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The Second Kretharn War - A Day of Hatred and Lost Memories

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force


~A Day of Hatred and Lost Memories~

Twenty-three years ago, the Krethárn Empire was broken and its King slain. Now, it has been forged with blood and revenge! The son of the fallen King has taken to the sword. All of Krethár's armies march on his command, and endlessly pour out over the borders of Erertiya, the Dragondom that stained his country red! Will he get his revenge? Or will he pay with the same blood his father and country bled over two decades ago?

The only thing now holding the Erertiyan people together against an all-consuming hatred, is good men who would defy against all odds! But who, against all stakes, would do such in the face of despair and overwhelming terror?

- Over View -

The sunlight feebly glinted across the metal of speartips bristling along the horizon, sweeping up like a long fence of silhouettes. Two thousand warriors from the newly reformation of the Kingdom of Krethár came over the lands of Erertiya, breathing hatred and revenge for what she had committed against their once powerful Empire over two decades ago. In their wicked sights, sat the isolated fortress Prethonia. Lightly garrisoned, lightly rationed. It would have to go down in a matter of hours...

You play as King Tyronis, General Hamandis and the Count of Prethonia. Follow their lives through an epic tale and find out how each one meets his end? Command a beleaguered force of less than two hundred, battle hardened warriors against two thousand invaders! Use the advantage of a narrow front and the indomitable power of the Dragon warriors in battle, and against all odds you will withstand the enemy until help arrives upon the field and then by the grace of the White Dragon, prevail!

- Game Play -

What to expect during Gameplay from the Siege of Prethonia.

~The Siege of Prethonia is a dark and intensifying game, which is both challenging, creative, original and fierce with action as you must think on your feet to quickly encounter the enemy's assaults against your fortress and country!
~Suffer under the weight of two thousand invaders as their Captains and General desperately shove them through your gateways to bloodily take the fortress!
~The fortress of Prethonia, flanked by two gateways, is detailed and surrounded by a beautiful countryside.
~Suffer Morale penalties throughout the siege! Losing an important figure in the Erertiyan army, or letting the enemy capture your flag will cripple your forces fighting strength, making them much easier adversaries to defeat by your enemy.
~Strategically holding off your enemy will allow you to withstand him long enough until reinforcements arrive upon the field to aid in the defense. If you do not hold off the enemy in a way that is only possible, you could very well fall under their numbers very soon!
~Able to throw the enemy into disarray momentarily and then able to utterly break them! Watch as they retreat and cut them down from behind!
~Many objectives, dialogue and an in depth story!
~Great characters, good and bad, featured in the game!
And much, much more!

Will Erertiya prevail in a war began because of the hatred of one man over a nation, or will she topple and fall forever like the many destined soon after?


- Updates -

- Version 1.5 -

-Story modified.
-New ending.
-Character Profile modified.
-Bitmap fixed.
-Various bugs and game inconsistencies fixed.
-Names fixed up.
-Difficulties Standard and Hard modified.
-Many triggers fixed, and many more added.
-Some sounds changed, re-mixed and or shortened.
-Some terrain modified.
-And much more.


The story starts here, and continues in The Second Kretharn War - The Feud between two Kingdoms and The Second Kretharn War - The Night of Long Tears

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
The Second Kretharn War, is a ff where you need to defend your fortress to the last against a horde of enemy regulars with a small elite army.

Playability: 3
The playability got 3/3 points for being fun, but there were a few problems. (Not in the FUN catagory) whenever you killed Warwick, it crashed. (This might be my computer, I'm not sure) The music never came on, and finnally there was SERIOUS lag at the begining. Not until Like the 1k kills mark

Balance: 4
The balance was very good. It was just really hard. Not much more to say here.

Creativity: 5
This was very originalish, and was using things in new ways. Not only that, but the whole story and everything was very creative.

Map Design: 5
Buetifull map. No more to say here.

Story/Instructions: 5
A very in depth story, tons of diolog, well still enough said.

Additional Comments:
fun + lag = this!
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
I liked the whole thing, it's great, it's challenging and fun.

Balance: 4
This campaign was pretty even, nothin more to say.

Creativity: 5
creativity was excellent, as i said it was fun.

Map Design: 5
map design was beutiful and that is all i can say to.

Story/Instructions: 5
story was understandable.

