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Downloads Home » Campaigns » HCC - Contest entry AkA discovery

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HCC - Contest entry AkA discovery

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 5
This is my entry into the HCC. I covers three time periods leading to current day.
-First the discovery of fire

-The discovery of gun powder

-The discovery of the automobile( Which due to lack of time I replaced with street racer:p)

There are 5 scenario's if i remember correctly, 3 playable and 2 cut scene style scenarios. This is quite possibly the biggest project i ever attempted so even if i don't win the contest this is still a great achievement for me.

If you have any comments please post them. I don't plan to change discovery at all as it's only for contest purposes and not really anything else.

I have to admit it was harder then i thought to make a historically accurate campaign. But i hope this makes the cut.
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Map Design4.0
Playability: 2

Discovery is a short campaign about important discoveries of mankind - fire, gunpowder, and the automobile. It is mainly cutscene with small playability parts not requiring any skill. The first scene is about the discovery of fire - a small playable role as the caveman and his woman. I found it quite humourous. The next part was a series of scenes about the discovery of gunpowder. It showed the evolution of gunpowder from its discovery in China to its development into a weapon, and finally its use in battle. The last scenario is more playable, with a Grand Theft Auto feel and a drag racing theme. I'll explain how I found this level in more detail, as it was the main playable part of the scenario.

I began by exploring the city a bit. I first thought the 'cars' would be cobras, and I wasn't sure how there could be different types of cars using that unit. However, the cars turned out to be horses, with some exceptions that wouldn't be the best purchase (e.g. a trebuchet). After more looking around I decided I had better buy a car. I looked at my gold and I had a staggering 34000. This was enough to buy pretty much whatever I wanted. I bought the Ford top fuel drag racer.

I noticed the HP of this unit were going down as time went on - I remembered that this was the 'fuel' of the car, and that there were fuel stations I could go to to heal. I went to the northern university and as I went inside my gold started to go down and I got ownership of the monk. This didn't work so well though - the gold kept on going down indefinitely after I had left, and at the central fuel station the monk healed me when I went near him. I think you need to make sure the gold stops being removed once you leave, and that the monks are tasked away from healing you when you are not inside.

It took me a long time to understand how to start a race, and when I did start it seemed to take a while for the palisade to move into place - it seemed a bit buggy or that there was way too long a delay. I began racing, which involved running down the strip, my opponent attacked and killed a cop, then stayed there. I ran around one cop by going on a detour, then a second one shot at me but it was not accurate enough to be any threat.

After I beat the Mustang Stock I raced the Boss Mustang - the Boss Mustang was out of my LOS by half way. After beating the top ‘car’ with still 32 HP I don’t see anything else to play for. There wasn't really any difficulty or strategy involved in the racing, which was the main attraction, and you can race the top car in your very first race.

Balance: 4

To be honest there wasn't really any difficulty in the campaign at all - I think anyone could finish it, although figuring out how the racing level works is quite tricky. Since the campaign is a mix of cutscene and playability I'll just deduct a point from balance.

Creativity: 4

The creativity is high. Map design is unique throughout, the last scenario is extremely creative and the idea of important discoveries is quite original too.

Map Design: 4

The map design was excellent throughout. I liked the cave at the beginning, and the 'Ugly Tree' made me laugh. The lightning was a nice combination of effects, though could could have done even better by using a sound effect and a lightning flash. The bamboo and paths at the start of the second scenario was great. The third map has a lot of work put in, with some nice functional features like fuel stations, garages, and of course a drag strip.

Story/Instructions: 3

Right from the beginning there were little flaws that really give a bad first impression. The first prologue scenario has a very basic 'hold off unit' in the left of the screen. It really doesn't take very long to at least put it in a transport. In the next prologue scenario the words ran off into the next line at times (on full resolution), which again didn't say a lot for presentation. I didn't feel this campaign was really 'historical' enough - for example the scenario on gunpowder could easily have had a lot of info under the history section - instead there was nothing at all. The final scenario was a bit confusing, and it took me a while to get the grasp of it.

Suggestions for the racing level:

The racing level is extremely creative, but it just doesn't work. It needs to be challenging - the cops should have ballistics and avoiding them could for example involve watching their routes and picking the best path. You should have to refuel during the race, and the course should be less linear (I guess it wouldn't quite be a drag race then, but at least it would be enjoyable). The opponent should be more intelligent, and you should have to earn respect before getting to race the best. There should be less money to start with and you should have to work your way up - a great opportunity for some enjoyable miniquests to earn the money, and to add some much needed variety.

Overall: 3.4

This campaign needed more historical content and more research. I found the almost total lack of playability disappointing. The strong point is definitely the creativity.

[Edited on 11/16/05 @ 03:33 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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