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The Fall of the Caesar[Complete version] DEMO

Author File Description
pepin yeah0
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Number of scenarios: 3

 pepin yeah0 presents
The Fall of the Caesar[Complete Version]DEMO

This is the DEMO of The Fall of the Caesar [Complete Version], this have 3 of 4 scenarios and also these scenarios are BETA version, for more information please visit the Campaign's thread


In the 52 a.c. when Crasus die, Pompey was named only consul. This position, with its other powers, located it in a privileged position. Jealous of Julius Caesar, he decided to put an end to their power.Incited by Pompey, the Senate requested to Julius Caesar that gave up its control and dissolved its army, but Julius Caesar refused that angers Pompey; then he escaped to Brundisium, South of Italic Penninsula; and then to Grece. In Rome, Caesar became dictator until being elected consul in the 48 b.c. At the beginning of that year he send many troops to Greece , there they found Pompeyo with 15.000 men ready to fight.

After the civil war, Rome's enemies began to attack all Roman territory; especially the Iberic Penninsula. Most of the enemies were Carthagineans survivors of the wars, formed by the Spanish, Africans and some Romans. When Caesar recieved the Consul title and more power in the army, he sent his best warriors into war to guarantee his victory.

After the war Caesar gave honours to both Cassius & Octavius. Caesar was renamed Consul for another ten years and was also given honours for his leadership in battle; this greatly increased his prestige. He dressed in a gown and a crown and held the scepter of a triumphant general. He also used the title "Imperator"Emperor). As the high priest, he was the leader of the Roman religion, but his main control was with the army, which was him main source of power.

Caesar reformed many of the old Roman laws. In the Roman Provinces he eliminated the corruption of taxes, sponsered the establishment of veteran warrior colonies and increased Roman citizenship. In the metropolis he reorganized the Roman assemblies and increased the number of senators. His reformation of the Roman calander also gave Romans a rational way register time.

Many things are missing, like the biographies...

Please feel free to leave your comments, and feedbacks

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Nivida Von Baron
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
This campaign is very fun to play, and such that it also is pretty acurate.

Balance: 3
Some of the battles are either to easy or to hard, particually the battle in the first level, it was a little to hard IMO, even on standard.

Creativity: 5
The author was very creative in the way that fleshed out the story. I absolutly loved the second level.

Map Design: 5
This is a very good-looking campaign, it is absolutely fansastic how the aurthor blended the terrain together.

Story/Instructions: 5
Nothing really stands out here, same good layout, the making of any good campaign.

Additional Comments:
Over all this is one of the best campaigns i've played, even if it is pretty short. Great job pepin!!!
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
It was ok.If you like scenarios where a lot of fighting takes place this campaign is the one for you.No bugs encountered in first two scenarios.However in the third scenario , after the caesat is killed nothing happened.Better check this but anyway why bother since it is a demo.
Balance: 3
Was fairly good..though I didn't have to reload even once.

Creativity: 4
The fact that this is roman scenario for Age of kings itself proves that the topic the author chose was creative.Very creative portrayal of the events that took place during the time of Caeser

Map Design: 3
It was ok, though I think the city design might need some work.Try using broken roads, they tend to give better looking city terrain

Story/Instructions: 5
Instructions were very clear, even though the author is not that good in English and the history was definitely researched.Hints were subtle but useful

Additional Comments:
Not a bad campaign at all.If the author takes the help of An american to help with writing the instructions,dialogues etc. then it would get a good score.

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Map Design4.0
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