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Ultimate RPG AI

Author File Description
Jedi Master Bryl
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
By Bendak of HardCore Designs

Converted for use with AoK:TC by Bryl of Omni Designs
This AI is the superb work of the gifted designers Bendak, Zanthard Lothar, and many others. It combines all aspects of an RPG AI you would ever need into one big AI package for easy use, without having to have 8 different teams for all the different functions.

This AI includes many sections:
-Taunt Detection
-Projectile Detection
-Random Numbers
-Cheat Code AI
-Immobile Units

There is also documentation with the .per file explaining how to activate the different utilities, EG, using AI Script Goal 6 will activate Taunt AI so you can detect taunts.

If you have questions, trouble, or bugs to report, please email me at, or Bendak, the original scripter, at

Bendak, Zanthard Lothar, and anyone else I have forgotten.
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Berserker Jerker
Official Reviewer
Rating 2

Ultimate RPG AI is a script designed to do various tasks. These being: detect taunts typed by player 1, generate a random number between and including 1-4, detect projectiles fired from a ranged unit, and to keep units stationary thanks to it including the script used by Immobile Units AI by Zanzard Lothar. It can only effectively be used in a custom scenario, as it needs to be used in conjunction with triggers to achieve the desired effects. Unfortunately only a brief explanation for each section is included in the .per file, and there is no separate documentation clearly explaining the processes and the triggers required.

The taunt detection gives instructions to the downloader Quote: “Change the LAST number of each taunt-detected action to the taunt you want to change, e.g. 1 to 20 if you want taunt 20 be detected.” The author fails to mention that the script uses two systems for taunt detection, and if both systems are activated then you must ensure the taunt numbers used are not the same in both systems.

The random number generator is limited to 4 numbers, the author hasn’t explained how to generate more or less random numbers, so you are restricted to using 4. This limits the use for the random generator to very specific applications.

Both the “resource method” of taunt detection and the random number generator have serious flaws: they use the same method, and amounts of food and gold, sent to the triggers as signals. If both these systems were activated together, then the triggers for taunts and random numbers would not be distinguished from each other, adding an interesting AI bug to any scenario.

The projectile detection has one oversight, the fact that an AI, unlike triggers, is not checked several times a second. This can create a situation where any ranged unit firing at close quarters will not have it’s projectile detected, as the projectile is shot and hit its target before the AI has chance to detect it. This effectively means this system can only reliably be implemented for ranged units that also have a minimum range, such as Onagers, trebs, or Skirmishers. Coupled together with no documentation for other projectile ID’s its use is limited.

Overall this AI is good idea that has been poorly implemented and not given enough thought. The oversights stated above, and the lack off effort by the author to help downloaders implement the various systems in to his/her own design lets it down, and greatly limits its usefulness as a viable AI for scenario designers. I don’t recommend anyone using this in a scenario unless you rewrite the script, or only wish to use a single part of the script for a specific application.

Comments to the author.
You need to ensure the different parts of the script don’t clash, and give much more detailed explanations to the user. I suggest this AI would be better suited as a utility that includes a scenario file showing the triggers needed to implement the systems, and a demonstration of the various systems this AI can be used for. Above all, a scenario designer is usually looking for a very specific AI, and without detailed explanations of how to alter the script for him/her self, it is very limited as an AI for RPG scenarios.

Note: This AI gives me credit, for what I’m not sure, but had I been given this AI to check over when it was being written I could have pointed out the flaws. ;)

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