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Battle of Chojnice 1456

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
This is, as I have said my first attempt in such a mission. I know it is not well balanced, but I'm hoping that you'll point out what could I improve.

The problem is that I was unable to find some detailed maps of the battle and I was unable to find really good materials about it. I know it's not perfect and I repeat that I hope you'll help me to fix its mistakes.

And yes, I know that you can move units before the start of battle. I hope you won't abuse it.

The thirteen years' war between Poland and Teutonic Order in years 1454-1466 was a harsh war where Poland has been defeated in the begining. However later the Polish forces started to win and the Order was eventually defeated.

The terrible failure of Polish army was in battle of Chojnice, in the first year of war.

Polish forces ammounted to ~16 000 heavy cavalrymen, a few thousand infantry and 2000 Prussian mercenaries.
Teutonic Order had 9000 cavalrymen and 6000 infantrymen

Initial Polish charge has broken part of the will of fight in the battle, the knights started falling back towards Chojnice. Surprisingly for Polish the infantrymen from Chojnice struck their backs! The Polish cavalry started escaping soon after, the battle was won by Teutonic Knights
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Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
'The Battle of Chojnice 1456 AD' is a single scenario with FF gameplay, a depiction of the historical event during the 15th Century A.D. between the Teutonic Order and Polish forces, led by King Casimir IV Jagiellon. Historically, the battle went in the Poles favour very early on but with the unexpected arrival of German forces from behind, the Polish quickly panicked and were routed.

PLAYABILITY: 'The Battle of Chojnice 1456 AD' is a fairly enjoyable scenario, despite its short falls in numerous aspects of the design. The scenario can be finished in less than ten minutes, as the full might of the enemy descends on your forces. Here, it is only a matter of holding out long enough for a group of selected knights to run around the enemy's lines and kill the enemy commander, which is no challenge in itself. The scenario was fun, but I would have liked more on-field commanders, more opportunities for strategy and for sapping the enemy's morale, seeing as it is based on the MCrnigoj template for extended HP fixed force battles. There were no bugs encountered. 3.0-

BALANCE: The scale is weighed against you, as numerous Polish horsemen outnumber your forces and charge your lines in a massive frontal assault. The battle cannot be won, even with reinforcements from Chojnice, in a man-to-man attack. However, an alternative victory is obvious and all the player has to do is take a group of knights and charge the enemy commander from behind the enemy's lines. Here, the battle is won easily. Perhaps too easily. The situation is the same every time, with no change in whatever difficulty level the scenario is set on. 2.0

CREATIVITY: Creativity can be found in all aspects of a scenario; there were creative objectives, a bitmap, some sounds and numerous trigger devices such as chat messages, as well as extended HP to prolong the length of battle and some unit renaming. 3.0-

MAP DESIGN: The map design is below random map quality, with plain fields of grass and large dabbles of forest. There is a fort, a long road, some forage bushes but ugly with large placements of flowerbeds, hay bales and rugs around the castle. There is some use of elevation. 2.0+

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The scenario comes with a brief history section on the historical event, as well as some information in hints. There is nothing in the place of hints that could help the player out during the game, and the bitmap was a little out of place, portraying the Teutonic Knights charge across Lake Peipus in Russia. Although the objectives were interesting and creatively applied, with chat messages used to set the battle up, this could have been cleaned up a little with more all-round details to add bulk to the scenario. 4.0-

CONCLUDING:'The Battle of Chojnice 1456 AD' is quite a fun scenario that can be finished in less than ten minutes. Although it lacks the kind of detail most people would enjoy, it is still a decent first scenario. However, I recommend this only to historical enthusiasts, fans of FF scenarios and those looking for a quick fight.

SUGGESTIONS: Try using more terrain mixing when designing; placements of grass 3, dirt 2 and dirt 3 will gain you a more professionally looking design. When placing trees, it is important to be as realistic as you can. Place trees individually in areas, clumped in others, so units can pass in between. You can also use more than the one tree type, and as the setting is in Northern-Poland you can use oak/forest and pine. Remember to use piles of stone, flowers, plants and other Gaia too when designing a forest but try to keep as minimal as possible with what you use so that the design doesn't turn out looking too overdone.

Regarding balance, units can be moved and pre-positioned before the battle actually starts. Update this to include another player, set it on Immobile AI and give it all Teutonic units. When the battle starts, use the change ownership effect to give player 1 the army. This way the player cannot already have brought up all units to the enemy, let alone take his forces to a position where he can strike at the enemy commander with little or no difficulty. Force the player to act on the spot with the time given him. You might also like to create a trigger, using the objects in area condition, to force the player to think more decisively when attacking the Polish commander. Have the flanking paladins move in to defend the commander before the palisade walls, as the walls themselves can be attacked from behind with little response by the enemy's guards.

In a sentence - 'Hack and Slash'.

In closing - Recommended only for fans of FF scenarios.

[Edited on 09/30/16 @ 08:04 AM]

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Map Design2.0
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