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GeniED2 Enhanced Version

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c

GeniEd2 is a program created for Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds and Age of King: The Conquerors. Its author, Ykkrosh, described his product as "a quick and straightforward way to edit the unit stats from AoK:TC's empires2_x1.dat and empires2_x1_p1.dat", and such statement has been proved by the extremely high popularity of the program. However, as the program was released half and a year ago, many process have also been made after that. Therefore, it leads to this enhanced version of GeniED2, in which many new functions are implemented.

There are 3 files in the zip folder: the exe program and two dll files required to run it. Unzip them in the same folder at wherever you want on your computer (preferably to replace the original version), then run the exe program.

Click here to download the original version of GeniED2.

Click here to read more about the enhanced version.
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Niglaw @scenario_t_c: I think you'll know who I am when you saw the previous paragraph.^_^ I couldn't see the picture you posted. Could you upload it to another server or send it to me?

[Edited on 12/14/05 @ 01:56 PM]

File Author
Since you may be considered as one of the authors, I somewhat doubt that if your review would be approved :-\ By the way, it seems that your English has improved much. ;-)

The picture is nothing special a mixture of the logo of AoK:TC and an altered screenshot of the program, so you haven't missed anything not watching it.

[Edited on 12/06/05 @ 10:54 AM]

RacingCoin Where do you put the files in the ZIP file?
In the default AOK:TC directory?
There's no instructions in the zip file.
File Author
Unzip the file to wherever you want (preferably the location where you installed GeniED2), then run the *.exe.
Taichi San @TC:
Can you make a "open source editor of genied?
I mean, that EVERY unit value is displayed, the known ones have a description, and the unknown fields have no - description, and HEX-values must being entered in these fields.

This can lead to many more discoveries, and maybe the ultimate version!

Do you like this idea?

Of course, you must be able to see the original stats just like in the other fields.;)

[Edited on 12/14/05 @ 08:00 AM]

Scar2 is there any way to get this working on the macintosh?
Kiwichris Help!

When I click on the "genied" there is no text there. What do I do?
File Author

I'm afraid I can't, since most of the remaining data are even unknown in format, while the calculation of float and short are quite different to each other. It is also impossible to convert hex-code into characters directly.


I'm afraid I'm not able to help you with that, as I am not familiar with Mac. Sorry. :-(



(keep your eyes on empires2_x1.dat and empires2_x1_p1.dat)
Rating: 5

This patch that greatly enhances Ykkrosh's famous Genied2 allows users to take a more complex approach towards modifying unit stats. It is a very, very powerful tool that can be easily approached by those who know nothing about programming.

Here are some of the new features available:

Unit Class: This slot allows players to change a unit's type. An archer can behave like an infantry, and an onager can behave like a tree. A paladin can garrison archers. I certainly don't have the words to describe the magnitude of this remarkable breakthrough.

Size/Selection radius: This slot allows players to change the size of the unit.

Graphics: This slot can transform a paladin into a Frankish paladin, transform an Asian Castle into a Middle Eastern castle, and so on.

Resource Carriage/Work rate: This allows the rate in which Villagers gather resources. Previously one had to modify the movement speed of villagers.

Store Resource type: This controls the amount of resource/population cap taken by a unit.

Terrain Restriction: A no-brainer. Together with "flying mode", one might be able to create flying dragons.

Max/min attack Range: Now one can modify minimum range.

Accuracy percentage: A no brainer. This feature controls the accuracy of a unit.

Training Building/Training slot: One can make paladins come out of blacksmiths, technically.

"Unhide" : One can make use of beta units, dead units, projectiles, and all sort of goodies in the Editor with this feature.

Additional Comments:

A notable limitation to this tool is that one cannot add in new units or civilizations with this tool.

However, it's expansion of possibilities itself makes it valuable. I highly recommend this tool. You should at least give it a try.
Free Scarler
Rating: 5
This utility does deserve a rating of 5 since it can make impossible things possible.

You can change almost any stat of any unit and create a lot of "new" units. For example, in my mod, there are airplane- and helicopter-like units now and Federal Armed Forces soldiers.

Also, every field of this utility will display what it does if you hover your mouse over it for a few seconds.

Additional Comments:

The "Standing Graphic", "Walking Graphic" etc. can also make units invisible or camouflaged. For example, in my mod, British horse archers are invisible when moving (use graphic 1858 to make units go invisible) and British "snipers" (a new unit that I created) are camouflaged as fish if stationary.
Don't make a unit invisible when standing still, though, as it could prevent you from selecting the unit!

Work Rate is great for making economy slower/faster. For example, you could create a mod where all villagers collect resources only 1/4 as fast, or in reverse, four times as fast.

Store Resource Type can enable units to increase the amount of units a player can create (normally every unit would decrease the amount by 1), or make houses support more than five units or castles support more than 25 units. In my mod, there are a few units that decrease the amount of units you currently have (for example, say I have 50 villagers and nothing else, then it would display I have 50 units. Then, when I create such a modified unit, it would display that I only have 49 units so I can create more units than before.)

Terrain Restriction can make ships go over land or land units go over water. It's also possible to convert land units to water-only units and in reverse. Also, it can enable buildings to be created at the edge of water or even on the water. In my mod, the Chinese can create every building on water and their villagers can walk over water as well. Also, you could easily make landfish that way - simply change fish to not only work on water.

Dead unit ID: You could virtually make it possible to create units that are actually not available to a specific civ. For example, you could make Aztec trebuchets become cannons if they die, and this way, the Aztecs could create cannons although their tech tree says they cannot. Together with all the other options provided by Genied2, you could create new units for just one civ, for example.
An example from my mod: You could make an expensive unit (trebuchet, cannon) become revived as a beta unit, like making the Persian trebuchet become a beta berserk, and then e.g. give the Persian beta berserk a range of 8 and make it invisible during walking. And this way, the Persians would have a brand-new "stealth fighter".
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