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Annidus the King

Author File Description
Arlenton Cho gal
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of scenarios: 5

Now Annidus is some Mongol archer who is meant to become a king. The maps are beautifully crafted (of course). Hope you enjoy oh and read the read me (obviously)
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pepin yeah0 Tell us more about your campaign...
Mk101 This campaign feels alot like a typical random map.Anyway I'll post my review when I done playing the full campaign.
Arlenton Cho gal
File Author
All I really want is 1 or 2 reviews, so after that you can download and not review or whatever.
rwilde The reality is you are unlikely to receive a review; take a look around the blacksmith and see how many submissions get one. You have little leverage to ask for one if you haven't written any yourself.
Arlenton Cho gal
File Author
The difference is, I'm specifically asking for one, they aren't. And btw, if someone asked me to review I would so shhh plz.
RacingCoin Overall and interesting, and quite good, but a bit limited campaign, which actually could become and interesting campaign if the author hadn't decided to cancel the project.

[Edited on 01/08/06 @ 04:41 PM]

Boujack Irregular campaign, I liked the first three maps but the last two did not. The four was very easy even on difficult Hard and the fifth was impossible, the AI uses tricks and there are no triggers for start the mission

- In addition in the third one the trigger does not work so that the gray one is united to you for a price.
- The wood has an irregular distribution, there is too little and it is always distributed in the same way (few real forests).
- In contrast, too much stone, something must be reduced.
- Little history and few triggers.

Even so interesting, the maps feel like random maps at times.

My valoration 5,5/10
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
"Annidus the King" is a campaign heavily influenced by the Atilla and Mongol ES campaigns, and is heavily derivative of both in scene usage and dialogue. Unfortunately the main downfall is that the scenarios are largely just random maps that have been tweaked a bit and a lack of custom AI support meant the enemies played very poorly. All in all it falls short of the ES materiel it seeks to emulate.

Playability 2

The early maps fell into the category of skirmish mode materiel, albeit with the player having some heroes and a bit of story to follow. The maps were exceedingly easy with the player's heroes having attack buffs, enabling him to rush the enemies early on. Later when this was not as feasible, the player had enormous resources available to pump out the dreaded Mangudai which shred all opposition without effort. Besides this the maps were quite uncomfortable to play, such as in mission 3 when an allied AI is in your town and will put large buildings like castles and universities next to your TCs where you wanted to put farms. In addition the AI are left to the default settings, so they spam walls everywhere, change alliances freely, and this all creates a very poor experience.

Some maps were won before fulfilling or even finding the objectives, while others seemed to not have proper trigger endings even when all enemies were defeated so i had to cheat through. Mission four seems broken, or at least i couldn't get any triggers to fire and give me villagers like the objectives said. Mission 5 had a neutral inhabitant player given infinite resources, which was quite annoying as they began spamming wonders and castles in ways that im certain was not planned for.

Balance 2

Representative of the balance was the way in which the player can straightforwardly win scenario one. He has two ranged horsemen heroes with beefed up attack, and these two units were enough to win the scenario without the creation of any additional military assets whatsoever, against three AI in unrestricted B&D mode. The scouts report billed grey as the mightiest enemy, and they did have over a dozen cavalry archers and many support units, but with some hit and run tactics to lure their vast numbers into confined spaces they were annihilated in a matter of minutes. These heroes could run into their woodlines, mining camps, and farm areas, kill every villager and even kill off any responding army with ease. This state of affairs continued directly into scenario two, where i managed to defeat both enemies within just a few minutes by searching out their base ASAP and parking cavalry archers, mangudai, and my heroes around their TCs, picking off villagers until they finally resigned.

Mission three didn't have this issue, with hordes of enemies that were difficult to kill off with just the rush tactic. However it was an extremely easy mission with the player having resources to make 3 castles right off the bat, and the map containing resources in the zillions. I had 4k stone at the end, and many of the maps in the campaign suffered from this resource saturation problem.

Creativity 2

As alluded to in the opening, the campaign leans heavily on the ES model, and many scenes and dialogues seemed like they were based directly off the ES missions. This is not inherently bad, for a creative campaign could be made using the ES ideas and expanding and fleshing them out. However there was nothing of the sort here and the scenarios were entirely simplistic in construction.

Map Design 2

The maps on the whole gave the impression of either being modified random maps or custom maps that were crafted to be a perfect match. Either way the terrain was not particularly inspired, and worse was the snowy areas added, as it was extremely splotchy, as if someone had painted a wall by flicking a paintbrush with white paint at it. They are entirely nondescript with no defining features or terrain work that could be commented on much.

Story\Objectives 3-

There was a storyline throughout, but i had difficulty following it with the interruptions due to trigger issues. Also, the dialogue was presented using the chat function, as opposed to the far superior print instructions method. This forced the player to squint to discern the text and after awhile i mostly gave up and stopped paying attention to it.

Here is my summary of the story:There was once a Mangudai hero and a cavalry archer hero. Both had sky high attack and dreams of conquering Asia. One day they left Mongolia, traveling the continent. They shot dead every man who had on a different color tunic than them. One day they found a land filled with castles that couldn't be shot dead so easily so they went back to Mongolia, recruited many more Mangudai, and then they all teamed up to shoot dead everything in Asia. The End.

Conclusion:A somewhat low effort campaign that ranks a bit below the ES materiel.
Boujack Cataphract887, in mission four you must find a group of crossbows and a transport boat to travel to the central island and there to find troops and villagers, the map is not broken as it seems.

To me the missions 1 and 2 cost me a lot, I do not do well with the heroes kill the initial units and not be injured by the urban center and the castle of the gray. I let the enemies grow and corner me in the corner. The three map I liked and the five was impossible, there were no triggers.
Official Reviewer
Good to know, thank you for the correction.

You should check out the Playthrough thread in the scenario designer forum. We discuss many maps in there, you might find it interesting.
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Map Design2.0
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