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The Noob Saga Special Edition Campaign

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 2
+=+=+=+=+The Noob Saga Special Edition Campaign+=+=+=+=+
Welcome to the Noob Saga Special Edition Campaign. We've been working for a couple weeks now and have produced the
saga in a campaign file for all to enjoy. There's some special features which we've incorporated in the saga. There's a
special readme file we've included for your viewing pleasure. It has many interesting facts and comments about the saga.

I hope you all appreciate this piece of designing history. It actually costed me over $200 in energy drinks to get
this scenario done. And even now it isn't super spectacular. You'll notice the map is better dressed then the original
scenario file. This is starting to get better as new versions come out. We didn't do map before triggers and now we must pay
for it. Please if you find time to review please review. It really helps us make this scenario that much better.

The Noob Saga Special Edition Campaign contains some minor bug fixes that were discovered by Tannuer. There's also some new eye candy that we inserted.

(The Saga campaign will be getting updates as needed to make this special edition even more special. Keep your eyes on the file size and you'll see a change every now and then.)

Also if you like the Saga 1 then maybe you'll also want to be a part of the N00b Saga 2. We're looking to surpass the original saga in map design, story, and all other possible aspects. Stop by the forums and drop us a line right here at aokh. Also if your name was included in the original saga then please send me an email and tell me how well we represented your character so we can improve for the next edition.

Thank you for playing.

The project started in The Noob Saga - Demo by watchwood
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Online_Guru Awesome, i don't think anyone is actually archiving the events that actually go on here?
Mustosen Jani Is there a bug after the noob wars end and Old Man says: and so the war was averted. Ray's tower of doomzorz was demolished as a way to seal the deal. ??
Nothing happens after that. I waited for about 15 min but nothing happened. Is there a some bug in there or is there something i have missed that i should do??

[Edited on 05/03/06 @ 11:22 AM]

File Author
Thanks for your concern. I'm glad someone's finished playing the saga. Yes there is more after that point. It's really wierd how that doesn't work. Here's my question, it was after the big fight with the noobs in the north corner? Or was it after you build the "tower of light" because if it is after the n00bs in the north corner then the trigger is firing too early. Once again thanks for the bug spoting. Curious as to what you thought of the whole thing :p
Jas the Mace1
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3
This is an RPG style of game. There is very little fighting with lots of map exploring to do. The amount of side missions keeps it from getting boring. Although most of the missions were accomplished with out fighting or accomplishing anything other than showing up. Longer harder missions would add greatly to the fun factor. The triggers play as intended throughout most of the game. Some of the problems in playability I found were: Slow timing on some triggers such as Keyan at the marketplace-It's so long from the first comment to the objective I had walked way away, later I was standing by the flag waiting for Keyan(as instructed) when he built a university on me(Thank God for saves), Kevin's Bar objective is on looping causing Noobs who aren't supposed to attack to empty out the map and come to the bar/road (the northern wastes emptied except Sabato ruining the battle to come, I loaded and played through only doing it once), the palisade wall in front of Ray's tower was created on a trigger but didn't open up when it seemed it should causing me to use the entrances by the Beserker J. farm or the other one making for a few long walks. Making the player build a wonder in the end with a few slow villagers is pretty anti-climatic because of the wait. I did like the choice of two paths in the begining. I also liked the begining scripted tour with missions/jobs, it's like introducing the player to your map.

Balance: 3
Being an RPG there isn't much difference between standard-hard, also because there isn't much fighting as well. I did think the choice of two paths to follow did add a little more balance, but only at first because there is only one true path in the end.

Creativity: 4
I liked the cut-scene begining. Everybody likes a kegger! I like how there are lots of options to play the game. The player can find interesting people and objectives. Following the scripted path at the begining is not only fun, but it highlights a variety of tasks in a row.

Map Design: 4
While there are a whole host of extremely large cities in other maps out there I liked the simplicity of the hub and spoke design of the central city. The placement of several 'designers' camps around the city added to the capital city feel. The map design added to the overall feel of the game therefore making it far better than a random map. There were some pretty dramatic changes in climate for the map size. The terrain changes were kind of blunt but that is a small complaint compared to the overall map design.

Story/Instructions: 4
The story certainly isn't epic but it has many changes to follow keeping it interesting. Making Aro a tempermental ruler definately added to the anxiety level in a few places, better keep the King happy. I also liked the use(naming) of many Aok players in game, while it's not new, it's nice every now and again. The story line is consistantly demanding the player to do something, but you still have the flexibility to explore if you want to.

