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Unfinished Russian Mod

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Not too long ago, a forummer named Cheruscan has posted a thread that was about reviving this Russian mod project that I've left unfinished for years. Also, a few weeks ago, ModRocker has mailed me about him wanting to see this mod. And so now I feel this is the time to show it all off, even if it's still not finished.

I remember starting this project back in 2001 with eagerness and interest. I remember an old forummer named Beloyar who was a Russian history expert and who supplied me with everything I needed to know to progress.

But as two more years passed, progress on the mod was still rather slow and I've felt that modding AoK has gotten more or less out of my interest level and I have moved on to other interests in life.

Well, as of today I still see many people who are still into AoK:TC, though not as many as in the glory days apparently. And I've felt that since this mod has taken me so long to work on, I've finally felt like showing this piece of art to the world.

So here are some specs:

The Aztecs have been modded as the Kievan Russians.
The Mayans have been modded as the Muscovite Russians.


Eagle Warrior/EEW = Vityaz/Elite Vityaz. Russian mounted knight-type unit armed with a spear.

Jaguar Warrior/EJW = Bogatyr/Elite Bogatyr.
Kievan Rus unique swordsman-type unit.

Plumed Archer/EPA = Boyar/Elite Boyar
Muscovite Russian unique ranged cavalryman.


The mossy road has been replaced with a dark-colored road.
One of the Gaia trees in the editor has been replaced with a Birch tree.

And now for some SCREENS:

Small Riverside Village in the Feudal Age.
Castle Age City.
Great Russian Imperial Age City.
Unique Units Galore. Vityazs, Bogatyrs, and Boyars.
The Moscow Kremlin!
Alexander Nevski's Army Standing Ready To Own Your Sorry Ass. ;-)

I hope you'll enjoy playing around this mod and using it for whatever purpose you want. You may do ANYTHING you wish with it; finish it for me whatever way you want, use its graphics in your own projects, etc. But I'd reccomend you to be courteous and credit me for those graphics, ok? :-)

Your former neighborhood modder,

Mark Herrera (aka. Agamemnon)
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CallousCrazyMan i have a question- will this mod work with the age of caverly mod?
Rating: 4.5
Great units and buildings! Given a 4.5 for lack of dll editing and two or three buildings (which should be expected as the title does, in fact, say "Unfinished").

Additional Comments:
This is perhaps the best and most useful mod out there. In terms of usefulness, you can now recreate battles with the Teutonic Order, Poland, Lithuania, and the Mongols. The units and most of the buildings are stunning and the only things that seem to be missing are mill graphics and the Mayan wonder. All in all, an awesome mod and one I would encourage everyone to download.
Rating: 4.5
(I give this mod a 4.5 because there are a couple buildings missing and there is only graphical changes.)

Additional Comments: The graphics are amazing, my favorite buildings are the imperial age ones, especially the town center, it's a master piece. I only spotted one bug with the units and thats with the Vityaz, when it attacks the shield seems to sink into the side of the horse, kind of strange, but you made it in poser so I see how the mistake could be made.

Anyways great mod, this is well worth downloading.
DJm I must truly confess that I haven’t seen such a beautiful piece of work in a long time.
And I just have to download it NOW!!!
LPype All I can say is: it's about time! Eastern European cultures were sadly underrepresented in Age of Kings despite the tremendous roles they played in medieval Europe. Players who wished to reenact the battles waged by the Magyar Hungarians, the Bulgars, the Poles, the Lithuanians, or the Russian kingdoms usually had to resort to substituting a completely unrelated civilization in its place. Plus, for some reason, ES decided to include civilizations that, despite their easily-recognizable names, played little or no role in shaping the medieval world (ie - the Huns).

This mod essentially adds something that should have been in the game in the first place: a Slavic civilization. Plus, the unique units are not only creative, but historically accurate. I certainly hope that either the author or someone else takes the time to complete this excellent mod.
Josef_Bugman Amazing mod, good to see that the old AOKH inhabitants are still alive and working :p *feels nostalgia*
libvertaruan I was just going to point out that that isn't the Kremlin, its St. Basil's Cathedral. The Kremlin is one of the walls surrounding Red Square, and St Basil's is on the end of Red Square towards Hotel Rossiya. I would know, I stood there, walked through there, and even ate at a McDonalds there ;)

BTW, its a beautiful mod. Do you plan on finishing it?

[Edited on 11/21/05 @ 01:08 AM]

Knightdude0 I usally don't post stuff, but I couldn't help but noticing that when you said "Alexander Nevski's army..." That you spelled "Alexander" with an x. Shouldn't it be spelled "Aleksander" if he's russian? Also, i've downloaded the mod, and the only graphics problem I've noticed is that when the king is garisonned in the castle, the flags are floating in thin air.

[Edited on 12/08/05 @ 09:52 AM]

chief of tribe Im a native american and i thought it would be cool to revise one of the native american civilizations in the game into the cherokee tribe of north america. i know the times are incredibly different but I know of all the things that could be transformed into the cherokee culture. The only problem is I have no experience with modding and have no clue how to do so. I recently downloaded the tutorial but I cant find the modding engine anywhere. If anyone can give me help I would greatly appreciate it. I really think it would be cool to transform houses into teepees and transport ships into canoes and such. I've taken this question all over the net and I ended up here, I was met with rudeness and immaturity. I hope you guys help me out. Thanks, I appreciate all of you.
Sashthich """This is for Chief of Tribe"""
Hey, u know, im cherokee too! what a coincidence eh? and i wanted to tell u where to go to get the modpack you so desperatley need. on the left side of the screen (under main site) is "Mod Pack Stable" click that. then at the top there's "Download MPS now!" click that as well. that's all there is to it. you can use it as soon as you download it. it will appear in your start - programs too.


[Edited on 02/13/06 @ 06:06 PM]

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