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LotR Middle Earth Total Conversion

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This was a community project started a few years ago, and I am happy to return it to the community that spawned it. Unfortunately, it only ultimately reached a state of semi-completion. A new patch is in the works to fix the flaws, but this is what so many have been demanding, so here is the primary download. Please read the instructions included in the zip file, and you'll find installation is quite simple. Any questions, just e-mail me and I'll be happy to answer you back quickly.

Currently, all of the civilizations have been converted to Tolkien and LOTR-based entities, though there are few that are not playable. This is due to bumps in the design process where certain civilizations just don't fit a particular mold. There are several graphical glitches in the ModPack, but it is quite playable. We hope to make some key improvements to many things, so keep an eye on a future patch that's currently in the works.

The features and changes are too many to list, as this is after all, a 'total conversion'. All else I can say is have fun and enjoy the hard work put into this project. ;)
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King Bob VI Altough it is rough and unfinished, LOTR fans should download METC now as if your life depends on it. Even if you aren't, it's a lot of fun (we need some campaigns though!)
Lardicake A couple of screen-shots would be useful.
bradthegreat This is indeed a great mod. The only thing about it is that there is no labeling of the civs at all. I would have liked to see a little more description of who I was playing with. I still haven't figured out which type of elf the Britons are and I have played with them for several games. Maybe there is a name patch out there or something.
It tended to studder every couple minutes or so. It went a little choppy, then was normal. That is really all that's wrong with this mod. It is an awesome mod and is a must have for any AOE fanatic!
bradthegreat okay, so I'm an idiot. I didn't have the mod installed correctly so I was getting only half of it. IT is even better now that I have the whole thing. Only the fact that it chops up goes against it now. Sorry for the previous negative review.
ScourgeofGod The only issue is that you can't see any writing. Like in objectives, unless i have it installed incorrectly. Other than that, looks really cool.
thegoodmagneto someones got to do an x-men legend meets age of empires game or atleast.
HeroPatrick I have a promontional file for this modpack:

At first it may not seem to fit, but download this and use it with the modpack for full effect. ;)
D412k_S4U120N i can't even download it ARGH!, and i've got a xp!

[Edited on 01/31/06 @ 04:58 AM]

Rating: 4.5
I do think it´s one of the best modpacks ever,because it adjusts very well to the movie and the books.However, it has some flaws:
First of all, many of the units that used to move a little while they were just standing , now they are completely still.
At second,I did not like the troll at all.It is not well done and it moves as if he does not have a leg.
At third, I hate the Ent!It is not well proportioned, and I think it moves in a pathetic sort of way.
At last,the buildings.The design is pretty good, but, for example, the elfic town center is too tall and you can´t see what`s happening behind it.Also, the wonders are too tall for the tiles, and it gives them a very bad effect.

Additional Comments:
However, I found very good stuff.The Balrog is amazingly made, it is my favourite unit.Also, the language.dll file is perfectly done.

[Edited on 03/20/06 @ 08:05 AM]

King Lomos
Rating: 4.5
Nice work. Though the Balrog looks cheezy and it walks like it's floating. To fix the cheezyness you could just blend some more shades of black and dark-grey into the body. Though the highlight ed bones under the skin of the wings are creative. To fix the floating you could make the whole body move when it walks, and maby add some jerkyness and chaos to the posture. I also don't like Rivendell much. The minaret at the top of the tower dosent blend well with the white of the rest of it. Once again, too fix this you could blend it white too.

Otherwise it's a quite well done mod for any player. Though I don't like the way you often Hack N' Slash cuts to paste aok building pieces to make an effect. It ends up blending horrible with the other pasted pieces.

Additional Comments: I'm Really quite new to aok heaven, so if this comment is not enough explanitory. Then just post a comment and i'll explain more. On the other hand i've been working with AOK:TC for a year now, and I now my stuff.

Thanks to the Comunity for providing much support. And appreacations to the maker of this amazing mod.
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