Additional Comments:

I suggest you download this scenario because of the time put in it!! thats all folks, im going of to play it. Cheers D
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
The Second Krethárn War is a single scenario, a FF with B&D elements. The story is fiction, an epic tale about hatred and revenge describing the clash of two Empires, Krethárn and Erertiya, the war of a white dragon against a crimson bear, a fight of the Gods Hilûn facing Hargorath. The leaders of Erertiya, victorious in the first Krethárn war twenty-three years ago, grew old. King Tyronis, sick since years, a shadow of the fighter he used to be, General Hamandis, still strong with sixty, respected and feared by his enemies and Jaerith Count of Prethonia, a broken man since he lost his wife, slain by King Grustik of Krethárn, receiving revenge on the battle field could not heal the terrible loss. Wardrick Ironn, Grustik's son leads his army over two decades after he witnessed his father slain against the fortress of Prethonia, on the first winter day, Jaerith's 58th birthday.

PLAYABILITY: Primarily this category is about the enjoyment a scenario gives you and the 'The Second Krethárn War' is fun, challenging, and a great scenario. I liked the atmosphere, fighting against all odds, the despair, and when you consider that there might be a chance, another gate falls, a wall breaches, feeling the enemy reaches out for your throat. The game play was intense, chilling, simply amazing, after the relief about the arriving reinforcements, you realize the battle, the last stand, has just begun and that the taste of victory can be so sweet. On the down side, there was excessively much lag limiting the replay value once you won. With lag, the outcome of your actions become incalculable, leading to confusion, multiple clicking of an onager that seems not to fire, tasked units needing a frustrating amount of time while on screen seconds past. Still I prefer units dying because of multiple archer attacks than another failed plagiarism of MCrnigoj's 'increased hp fixed force style', which until now, only he himself portrayed convincingly in 'Hattin 1187 AD'. I did not encounter any apparent bug. 4

BALANCE: I played the version before and this update on the two difficulty levels the author proposes, standard and hard. It is difficult, challenging but not impossible; the balance above average, but it seems not balanced well enough for a perfect rating. Maybe the reason is the lag and I cannot judge how it would play for me without it. My first three attempts on hard were hopeless. The first time I played standard, Wardrick Ironn, King of Krethár and King Tyronis fell separated by a split second and I lost. Then I tried this update on standard and found it too easy, won with many units left. Hard seemed to be too difficult, I lost nearly all men when King Tyronis died. The scenario was unbalanced in itself for me, too easy on standard, too difficult on hard, missing moderate. I know I can win it on hard though; probably a different distribution of units at the gates could give a perfect balanced game. As the author wrote, quote, "If you do not hold off the enemy in a way that is only possible, you could very well fall under their numbers very soon!" which comes down to placing the right amount of units on the right locations. However, going through the entire lag game again is not my cup of tea, senseless to replay from a saved game as victory depends from the early unit movements. I wait for an update without lag. 4

CREATIVITY: Excellent, a game concept I did not see before, very original. Impressive trigger work, interesting to observe Wardrick riding around fighters, then pausing, he seems to wait for the occasion to seek revenge. I did not believe that it is possible to defeat 2000 attackers with about 200 defenders before playing this scenario, to block them in a bottleneck, well orchestrated defending simultaneously at three locations against a strong army with plenty of siege weapons, which demanded a lot of play testing, coordinated triggers and a good technical map design. In addition, good character descriptions of the main actors, a lot of renaming, beautiful bitmap, good use of music and sounds and an epic, well told, in depth story bring this category to a perfect rating. 5

MAP DESIGN: The map was overall beautiful, a design of the early winter landscape with farms, ruins, elevations, individually placed trees, but too many flower patches replacing terrain mix for my taste and for the season. The fortress lacks realism with nine statues, houses behind stables, in front of an archery training facility, next to a blacksmith and lined up against walls, the walls unreachable for defenders. All of this looks randomly placed, unlivable with no distinct military and residential areas. 4

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: For me, the best part of the scenario. The scenario comes with a wonderful, well-written, captive story, clear objectives, exhaustive hint section and an outstanding bitmap. I like dragons. 5+

OVERALL: A Day of Hatred and Preserved Memories.

SUGGESTIONS: Primarily, get rid of the lag to improve playability and balance. The enemy has 2000 units, 1963 military, 11 villagers and 26 siege weapons. You could start with the units needed for the first assault on the map and create the others in game. Looping triggers, task them to an area, where they get more AP and HP and off they go; the same applies for the reinforcement. For map design, place more houses, small villages, and settlements (burning) outside the fortress, delete them all inside the walls and design Prethonia as a military fortress only. This looks realistic because it looks like the Tower of the White Dragon, the first floor of the barracks, stables, archery range, blacksmiths and siege workshop can host many units. Most militaries had another profession and lived outside the walls. Use more terrain mix, blending, and more snowy pines on elevations, less in lower areas, ice on the river and more around rocks. It is winter; get rid of flowers especially those that are in bloom that would also reduce lag as flowers cause a lot of lag. The less flowers the more units the map supports without causing lag. Oak trees are not overall green at that time of the year, more trees without leaves, place leaves as terrain around them, place buildings on snow grass, snow dirt or snow. In general some areas are too green, avoid grass2, be sparse with grass1 (tiny brush for blending only) which leaves you with plenty of options for a great winter atmosphere.