Additional Comments:
Good points: An interesting map, lots of objectives/side missions.
Bad points: Missions too easy, a few bugs.

Overall I would say it's worth a play but it still needs some work. Good job!

EDIT: I would also like to add....with very few updates/improvments like more challenging missions with enemies and fixing 'some things' would greatly add to both playability and balance ( probably 4 each with good... updates)

[Edited on 10/26/06 @ 10:44 PM]

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Teh Noob Saga is the first and propably the best cameo-campaign ever made, and one of the few that has ever been released.
For people that isn't used to the forums, the story will not be as fun as for those who where here when the campaign was started.
I however am not very old to the forums, but I still find this very funny and nostalgic
Therefor, I've reviewed it

Playability: 4

The game is very fun to play and there are two ways of playing it. Either you follow terry in the beginning or go on your own. Both sides include many sidequests and battles against the n00b horde.
For people who are in the game or have been here for a while, the game will propably be a nostlagy trip. For newbies and people that aint common to the forums, the story will not be as fun and a feeling of nostalgism wont (propably) exist.

As this is the first cameo project that was made and released (even if the original author, watchwood, gave it up) I have to give extra cudos for it. Its new and funny to play. The later battles are hard and several sidequests are difficult to win.

There are however many bugs. At one point in the game, you couldn't get through, Colosseum talk each time you clicked him, making some important parts of the diaogue disappear whenever you used him in fight.

Therefor it gets a 4.

Balance: 3

The game is pretty balanced. The early fights are easy to win, but they get harder and harder. Side-quests can be very different, from building a university to sell beer to different people in the city.

On the other hand, some fights are all too easy to win. Go there, kill that guys, and after 10 seconds you're done. Other are very hard.

So the balance is not perfect, but the game is not VERY easy or VERY hard, so its a 3

Creativity: 5

There are several things here that are very creative. The whole concept for start. This is the first cameo-campaign ever made, so the concept was totally new when this came out.
After that, many people adopted the idea and created their own cameo-projects, I'm one of them.
Then we have the rest of the game and details. All the names on monuments and places on the map are simply great and a great fun to read and take in the history of. Making Sabato lead the noob horde is a good idea and its fun to meet an 'ol friend' in combat again ;)
Also how Ingo acts as a ghost, all his jokes and riddles are funny and well made.

The creativity is one of the best parts of this game and it makes a good base for all coming cameo projects, so that they have something to look up to

Therefor, a 5

Map Design: 3

The design of the map is not the best part of this game, and along with the bugs it really needs another make-up.
The city itself is well made and it looks really good. But when it comes to the suburbs, as I call it, the design gets worse. There are just houses spread out and a monument here and there.
The suburbs is the major reason to why I give this such a low rating. The ground is simple and not detailed and the houses look like you gave them 2 miniutes to put them out.
Sad to say it, but thats what it is, unfortunately.
Better parts are the forests and the harbour with the ban-sports (transports filled with bans :P)
Many areas outside the forests are flat, but the forests and areas near it are well made. Not the best it could get, but still good

Therefor I give it a 3

Story/Instructions: 5

The story is a great part of the campaign. There are loads of side-quests and the main story is fascinating and fun.
The history about all monuments in AoKH is a great reading and one of the best parts of it all, one of the few fictious campaigns that include history parts for things the author has made up.

The game is rich of instructions and its easy to understand what to do and how.
Its humorous and well written and the descriptions of all persons in the game are fun and a good part of the instructions.

Therefor I give it maximum points, a 5

Additional Comments:

All I can say is upgrade the suburbs and fix all bugs, then this will be a even better game than it already is
Good luck with the sequel!
Official Reviewer
"So the balance is not perfect, but the game is not VERY easy or VERY hard, so its a 3"

In my opinion, Basse if a game is not "very easy" or not "very hard", it should get a 4.0, because what you said means the Balance is good, but not perfect, just in between.

Just remember too that a 3.0 for map design means that it is equal to that of a random map on Age of Kings. You do know how bad a random map is don't you? Quite bad. Just consider; if this map is better than a random map, and I believe it is, shouldn't it get a 4.0? If it is not better than a random map, leave it on a 3.0.

Nevertheless, it is your judgement. Do what you believe is right. ;-)

[Edited on 12/10/06 @ 06:40 PM]

File Author
Reviews like that make me want to work the ever harder on the sequel :p
Wallenstein1 Terry, I had the same problem as Mustosen Jani. Do you know what might be wrong? And, if you do, are you going to fix it any time soon? I really want to keep going further. It looks great.

[Edited on 08/30/11 @ 02:21 PM]

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