.) Also, using triggers does not require the patch, and the limit can be set to virtually any number you like.

USEFULNESS/NOVELTY: This utility is very useful, it does it's job perfectly, and as I said, does not need you to back-up files, have the C-Patch, etc. The method that is used also allows you to control the amount of extra population you receive, weather you want just an extra 20 or up to 600, you can do so. This ability is invaluable for casual gamers who can set the triggers and want twice the limite AoK offers, or scenario designers who want their campaigns/scenarios to have a small boost. Another advantage of this population-increasing method, is that it does not have to apply to all players. Whether it does or doesn't, is at the discretion of the designer.

QUALITY/INSTRUCTIONS: This utility explained its topic well, and the presentation gives you a demonstration of the concept in action. The in-game instructions were clear enough and comprehensible, for me atleast. There is even a humorous introduction with a "lost" man who meets Oliver and Thunder 77, who explain the triggers for him. The small jungle area where you are enclosed has exceptional map-design. This is irrelevant to the concept, but a good map shows that more effort was put into the scenario, and grabs a player's initial attention. The creater also remembers to credit his/her sources. (Mandalorian and Thunder 77 are both mentioned.)

Additional Comments: There are just a few faults with this utility and concept that I think I should mention. However, I did not find them enough to lower the rating.

One thing that was not explained, that should have been (IMO), was what ratio of units removed will equal the amount of population you gain? Is it for every three men you remove gives you one extra population? I didn't remove any scoring for of this because I'm not sure that it is even know yet. I recommend the author test this out him/herself, and then update the discription/file to include this information.

Another fault with this trick is that the more you add to limit, (especially when you impliment this to multiple players) the more the game lags at first. For me, the game speed was a little slower than usual and the music continued to muffle and stop/start. I assume it's the large number of initial units that causes this, but I don't know for sure. Also as this is a downside of the trick, and not the utility, no points are lost here.

Next, the authors description says, "I have no idea how the AI will react." I reccomend that he/she experiments with it to find out how the AI works with this, as it is relevant to gameplay. A disadvantage with Mandalorian's file is that the AI seems not to take advantage of the extra pop. But because this is not the highlight of the concept, and would probably be difficult to test, I made no deductions for this.

The final comment I'll make, is not acually a problem, but does effect game play. Because your population goes to a negative number, players do not need to build houses/TC's/Castles essentially turning them into huns untill they reach zero. I really like this, personally, I despised having to build all of those houses using Mandalorian's file. But I understand that that is just me, other gamers may see this as a negative aspect, because it lessens the hun bonus, which some will see as removing balance.

Closing Comments:

This utility, and the trick that goes with it is extremely valuable with advantages that outway any disadvantages, IMO. This is a great concept that will keep AoK alive longer then ever. Take my suggestions Oliver and nice work!This is definately worth the download and easily earns a 5.0.

[Edited on 11/09/05 @ 09:05 PM]

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