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Ottoman Onslaught

Author File Description
Mark Stoker
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of scenarios: 3
This is a three-scenario historical campaign about the Ottoman Empire.

The Ottoman Empire was founded early in the 14th century by the Turkish chieftain Osman. The Ottoman Empire was to able endure almost six centuries until World War I. The empire grew by conquering lands of the Byzantine Empire and beyond, it came to include at the height of its power all of Asia Minor, the countries of the Balkan Peninsula,
parts of Hungary and Russia, Iraq, Palestine, parts of Arabia, and all of North Africa through Algeria.

This campaign covers the fall of the Byzantine Empire in the 15th century. The three scenarios are:

1.) Balkan Conflict - 1444
2.) Mehmed the Conqueror - 1451
3.) Fall of Constantinople - 1453

For more of the author's work click Here and Here
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Catfish This is one of the more professional campaigns out there with quality missions and accompanying text. It is refreshing to see that someone actually proofread their work before submitting it - only one typo found. I find there is quite often a correlation between the sloppiness of the text and also of design of the scenario. Well careless design is not evident here.

It seems that many of the role-playing style scenarios gain a lot of praise, but when it comes down to it, I've got Baldur's Gate and that does a much better job. From what I've seen so far, this is the best of the build-an-army style custom campaigns and would not be out of place in an official expansion pack.

Rating: 9/10
Meikku Two first campaigns were too difficult even at the easiest
level. One can not win without cheating. Third one was great and fun to play.
Tom Seems I have a problem with this author's campaigns:
I find them all too hard.
I'm quite experienced at playing custom campaigns and may be I could finish this one without cheating after 20 tries but I hate trying and trying again as much as cheating - where's the fun in that? It's just frustrating!
So I gave up after restarting the first scenario 5 times.

Which is a shame because the campaign seems to be very well done in all other aspects.
Angel Jerusalem
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
I must admit, I usually prefer scenarios over campaigns. I know I'm a bit of a hypocrite (I'm working on a campaign these days, along with my teammates), but I often lose patience and get bored when I play a campaign, simply because of its length. You can imagine how surprised I was when I found myself grinning victoriously, after I, leading the Ottomans, conquered Constantinople in this great campaign - "Ottoman Onslaught".

"Ottoman Onslaught" is one of the more enjoyable and playable campaigns I've played. The variety of different tasks and missions made sure I would never do the same routine repeadetly. I also liked the additional options in the scenarios; One can choose whether he wants to do them or not. If one does, one is challenged by enemy Byzantines, but if one beats them, one is rewarded with an easier continuation to the scenario. Just a point I liked, and think more designers should do.

The balance, I must admit, was a tad too hard on me. I liked, however, the reinforcements one recieves during some scenarios. Allthough it can a little rough at times, you can expect help on the way.

This campaign surely has great creativity. As I mentioned above, the tasks varied and were all interesting. The designer shows knowledge and mastering of the trigger system, so when I approach some enemy Bulgarians, they know that they should attempt to assisinate the Sultan, not his guards.

The map design was also very good. There's always something nice to look at, no matter where you are. From the elegant city of Sofia to the threatening rapids of the Dardanel straits, all three scenarios demonstrate skillful and planned map design.

The instructions were also superb. The designer shows proficiency in the subjects of his scenarios. I missed the plot, any conflicts the sultan may have confronted with himself, but since this is no RPG, I'll cut the designer some slack.

If you're up to a great historical campaign, and would like to face a challenge, be sure not to miss this classic. Whether you're a history buff or a simple Ager like me, you will love this campaign!
dt This campaign sucks. All the scenario's where to hard.
Pete I find more fun in winning a campaign than playing it over and over until I win. If all sides were even, there may be fun involved but this is not the case here. Don't bother with this one unless you are a Masochist. Author, story line is OK, a rescue makes it unique, need more hints how to win more than "destroy red castle", try "create 8 spearmen and guard the West gate until Hungarian (purple) knights are dead" or something. Farm outside of walls surrounded by this many enemies is crazy. Same with stone. Had to create cobra cars just to stay alive to build up resources! THEN the enemy monks converted them so I had to create cobra cars to kill the cobra cars.
Lord_Archer I have played (successfully!) many of the available campaigns on AOK and this one is un-winable. I have tried numerous times with numerous tactics, but to no avail. It appears that author has not adjusted the campaign diffulty based on the "Standard", "Moderate", "Advanced" settings in the campaign menu. I have tried more than 10 times to win this on "Standard", but it isn't possible. The author's hints are worthless.

Download something else, don't waste your bandwidth or HD space on this one.
Sultan Muammer Wy dith you noth cane shah's name in sultan mehmet
Oghuz Khan You are making a bad name tho the turks by making it tho hard!!!!..
mehilba I got stuck in the first part of this campaign and when I went back to the Forum I saw some reviews speaking about that it is very hard and not plyable . This actually challenged me more . I went forward and finihsed the campaign . It is really a very hard and tricky one , but this what makes it really amazing , it challenges your skills to the maximum . If you believe you are experinced enough with AOK , then test yourself with this campaign.
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