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Ottoman Onslaught

Author File Description
Mark Stoker
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of scenarios: 3
This is a three-scenario historical campaign about the Ottoman Empire.

The Ottoman Empire was founded early in the 14th century by the Turkish chieftain Osman. The Ottoman Empire was to able endure almost six centuries until World War I. The empire grew by conquering lands of the Byzantine Empire and beyond, it came to include at the height of its power all of Asia Minor, the countries of the Balkan Peninsula,
parts of Hungary and Russia, Iraq, Palestine, parts of Arabia, and all of North Africa through Algeria.

This campaign covers the fall of the Byzantine Empire in the 15th century. The three scenarios are:

1.) Balkan Conflict - 1444
2.) Mehmed the Conqueror - 1451
3.) Fall of Constantinople - 1453

For more of the author's work click Here and Here
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Heavy_rocker_kid Hard? It it really so hard? I love it. Let´s play.
Heavy_rocker_kid I can't do it. The first stage is impossible. You receive a half destroyed base, the resources are far, the army can't defend the city for ten minutes. I'll erase the campaign.

[Edited on 09/24/06 @ 08:41 AM]

laz123 It's silly really when designers make their games too hard. It had the potential to be an excellent game too.
aokhorseman Yes, this is insanely hard. Perhaps the author should have scaled the difficulty downwards for moderate and standard.

The main problem in scenario 1 is with the secondary objective: the Franks turn against you if you can't rescue La Hire within the time limit. You already have your hands full defending against the Hungarians and Serbs, and with a third side attacking you're stuffed...
maidros78 Okay - I am a fan of this author's mods, so I decided to try this campaign, particularly since it seems to have got the reputation of being unplayable. All three scenarios are hard, but not unbeatable. The first scenario is really hard, since it is not a standard build and destroy case. I don't want to include spoilers in the review, but time is the most important quantity here and one does not have the luxury of sitting back and waiting until one is ready to launch an attack. It pays to be aggressive right from the word go and whittle down the enemy forces keeping them off balance.

The second scenario is the most fun scenario I have seen in quite some time. Again, the author seems to be emphasising that one cannot wait until things are ready, and one needs to be hyper-proactive in gathering resources before the cordon is breached.

The third scenario has got the most praise here, but I think that that last scenario is somewhat of a drag. The problem here is that you cannot lose - at worst you might end up with a tame draw and the amount of resources that Constantinople has is frankly ridiculous. That said, one can break them down given time and patience and that is what makes the scenario a little less impressive than the other two.

However, all three scenarios have excellent replayability.

[Edited on 10/17/08 @ 09:07 AM]

Syed Anwar When I was playing this scenario, after a few tries, I thought I was going to tell you that your campaign might be impossible on hard mode but after seeing the other reviews now its confirmed that it is impossible to play on hard mode and I shouldn't pull my hair out on your campaign atleast in the hard mode....
Official Reviewer
Possidon, your review looked very similar to the other review by an Angel...
Try to add alittle of your own flare into the review.
Official Reviewer
I agree. While it's not necessarily a problem I can touch, it's still something to take into consideration if you want to become a good reviewer, Possidon. By all means read others' reviews to get inspiration and ideas for your own review, but there's so much else that goes into creativity than simply repeating the trick where the assassins attack the Sultan as opposed to his guards. Mention the story, the map design, other trigger tricks - all can go into creativity. Also, try mentioning what difficulty level you played the file on in BALANCE. It helps others to see where you are coming from.

[Edited on 01/30/10 @ 09:17 PM]

Silencer150 I've been playing AOE2 again for nostalgic reasons, and decided to check out the custom campaigns. I like the other campaigns by this author, so I gave "Ottoman Onslaught" a try. I noticed some complaints about the play balance, and while I agree to some extent, it's nowhere near as challenging as a human opponent. The difficulty for "Balkan Conflict" is about on par with "The Lion and the Demon" from AOK if you play it conquest style. My main problem is that I simply dislike using the Turks, since their economy sucks.

Some tips for those who are struggling with the first scenario:
* In the initial moments, gang up on enemies to defeat them quickly.
* Run straight to the base without saving/reloading. Otherwise the units you claim won't have Castle Age stat upgrades (due to a glitch in the original game).
* Immediately send all nearby melee units to smash the trebuchets and bombard cannons, while you garrison ranged units, villagers, and monks inside the castle.
* As you're building your economy, send villagers to wall off the shallows leading to your base. Focus on stone mining and train some knights to destroy incoming siege weapons. Build a castle by the river to fend off the Hungarian navy.
* Sofia will eventually turn on you regardless of whether you pay the tributes. It's best to wall up their gold early on to deny them expensive units later.
* The easiest way to rescue La Hire is to build a castle outside the prison and lure enemies towards it, then pump petards into the gates and towers.
* Expand aggressively, save often, and most importantly, never give up. Take out Sofia first, then the Serbs and Hungary. Varna has no economy and is a pushover.

And for the second scenario:
* Don't try to build and destroy as usual. Just land your villagers on the cove to the north and do nothing but chop wood. You'll get plenty of gold in tribute. Be sure to research two-man saw though.
* Don't batter your fleet against the first blockade. The reinforcements will take it out for you.
* Build a couple of docks to research naval upgrades, and build a fleet of galleons with a couple of cannon galleons. You'll get some as reinforcements later, but why wait?
* To save your ally's base, move your fleet up to the river intersection and destroy the transports.
* Don't bother trying to destroy the Byzantine castle. It's a waste of time.
* Never stop building galleons. Don't bother with fire ships, since the Turks don't get the upgrade. The Byzantine ships should be easy pickings if you have a massive fleet.

Hope this helps. This campaign is too good to pass up due to frustration, and you'll be rewarded with a very satisfying third scenario.
DarkestLink94 Alright I tried. I tried to play this on Moderate like I do all Campaigns. But seriously I got to the point where I had the city actually re-walled with like 10 of the Turks Special units.
Then the teal group says they'll help me if I can safe the dude great! And on the plus side I have their line of site...Oh wait what's this giant purple line I see on the mini map coming towards me. 20 units made to siege my town.
easy because there are like 2 defenders however I get the warning sound and I have green attacking me from the south and the east!
Dude I'm a good player at this game ever since it came out however this is not worth my time.
I'll try on standard but now if I do win...the victory is bitter sweet.
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