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Hire's Rise To Glory

Author File Description
Mad Stan
File Details
Version: Age of Kings
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of scenarios: 5
My First Campaign.
Its about a group of warriors in the 100 long war with France. The\'ve been exiled by the king of England and need to find some place to live,or some way home to England.

Hope You Enjoy It
Mad Stan
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Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
“Hire’s rise to Glory” is a campaign based around the man The Great Hire who is fictional. One of the first things I noticed was this campaign was a conquerors (.cpx ) file instead of a .cpn file of the original age of kings.

Playability: The playability of this campaign was below average, you were all ways told where the enemy was by use of flags even on the way to a town and such so there was no surprise attacks at all.
Hire’s rise to Glory lacked interesting objectives and time after time it just came down to marching towards your enemy and defeating them which was an easy task. I do feel though as the campaign progressed the playability got better but it still was not enough to rescue it up to an average score. It featured defending a village and other objectives but they were too few and far between.

Balance: This campaigns balance was too easy, every fight I took place in I won, even with the few units you are given to start with you can win taking out the element build of build and destroy which was a shame. I often found that I could easily win and the scenarios did not really take much time and effort, unfortunately.

Creativity: The creativity of this campaign was ok I guess as it improved as you progressed. Towards the end of the campaign it showed sparks of creativity but didn’t fully utilise them. It featured one cut-scene of watching some of Hire’s men die and having to kill the enemies who did this but apart from this the creativity was lacking.

Map Design: This campaign’s maps were based around the standard random maps and had minor alterations. An example, being the giant roads which went through all the maps. They looked terrible because they were so big. The map design lacked prominent features to make it of interested and because they are random maps deserve and average mark.

Story/Instructions: The story is quite bizarre because as you begin this campaign there is very little instructions, hints or history but as you progress they actually become quite detailed! The instructions were kind of the same in the sense that at first they were not so good being written by “Send Chat” effects but as it continued they used display instruction effects. The story was a little lacking to begin with is a shame.

Overall: This campaign is strange because if the author updated all the early scenarios up to the same as the latter scenarios this would be a reasonable campaign. The lack of a strong story however was not really forgiving in a campaign that needed it to bring it away from build and destroy too much.
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
This is a TC Expansion .cpx file.
The Story takes place during the hundred years war between England and France. Your hero is La Hire, who before his wish is fulfilled to return to England, has to survive some adventures. Even though La Hire is a French name and he is believed to have fought at the side of Joan of Arc, you play the English. The campaign has five scenarios and I can recommend to play the fourth one.

MAP DESIGN: The first three are flat grass with trees, walls and buildings. Two scenarios use the same map with this far to wide road. Random Maps are computer generated maps and I think the author should have used these to get a higher score and they also look better. There is nothing wrong to use a Random Map as long you can’t do one yourself, which is up to that level. The fourth map shows some effort with elevations and eye-candy.
STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: You kill a town, destroy a monastery, kill an army and capture a relic. The fifth has no title and no instructions.
BALANCE: This campaign, like almost any other, is meant to be played on Medium or Hard. In the first scenario you have a surprise attack on your town in the first minutes of the game. On Standard there will be no surprise attack and the units at the flag will be waiting to get killed. But the enemies attack the wall and by producing archers you win easy. You should be attacked with some range weapons. The second the same, you bring your defenceless enemies, which are closed in behind palisades, with your archers down. The third is terrible, with the units given at the beginning you wipe out the entire army and search than for the two last units over the entire map. The fourth is good average on hard. In the fifth you got over 50 units to place a relic in the Cathedral of Canterbury in allied England..
PLAYABILITIE: Enough said above, except for the fourth and the beginning of the first, it is no fun.
CREATIVITY: Even though there is a sparkle in the fourth, overall there is none.

RECOMMONDATIONS: You improved a lot after the first three scenarios and I am sure that your next campaign can get a higher rating. Overall you could use more effort, which is 60% of a good campaign (10% talent, 20% skills, 10% experience). A great campaign needs instead of four only three things, which are play testing, play testing and play testing.
As you don’t use much of the map, try to do all five scenarios in one, like destroy the town in the north, bring the monastery down in the east, capture a hidden relic and bring it to the Cathedral of Canterbury.

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Map Design2.5
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