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RISK: Crusader

Author File Description
King Bob VI
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Jerusalem and the other Christian kingdoms of the East - Antioch, Tripoli, and Edessa - have fallen to the Saracens. Only the island of Cyprus - 100 miles off the coast - remains in christian hands. For months now, fresh troops and supplies have been gathering on the island, ready for another attack. If enough of the old castles can be recaptured, the Christian foothold in the East may become a stronghold. Let us drive the pagans from the Holy Land permanently - God wills it!

-> Beautiful and accurate map of the holy land during the time of the crusades, including modern day southern Turkey, down to Jerusalem, Egypt, and Syria.
-> 22 capturable territories - some large cities (Jerusalem, Cairo...), some just a small strongholds (Acre, Krak des Chevaliers...)
-> Each territory brings varying amounts of income and is able to train one or two types of units - from spearmen to Heavy Camels to Rams.
-> Unit creation system gets around the population limit for massive battles.
-> Battle the Turks and Saracens, and help defend your allies the Byzantines.
-> Enlist the help of the Knights Templar, and be on the lookout for new groups of crusaders from the west.

Huge Thanks To...
Daftpanzer - For designing the original 'Advanced-Risk Style map'.
DiGiT - Without his AoK Trigger Studio and it's wonderful copy+paste feature, the hundreds of nearly identical triggers in this map would not have been nearly impossible to make.

V1.2 Update (6:30PM EST 9/24/05)
Tweaked difficulty levels; Now easier, esp. on hard difficulty.
Download now and enjoy!

- King Bob VI
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Peej sounds good, I'll review it soon.
Ksrugi Sounds very interesting. You have a talent for designing, so I'm looking foward to this one.
Official Reviewer
Sounds great, I'm downloading it right this very moment...
King Bob VI
File Author
Update (7:40 ET, 9/21/05)
A small overlooked trigger setting prevented the difficulty leveling from being effective in the original uploaded version, if you are one of the 39 people who downloaded before ^this time^, you probably should do so again, sorry for the inconvience.
Ksrugi I am very annoyed.

After finding the Crusaders set in the west, I couldn't move them because of a trigger. It wouldn't let the soldiers I found to move past a certain area and that just *shouts in frustration*

Map design is terrible. There could be more than jsut the dirt and sparse trees. Boosh's article on map design would prove useful to you. But I found the map very unattractive.

As for gameplay, I hated having the annoying Byzantines as my allies. They got in my way and I couldn't use the bases under their control to raise an army. I had to wait until the Saracens took over an allied town, take it over, and then start creating more soldiers.

I didn't like this one. Sorry to say, but it has a lot to be desired, especially if you want it to be as good as the Jungle Risk map. But I will give you props for the initiative and patience for designing it. With more inporvements, it could be better.
Chris_novais The scenario itself is not that bad, the map design is pretty good, but not marvelous. The biggest problem of this campaign is that you must be very patient because the difficult is extreme, and it is annoying to see thousands of Saracens and Turks scattered among the scenario with thousands of troops, making a castle siege extremely hard, you also have to worry about keeping your boats in one piece and protect the island from inevitable attacks.
But anyway if you're the kind of guy who likes to stay hours in front of a PC playing a scenario download this campaign right now, if not, download it anyway, cause this campaign is better than a great part of campaigns produced in this year.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
WOW!!! I have just come from beating it, and I have to say... this, apart for Ulio, Sabato, and a handfull of others that I personally value in that area, is one of the most fun, or for you ungrammarified guys, the FUNEST scenario I've played. There were no trigger problems, and well... you just can't have fun playing this.

Balance: 3
I'm sorry, this was the bad part. First off, I know I'm not that good of a player, and second, I did play this without the update there... but this took me 3 days of strain and agony, it was fun agony, but agony none the less take each tile tile by tile, and finnaly, somwhere getting a city, and then you couldn't see the map there was so many corpses. Well... hopefully, the update is a bit easier, Im about to try it. But, if you are not a champion of at least 4 tornaments, do NOT play this on hard. (or whatever the diffeculty level would be if you didn't have the easyness)

Creativity: 5
As far as I can tell, This is the second kind of risk thing I've played. The jungle one, and this one. This one I have to say was much better. It was using slightly new versons of the old ideas, and very creative new ones. Such as the each territoroy gives you stuff. I have to say, with the mix of history, warfare, risk, and aok, you can't go wrong with it.

Map Design: 5
Now... I'm not the one you should trust on map design. I can't make a pretty map, given all the eye-candy in the world. So anything not my made, will get pretty high on my list. That is of corse, it doen't look very seed maply, or grass1y. So it looked like the mideast looks like in the atlas, and the photographs, and the drawings, and probebly pretty close to what it does look like in reality. fairly deserty, fairly shrubby, and fairly rocky. WIth the ocean in the middleywestern part, it is about as good as someone could to with the area at hand.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story\instructions were very clear, and obvious. They gave you all the info you neaded, and were (Probebly) acurate. I didn't google the dates, and whatever, its just there wasn't anything that sounded like the russians nukeing the place or anything.

Additional Comments:
Well, first and foremost, DOWNLOAD

- A few sugestions,
- Don't make the templar HQ the temlars, becasue if you do, once you take jerusolum, the saracens go wild, and attack you like crazy. First and formost, that HQ gets toastefied.
- make the byzentines more active... For a while, they just sit there, and don't do a thing. Only once you've taken at least 3-4 cities, do they start attacking the turks, and get crushed by them.
- Constant reinforcements. I think it would be cool, if once you own like 3-4 cities, that every 10 minutes or so a small group of pirgrims arive at either the ocean areas, or the road. Make it only like a transport boat, and 2 war gallies, it just would make it more fun.

- and a few tips to the player.
-First, is rebuilding castles. I hope the author had this in mind, and if he didn't, don't take it away, but If one of your non cyprus castles gets a bit beaten up, just move your guys right next to it, and delete it. A new full health castle will apear. I don't think I would have made it through 2 minutes, if I couldn't do this against the janasaries, and horsearchers.
-Camals. Camals, are extremely usefull to you, and hurtfull to him, or vice versa. It is essentral that you can get to araibia, and get those camals. They really give you a boost. NOTE: Even though you don't get the mamelukes, it would be a great idea to take the city they're in. They can really kill your knights, and make your life difficult.
-The Trebuchets. Theese guys are your only real advantage. You only will get two or so, so use them VERY wisely. What you should do, is attack Tripoli, and as you're destroying that castle, use your TREB to kill Krack de Chevaliers. That way you can get something to fend off the rams
-Rams=bad. Ok, the worst thing, is the rams. They will keep coming, and will demolish your castle. Whatever you do, use your knights, or other nonranged unit to kill them if you see some.
-Speardudes=bad. This might have just been me, but My armies always had lots of horse in them. When they got spears, I had to run away fast.

Anyways, Thats All I can think of for now. This is a great download...

"Thankyou, and have a nice day"
Peej Ouch, I just reread my review, and I got a bit caried away. Sory Bob, if I gave away too many secrets.
The Turk Hey man, Nice campaign. i have playt it abouth 8 times, its verry fun.

skuma Different game so far i ever seen..Simple map.with great things..But it's very hard on hard mode..not well balanced..captured 3 castles but it's matter of time they get back castles. As time's going to and also game going to crash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Map Design4.4
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