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LotR The War of the Ring

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy


The War of the Ring gives you the immediate control of Mordor and all its rabble hordes to buildup and lead an assault against the weakened lands of Ithilien: the Kingdom of Gondor.

Control the Witch King and his cowering lackies and conquer the cities of Osgiliath and Cair Andros, while preventing assaults made by Gondor's Captain Faramir and an Elven band desperate to halt your advance.

This single scenario campaign is an adaptation of J.R.R Tolkien's trilogy, The Lord of the Rings with additional imagination.

~ Game Features ~

* A detailed map of the vast Mordor stronghold, stretching right to Ithilien, where the glorius cities of Cair Andros and Osgiliath dwell along the Anduin river.

* The control of evil commanders of Mordor's armies such as the Witch King, Gothmog, the Nazgul, Gorbag, Shagrat and the Mouth of Sauron.

* Plenty of custom sound effects as well as Lord of the Rings Music.

* The cities of Cair Andros and Osgiliath, plus outlying fortresses that can be captured.

* Challenging gameplay.

* Plenty of game time.

* Units to control such as Mordor trolls, Cave trolls and Warg riders.

And much, much more, of course!
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Stoeltjuh Finaly . . . some new LOTR works =D
I'll download it right now.
Official Reviewer
File Author
@General Anzac -With my new skills that i have developed since last year, I was thinking that maybe I should start another LOTR project. Like Siege of Erebor or the various assaults on Lorien, where you would play as the Elves and fend off the waves of Orcs, or you get a choice to play as Mordor too, and have to break through the Lorien defenses? Because making this LOTR game was by far the most enjoyablest experience.

EDIT: Now I really wanna make a LOTR game based on the Beleriand Wars because of the creativity involved. I was thinking maybe Fall of Gondolin or The First Belerian War. But it will take a good hard working week to come up with a story and plan. First I have to understand it.

[Edited on 12/07/05 @ 12:37 AM]

Joe Stupid I would love to play this game, but everytime I try to play it it closes AOE2 and says there is an error regarding the information you requested. So IDK.
Map Design5.0
Ive played many lotr maps and made many myslef and i was blown away at the start of this

I was immediatly into the game when i had to gather the 180 men. At first i thought it seemed too long but by the end of the game i understood why. The AI of Gondor could be made because i was attacked once or twice by a small group of gondor pikeman. The cutscence with the music was excellent. I didnt notice any bugs although Minas Morgul barracks are a little crowded but there were lots of other alternatives

This map was definatly a challange and although it seemed very hard at first i was able to come through when i noticed you could advance to the next age. From here on in it was very well balanced having North and south ithillien spread out the enemys men so they wernt all attacking at the one area. The hardest part for me was when farimir and his knights arrived and destroyed a good 80 men but after upgrading i was able to come through

Their was defiantly a good use of tricks here when farimirs knighs arrived and the entire army located at the black gate which was well presented. The names where perfect except for a few which could make this map even better if given names. The Trolls were an excellent idea to use the monkey boy.

The design was perfect ive seen many Lotr campaigns that use a small design scale which loses alot of effect whereas here you have used a large scale and fitted mordor and osgiliath perfectly the city is perfect and mordor couldn't be any better.

Any lotr story is great to me and this 1 was extremly well thought out of to take out the outer lying towns of Osgiliath. The instructions make perfect sense although some people might find its alot to read but for me it was a must do.

I thought this had to be one of the best Lotr maps playing as Mordor and the effort put into this map was extremly good. This is a must download for any lotr fan. The sounds make this greater so make sure you install em!

Great work again!
GeNeRaL_AnZaC I was also wonder what the real song by howard shore is called
It was named Mordor - Elven song

Ahh dam i have fellowship and return of the king ill download the 2 towerz then
and yes make a sequal!!

[Edited on 12/06/05 @ 06:00 AM]

Stoeltjuh Making a campaign on the FIVE BATTLES will be very challenging because your going to need units that represent Balrogs and Dragons thought the idea sounds really good. If you don't know much about the Belerian Wars (not to mention the whole story of Morgoth and the Valar) may I suggest reading the Encyclopedia of Arda ( ). Its a really good site with lots of information about everything thats related to Tolkiens works. If you need any help feel free to contact me on
Official Reviewer
File Author
I know alot about the Belerian wars, as i researched madly on the net about it. Though it is quite hard to understand first off, if you know about it off by heart email me about it.
I found just about every site based on Tolkien's work. I am not quite sure of ideas now, but i want to make a level of a battle on the field. Where the Elves pit themselves against an Orc army three times their size. I was also considering The fall of Gondolin as it would make a great scenario. But, I am sick of siege games, i am already making The Siege of Argeron (And is it hard as ever) and dont want to go through it all again. But if i need any more help, i will email you.

@capo328_I have sent the game via your email.

[Edited on 12/13/05 @ 07:27 AM]

capo328 Aw man, I think it went in my spam folder and it got deleted. I'm gonna turn the filters off. I'm sorry for the trouble, but you can you send it again? Sorry again.

[Edited on 12/15/05 @ 07:51 PM]

Bob TUROTU Wow, great campaign. Good idea to have you playing as Mordor instead of the free peoples. Was a bit to hard for me, but then I kind of suck at age of empires so it was probally just me.
I hope you do end up making a cmpaign based on the beleriend wars 'cause that would be so cool. Im trying to make one at the minute abou the first battle, but its not going to well.
Anyway, wonderful scenario.
Official Reviewer
File Author
Sorry Capo, i haven't been payin attention. I forgot your email, so could you please re-post it.
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