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Nature Mod GOLD

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Im gonna design maps just for this mod. To give a edge to the mod!

Nature Mod Lite

- This mod makes everything that is of food on the map that is gathered come back!!

- Fish, Forage Bushes, Sheep, Deer, Boars, Turkey when i say everything i mean everything!!

- This is a must download!! No more running out of sheep or any other food resources on the map. If you have villagers to gather, the resources are available.

- Farm Areas are more strategtic since they respawn when damaged.

Nature Mod

- This mod makes everything on the map that is gathered come back!!

- Fish, Forage Bushes, Sheep, Deer, Boars, Turkey, Gold, Stone and Trees. When i say everything i mean everything!!

- This is a must download!! No more running out of gold or any other resources on the map. If you have villagers to gather, the resources are available.


- Villagers idle often on forage bushes and trees. Im trying to find ways around the idle problem, but as far as fixing the mod not to idle hasnt been done yet.

- To play online with one of these mods. All the players who are gonna participate in the game must have the same mod installed. If the same mod isnt installed on a player the game will lose sync.

- You cant install both mods at the sametime.
You must pick one at a time.

Thanks guys have fun with this!!

Email me with idea's and suggestions at:
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AO_Kings This is really Good
File Author
Thanks man. Im thinking about playing this game again. So im prolly gonna update this again. Prolly make some maps or something. Anyways if you like this you may like...


It didnt get that many dl's tho :( but o well I thought it was good.

[Edited on 02/19/06 @ 10:29 AM]

Rating: 5

This is one of the best and easy-to-use utilities I have ever downloaded. There are only 2 buttons: one to install the utility, one to uninstall it. This utility works for the original AoE2 as well for the expansion. The utility works on all kinds of games: map editor, campaign and random map. I haven't tried multiplayer yet. If Age of Empires 2 has a somewhat less good thing, than it's the recource problem. When a map runs out of recources, the game is done. Before this utility, you could solve the problem, too. You just had to create hundreds of triggers, looping on, create object, for example a tree. But jeah, creating 100's of triggers takes more than a whole day. This utility makes triggers obsolete. From now on, every game you create/play will have unlimited recources. I suggest this is especially usefull for self created maps, because 30 trees on a map will be enough to play a game. Don't create too much recources, because you won't be able to build anything there.

USEFULNESS/NOVELTY: It's usefulness is amazing. From now on, you don't need to curse the game anymore when the recources run out. The game can last for longer, and a player who is driven into a corner of the map isn't likely to lose anymore because of the recources - the lacking of it, that is. This utility is great for beginners who want to concentrate theirselves completely on the military aspect of the game. Every scenario designer should download this, it's excellent for lots of uses.

QUALITY/INSTRUCTIONS: Perhaps the greatest thing on this utility. There's not much to say.
There is a install button and a uninstall button. Just double-click it and install it. After it's installed, open the game and look, it works! He has also included a short note, it explains the difference between the original and the lite version (the lite version only respawns food items).

GAMEPLAY: For me, THE most important thing is gameplay. For beginners this utility will be excellent, but for experts: I don't think you will play it a lot, unless you make your own maps. The always respawning recources will take away the fighting for recources and the wiseful use of them. However, you can still remain this when you create your maps. Don't create more than 30 items of each recource, and spread them over the map. The fighting will be always concentrated around these areas, so be sure to have your troops there.

Additional Comments: You said you would try to fix it, but I don't think the (little) problem hasn't be fixed yet. When a forage bush has run out of food, it reappears, but the villagers doesn't continue gathering recources of it. He will just go stand next to it, idle.

But besides this, the utility is great and easy to uninstall when you want to play a usuall game. I advice it to everyone, because of the following factors.
1) It's damn easy to install and remove.
2) It's very useful, recources are unlimited ^^
3) It's a fine example of what a utility should be.

[Edited on 02/16/15 @ 12:33 PM]

Rating: 4.5
I gave this 4.5 because I found it very usefull.

The Nature MOD is very usefull for resourses as when a resourse is depleted (Say a tree) it respwans. This means you will never run out of that resourse.

The Nature Mod Lite does the same but it only respawns depleted food sourses (deer, Bushes, sheep ets).

Good Points:
-You never run out of resourses which (for me) made the game much better.

Bad Points:
-When playing a Michi I tried to take down the forest with a seige onager but when ever I hit a tree it respawed so I couldnt get through the forest.

-If they are forage bushes, mines or trees in the way of building I cant get rid of them as they just re-apear.

If you want to have infinite resourses which is quite good i recomend installing Nature MOD

If you want to be able to play Michi's but still keep some resourses infinite then I recoment the Nature MOD Lite.


Overall I found this utility both usefull and fun.I recomend you download it!

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