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Downloads Home » Recorded Games » Why the mongols are the best civilization.

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Why the mongols are the best civilization.

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Not sure what else needs to be said?! Except that "the Cavalry Archer is king" on HARD difficulty setting.
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emurikaw You only used less then 50 Cavalry Archers and a few trebuchets... and about 14 villies.

The 14 villies you had only mined gold and chopped wood for your archers and trebuchets.

If you were playing a real human, they probably wouldn't of sent only 6 units at you at a time, and they probably would send units that don't get shredded so easily by archers.

Mangudia_force no a live player would send counter troops to fend off archers a cheap unit very easy to generate in mass numbers cheaply as well as offensive troops and live players do use lower troop numbers at times but as they gain masses of resorses you can bet they are killing of vills to accomodate troops Mongs are a great civ there archers are 2x siege killers tehre siege is wicked no the trebs as much as there siege ogs never run a single unit alone mongs and trebs are not enough to halt a live player you ahve to use cammels and infantry in contrast to the mangudia and trebs whit some siege ogs and rams as well to use mongols at live level plus you must use gathering and grooping to fully effectivly use the troops and get them to the fight quickly enough then you have to also know your h keys remember you have to blend economy with millatary even in dm you really have to get an economy going quickly your army should flow from yoru base in a non stop fluid motion in live your system as well as yoru skill can get you killed as well as make you a killer slow in means death as seen in my last pack my old computer with the dammaged done to it could not get me out fast so i dropped from first in to last and in last in you can bet yrou last to start your build in any match you start is crucial rm or dm it jsut way more curcial in dm for one reason with in a minute there is a scout coming to kill any vill he sees now live they dont stop attacking the vill and even being attack he wil get as many vills as they can andonce it starts it wont stop til you are dead or they arerush will stop most the new non live players and you get a few that cuss nad cry but if you listed to us that play live we can help your build now you like Mongols well let me help you do get trade going way more vills and remember you dont need much food but you will need some and any food you need you can get from the market jsut as weasy but you can use about 6 vills on food and still not tie up to much pop on farming run atleast 35 trade carts more if you can mass vils on wood as they clean out the gold mines and remember to get stone atleast 15 vill geting stome at first Mangudai need wood n gold so you need that mostly vut to know any civs need easy test look at the mangudai that is mongs needs mostly now look at myan same goth oops they need food so goth is a what a Food civ while Mongols are a Wood civbut remember you will ned to use other units to counter there counter troops ok simple enough what beats an archer scrmishers ok so what do you do to foil them what is there weekness close hand combat so you run what calv n infrantry siege units the same have fun good luck and i hope my susjestions helped and if you feel like it come out live we are at the game zone and there are plenty of lobbies for rm Dm custom scens. now most of us are nice well alteast half then you got the cusser harassing rude mouth but if some of us are no exspcially the known and xprt players well we can shut a basher down quickly and thy know we can back that up easily and they know to walk softly around thereif we step in so if you are a new aka the noob rook some will get rude but some of us are not so rude as a friend of mine will contest to he was one of the noob rook class untill i showed him how to play played him till he was really pouring out the army to see this game and what a noob rook trained can do he lost every game he play live got cussed and harrasssed hounded and they tried to run him off og to my OA BA game set1 there only two rec there dl the oasis OA game KHS_Codejunkie is that rook turned xprt but if you want the best of the best Mongols player Look For Mea aka To12n_daffyduck and more cant miss him he is in deathmatch1 find him let him show you Mongols top xprt level Keep playing and have fun and yes Mongols are a great civ i am glad you enjoy them as much as i do as well even though i do not get them often lol i play random civ teams mostly so i never know what i will get in any given game but i do love getting Mongols and in fact there is a Mong game where teh jap and mong got both wiped to 1 vill by huns and a drush that left him and me both with a single vill as our third pard try his best and we overcame it to get the vic and what did it Mongol Mangudai mix with halbs and siege ogs Good to see a Mong player Have fun join us on the zone
remato Try doing that against Alliancethundaempire or Zycat (both are Ai), and see what happens.
File Author
Explain the logic of try that against a human. It like most if not all recorded games is against the computer. Tell me something, although its a forgone conclussion, did you buy the game for no other purpose than to play it on-line?!
File Author
Dear Emurikaw, I used all that I needed, also what other unit wont get shredded...NONE...! Not even HCA's
Mangudia_force TRevor go download a few of my games none of them are against a computer not a single recorded game is versus computers for one main reason an un ai computer is limp way beyond lame Ai are ok they do try harder to minic live play but in all honesty you should try to play live brfore thinking it nothing for it ts where you trully run into real hard game play see a computer dose not care if it wins or looses it send a few units in and then fades out there units are not as well thought out as would be in live play That is what he was refering to and you did not use many units and you hit and run with them and let the computers run off all but the last of the comp against you. you tried that live you would have died within minutes not enough resorses and you waited for attacks to begine. in live the scout would have run in at the start and once in they would ahve picked on only villagers then teh flood would ahve hit Live play is the hard fight but then after all you may not be ready nor able to really play on line infact if this is your best then it changes to deffinatly not but if you wish to try look me up we will get you started teach you how live is and the differances
Shadow_wiz All comments on this board might be worth it if they were punctuated correctly...let alone the grammar...

TKhan, get over it. This is hardly evidence as to why Mongols are the best civilisation, if that statement holds any water at all.

Firstly, it's against the computer. Once a player is beyond the basics, the computer is almost a given win (which is why people end up playing wierd 1v7's for fun because 1v1 or nvn for that matter just doesn't cut it for even a hint of difficulty - and trust me because I've played tons of them.) Secondly, you are using a custom random map. On all of these the AI is assumed Coastal, which may not match accordingly with the layout of the map. Thirdly, most of your settings favour you (the human) - high resources and Post-Imperial Age. It's no wonder that your feeble economy was excusable.

I think you should come down back to Earth, boy. You've got a lot to learn, so stop boasting to the world and actually learn something. And for goodness sakes at least play on regular random maps starting in Dark Age on default resources.

And here's just an aside (not directed at you), why is the game dated in 2004?
emurikaw TrevorousKhan,

Most recorded games on here ARE human games. Try looking around the recorded games area instead of just taking guesses. Maybe most of your games are human games though.

To respond to your second statement, I didn't buy the game just to play online, but I play online much more then I play the computer. Anyways, the point of playing againest humans are to play someone who can actually think.

Anyways, there are quite a few units that won't get "shredded" vs mangudai.

onagors (not 1 at a time...)
Maybe light cavalry or hussars
Maybe other archers (They might not be able to chase the mangudai, but mangudai won't be able to kill them easily either)

Try playing againest a human, then maybe you'll have half a clue of what your talking about.

Also, why don't you try playing againest a computer on HARDEST starting in dark ages, standard resources, on a random land map. I'll be surprised if you can even do that.

[Edited on 12/25/05 @ 11:11 AM]

VN_Farms This game is a joke. I normally play dm game, but if i play against u in this type of game, i'm sure i'll kill you in less than 10 mins. You've got a lot to learn.
File Author
Dear whoever? The only units that the EM's have trouble with are 1 Paladins, 2 Siege onagers (plural) 3 Huskarls. in what order though...?
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