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5th century mod

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Here's a partially finished version of the mod. Thanks for all the feedback and information on the forums guys (u know who u are). Roman building graphics are done by the R@W team. Special thanks to Wijitmaker for allowing me to use them (the graphics, not the team)

Britons -> Lombards
UU: Champion Bowman

Byzantines -> Sassanid Persia
UU: Savar

Celts -> Romano-Britons
UU: Limitanei

Franks -> Franks
UU: Frankish Warrior (graphic will be changed in future release)

Goths -> Alemanni
UU: Comitatus

Huns -> Sarmatians
UU: Noblewoman

Japanese -> Western Roman Empire
UU: Auxilia Palatina

Koreans -> Eastern Roman Empire
UU: Ballista Wagon (graphic will be changed later), Heavy Galley

Mongolians -> Byzantium
UU: Eques Sagittarius Cataphractus

Persians -> Palmyrans
UU: War Elephant

Saracens -> Moors
UU: Moorish Camelry

Teutons -> Saxons
UU: Housecarl (graphic will be changed)

Vikings -> Angles
UU: Fyrdman, Raiding Galley

Have fun! Hope you guys enjoy playing it as much as I did making it=p
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samari_tycoon folds promise but why are the footmen have better than the higher up armor than the copper wearing superiours
File Author
i got lazy with the unit graphics, so u might notice that the auxilia palatina and the footman are basically the same guy except for their shields. i couldn't put the two of them together in the same age, so i had to put the footman graphic before the bronze age type infantryman.
SwinginBlade the byzantines and the eastern roman empire are the same thing....

[Edited on 05/06/06 @ 08:26 PM]

File Author
in this mod eastern empire is the eastern empire before 476AD, byzantium is eastern empire after 476AD
SwinginBlade oh i see! i seriously think this is a good idea so....*pushes u* HURRY!!!
i hope u manage to include the Vandals in this mod, it'd be kool...y'know, they settled around tunisia at rome's fall and became pirates in the mediterranean sea!
File Author
lol thx for the support i think ur one of the first to like this mod... i uninstalled AoK some time ago so i prolly wont work on this mod again=( ur welcome to take it up tho
SwinginBlade take it up?! *stares at the ground* i know nuttin bout moddin...
ded_45 Hi! You mod is good. Now I'm working under my mod "From Vikings to Normans". North Europe 8th-11th centures. More autentic arms and armour. Many graphics will be changed. One question - in wich redactor you copy-paste shields for units. I do my in Corel Photopaint v.12. If you have wet "shields" files in same application, please send me that by e-mail.

Sorry my English, man)
File Author
i used paintshop pro, which is prolly not the best program for this kinda thing

yeh i do have a few shields lying around, but it would be easier for u to just take them from the units u find in the modpack studio. thats how i did it. good luck with ur mod=)
Scutari Any screenshots?
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