OBSERVATIONS: Here the lag influenced foremost playability and balance, deductions done. Some issues influence one category only, others can more than one, but you cannot rate three categories down for the same issue. Primarily lag is a playability issue, another approach could be to say that placing over 2000 units causing lag is not very creative and deduct from creativity, but then the reviewer cannot deduct from playability and balance for the same lag. In this case, I found creativity outstanding and the lag's influence on balance and playability was predominant.

IN CLOSING: A must download.

[Edited on 02/12/06 @ 08:02 PM]

Map Design5.0
The Second Kretharn War is a single scenario FF campaign which falls in the category of ‘Defend the Castle’ type gameplay which requires the player to defend a area/fortress/town etc against an innumerable number of enemy forces with a small force.

The gameplay consists solely of defending a fortress against a vast enemy army with the small force provided. The gameplay is fast paced and the scenario is completed in 20 minutes but the gameplay is exciting which keeps the player involved right throughout the length. Players who enjoy fast action packed gameplay are going to love this one, although the scenario does lag at some points when too many units are being tasked together but so you need a fast PC to enjoy this one (The standard AoK PC won’t do).Personally I enjoyed the scenario a lot and this scenario is certainly the best of it’s kind which I have played but there are a few glitches in the gameplay which have come to my attention. Firstly there are points in the scenario where the excess number of units tasked at the same time to the gates causes units to huddle up in a bunch or it results in the units gathering outside the walls in large groups. Secondly and more importantly there is a bug at the end of the scenario when the messenger for the king comes, I had kept the king on stand ground position near door of the wonder and I had cramped the thin area nearby with archers and berserks to completely protect the king but this caused the messenger to get stuck on his way to the king and afterwards even bringing the king to the scout didn’t help to continue the scenario and I had to play it all over again minus the extra protection of the king. This experience may be repeated for other players if you do not loop task the scout to the king as any obstruction for the scout on his way to the king causes him to stop and thus disrupt the scenario.
These were the few problems I encountered with otherwise exciting gameplay.4

The campaign offered quit a challenge to me and I needed to do a lot of micromanaging and shuffling of units to win this one. This cpx is going to provide a excellent challenge for the experienced players but I d not recommend it for the inexperienced players and the casual AoK players. Victory in this campaign requires smart use of your units and a bit of strategy and some luck as well (Hope that the enemy doesn’t go after your siege weapons).Some players may find this cpx to be ridiculously challenging and hard and really good players may even find it a bit easy (All you need to do is defend the king till a certain amount of time) but that depends on the level of the players, for me this campaign is perfectly balanced.5

Creativity in this scenario is does not come by the display of a new trigger trick or a map design idea but it is highlighted by the unique presentation of the campaign. The well written dialogues, the excellent narrative (Few designers have such writing skills) and the well designed map are the prime creative aspects of the campaign. The gameplay of the campaign is unique as well at some points as things keep happening during the battle to move the story forward.5

The map consists of a fortress and its surroundings but these have been designed in great detail by the author, the fortress in particular was very impressive especially the design of the inner courtyard and the surrounding countryside was beautifully designed. The use of Gaia objects to enhance the map design is a nice touch and terrain mixing was perfect.5

The story of the campaign is well presented although there is little scope to highlight the story due to the nature of the gameplay. Instructions were very well written and hints were provided to help the players. I particularly liked the character profile provided by the author and it goes to show the effort put in by the author to provide good instructions which are topped off well by a beautiful bmp image.5

This is a well designed cpx but there are few departments where I see room for improvement. First there is need to correct that bug with the scout secondly I think the gameplay gets confusing towards the end when the cavalry comes to my rescue, at that point I am supposed to take control of the cavalry and confront the enemy but as I found out, my army stood no chance against the enemy in the field and I had to switch back to defensive tactics to save my men. The confusion occurs here as the gameplay suggests the players to face the enemy in the field (siege weapons broken, units tasked outside the fortress) which is almost suicidal even at that point. Hence you need to get it straight here as to which strategy is right here for the player, increase the reinforcements if you wish the player to take the fight outside. I also suggest you to add a cutscene at the start of the scenario which introduces the player to the position of the enemy troops, their positions of attack and such details to really set up the scenario for the player. You also need to improve the timing of the music a bit to prevent it from playing and stopping awkwardly.
These are the few things in the cpx which in my opinion can do with some improvement but even without these changes the campaign is fun and challenging and I recommend it to all players who are looking for action packed gameplay.

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Map Design4.8
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Size:6.11 MB