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The Man With No Name

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Mix
NEWS: Updated 16th, bug gate now gone.

The sound of clashing metal, the crackling sound of wood burning and the screams and gurgles of dieing men.... that is all you remember.
But no, thee the smell of sea, wait you are at sea! You paddle towards the distance shoreline, or is it just a mirage? You pass out.
You wake up with what may be the remains of driftwood beside you... "Hey where am I, must of taken a blow to the head" you say to yourself.

You wake up on a beach with no memory, and a local villager finds you and asks about you. Because of your lose of memory, you don’t why you are here, or who you are... but you can remember the smell of burning and the scream of others. The Villager tells you to see the local priest, he sympathies with your problems and judging by your clothes think you should go to an army camp in the east, the name of the army, he cant remember. Falic, a young guard of the Monastery joins you. As you leave town the gate is locked. You and Falic search the town for a secret exit, and then you meet up with Pallus, a trainee longbow man, as you set out for your quest to find the truth....
Set five years after From Squire To Knight the mighty Lenan empire is coming down, but will not give up without a fight. Are you caught up in this war, maybe you are, or maybe not, but how is a man with no memory meant to know?

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
I really enjoyed playing this game. I was never bored and never dissapointed. I like how you do all the side quests in the middle of the scenario.

Balance: 3
The balance in this scenario is good but I found that the whole time I was trying to protect my longbowman cause he was always on the brink of death.

Creativity: 5
This scenario has great creativity. I loved the storyline.

Map Design: 4
The map design was very good. I loved all the eye candy especially the mountain cave.(I am thinking about using that in an upcoming campaign)

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions were clear, but it doesn't really tell you which roads to take so I found myslef at the Circus when I needed to be at the city.

Additional Comments:
Great scenario. I REALLY advise anyone who looks upon this page to download NOW.

I really look forward to seeing more work from you.

Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
The scenario was quite fun, yet having played the beggining before I knew what was going to happen so I am reviewing on what it was like to play first. The dragon was fun made it alot harder putting out of the range of the Longbowman. Also fix the bugs fighting through two supposedly unlocked gates frustrated me completley. The ending was good aswell.

Balance: 4
I couldn't give this a five as all the time Pallus was dying and I had to travel back to the town with a monk.

Creativity: 5
This was creative the story first of all then the game play aswell stunning plot revealed.

Map Design: 5
This map was beautiful, I believe that you are making more scenarios such as this well I wish you good luck. The map was one of the top plus points.

Story/Instructions: 5
Again the story was brilliant, from the begging there were plenty of spelling mistakes but I do not take points of really for that personally. The instructions were clear as well.

Additional Comments: Download, and protect your longowman.
Map Design4.0
First of all- no doubt that this scenario was highly enjoyable, I love RPG's and a bit of FF so now and then, so no complaints about the main part of the game. But. First of all - there were many spelling errors. I seriously doubt you crossed the minimum HG age when you wrote it, or you aren't English. But that usually wouldn't make a big issue. What does is, that there was a bug where you're supposed to control your father's army and kill the yellow Lenan king, after you've found your identity. It doesn't give me the army - and that's bad. I had to fix it manually. And scenario's with bugs I have to fix manually, get a low rating.

The balance was quite OK- good work! I never felt it was too easy, sometimes it even was too hard, which is a bad thing if you play on easy. Even on that difficulty level quite a lot of micromanagement was required to finish the game, especially in the earlier parts - the longbowman would get hurt very easily and escaped death only very narrowly a few times. Also, the "Dark Dragon" was quite too hard, had to micromanage real tight to escape those thundering, super-fast balls. Also, the battle where you side up with the Cyan "Lord Fadwah" against "Captain Jools" was incredibly easy. Incredibly. Too easy even for players of the "easy" level. I think I didn't lose a single man in that battle.

Well, this scenario was quite creative but nothing that was really mind-blowing or dumbfounding - regular RPG ideas like "take out enemy camp" or "kill monster in cave" or "get me back my sheep" and the likes. The regular sidequest system. The first FF battle, against Captain Jools was quite nice though, apart from it being simple, was quite nice, y'know, just a distraction along the way. And of course the whole theme of someone searching his identity, although poorly narrated and cliched, was quite original.

The map design was overall quite decent, with a realistic, if somewhat crowded landscape. Limited use of terrain mixing was visible although it sufficed anyway. Eyecandy was barely visible but where there was some it was decent enough. The cave looked quite good, so did some of the smaller towns but the bigger towns looked as if I could make them in a random map. Oh, and the zoo looked great too, good job on that.

Well, the story, as said before, was quite poorly narrated and full of cliches like at first you are just some guy who strands on a beach, the next moment the "undercover" resistance just inaugurates you without any doubt of your credibility, also the guy in the dock saying he in fact is an undercover Resistance agent to a stranger bypassing is VERY unrealistic. And there is the Dark Dragon, after it is defeated the three heroes declare they have "saved the world" by killing a dragon which is too big even to fit through the cave entrance... But apart from that, the story's main lines were good enough and it was pleasant. The instructions were quite brief, but informative enough and straight-to-the-point.

Additional Comments:
A good map overall, but lacking on some points, especially narration and play-testing. You should really have further "ScudChester Realm" maps, if they are to be like this, playtested.

[Edited on 12/02/09 @ 07:02 AM]

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Map Design4.3
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