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Unlimited resources

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Paladin of AOE
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
I used Genied by "Ykkrosh" to put all resources into unlimited which means that You can play for as long as you wang in the game, I have tested this but please leave comments.

gold mine
stone mine
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Paladin of AOE
File Author
Please give me some feed back, i can also make unlimited pop the same way, if you want that
Chriatam This sound god whitch pop but why you not have a chat so: if i whrite "gtsnd" and so will the utilly be active and if i whrite it again so will then deactive!
fuzzydude45 /\
Made absolutly NO SENSE
Ok this sounds like a good idea but in its entirty it takes out the hard part of the game.FIGHTING FOR if u asked me i waould give this a 3 for a rating but im not ganna waste my time rating it.
remato It is a nice application of Genied2, yet I'm not sure if it will actually make gameplay more enjoyable.

One can boar hunt and have unlimited supply of food; because hunting is the quickest way of obtaining food, you'd have players luring boar to their TC and devouring it throughout the game.

Unlimited tree sounds okay. It reminds me of Rise of Nations in some respect. This will eliminate players "digging" the forest to create alternate roads for expanding/surprise attacking, however.

Unlimited stone sounds like a good idea, in a game where stone is scarce. This can lead to players planting towers all over their city, however.

Unlimited gold sounds okay, just that towards the end players would not be pressed in expanding, and would be encouraged to produce gold heavy units just like they would with trash units. I don't know it that's good or not.

This mod takes a nice approach in eliminating one of the limiting factors of AOC, which is the limited supply of resources that is provided by the map. The consequences are that some challanging aspects of AOC, such as managing resources wisely, is wiped out towards the end of the game.

Overall, this mod is good(maybe recommended) for noobies who prefer to enjoy the game, but definately not for those players who strives to take advantage of some anomalies within the game. I personally enjoyed the initial stages of this mod, but not the ending.
Free Scarler The overall idea of this mod is good, but it could have been done better.

First of all, if the villagers can't remove trees then some maps can't be played anymore. That means in plain English: You would HAVE to become imperial or else you couldn't ever break through a forest barrier (e.g. in Michi maps) and if there's not enough space to e.g. build a castle, you couldn't advance and so the map would not be playable since trebuchets and siege onagers are the only way then to remove forests.

Second, also the other resources couldn't be removed any longer if they are in the way. You could mine that gold mine for hours and never get to the relic that's waiting behind it. Also, if there are gold mines, forage sites or something beside your towncenter, you could never remove them and so you could not build farms there.

Third, a deer or boar doesn't give you unlimited food in real life and so it should also be in the game. It would be okay if boars would bring very much food but not infinite. Also, you could simply hunt some deer forever and don't risk losing villagers since the deer wouldn't even attack. It would be too easy to get food and you wouldn't have to get wood for farms. In other words, the game would be too easy.

Suggestion: You could give the trees, gold mines, food sites and so on much resources (e.g. 10000 gold per gold mine) and it would still be quite easy for newbies but it would also be possible to get past the resource sites if they're in the way.
thegoodmagneto Paladin,
COuld you make a unlimited pop patch?
Free Scarler It's easy to make an unlimited pop patch, maybe there are even several ways to do it. But the way I would do it would also mean you didn't ever have to build houses. You can create it yourself: Simply use the newest version of Genied2 and in the lines where it says "Store resource type: Population, Pop Cap or something" you write 0's (maybe it must be 0.000, try it out) instead of 1's or -1's and voila, your units will no longer consume population units and so you can create as many units as you like. The only disadvantage is that you would have to apply this change to all units, and thus it would last long to do it.

[Edited on 01/17/06 @ 03:32 AM]

KE_eKr3i6n How is this any different from what I posted back in 9/05???
Artemis1000 How do you get rid of it again? It's good, but it sort of takes the fun away. Also, my villagers are getting stuck in patches of trees and are unable to find their way out.
Help please?
Tyrith This utility didn't work for me. If anyone had the same problem, just read KE_eKr3i6n's comment wich is 2 comments or something above mine. Download this one, it will work.


Artemis 1000, when you replaced the 2 files for the 2 orignal ones, you should have saved the original files. If you haven't saved them somewhere else, there is no other option than to re-install the game (don't forget to save your replays and maps!!). But if you still have the 2 original files, just replace the original files for the 2 other files. Everything should be normal again.

[Edited on 04/30/06 @ 10:20 AM]

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