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Nagasino - 1575 AD

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Nagasino was a castle in Mikawa built on a naturally strong position where the Taki and the Ono rivers joined to form the Toyo. At the time of the civil war in Japan Nagasino had changed hands several times. In May 1575 it was held for Oda Nobunaga, one of the greatest Japanese warlords, by a samurai named Okudaira Sadamasa. On June 16 the castle was attacked by Takeda Katsuyori, the son and heir of the famous Takeda Shingen, the principal adversary of the Oda clan. After his attempts to take it by storm had failed, Katsuori besieged the castle trying to starve the defenders out. One of the Oda samurai managed to slip through the enemy ranks at night and took a message to Nobunaga. Soon considerable reinforsements commanded by Nobunaga and his vassals were on the way. Nobunaga saw in the relief of Nagasino an opportunity to crush finally the Takeda clan. He brought with him about 35000 men, twice as much as the besieging Takeda force. The old retainers of Shingen (Baba and Naito) advised their lord to withdraw, but Katsuyori was for fighting. Then they suggested an all-out assault on the castle so they could occupy it before the arrival of Nobunaga\'s troops, but Katsuyori turned this suggestion down. He was too sure of his excellent cavalry and he knew, that Nobunaga\'s larger army was much less reliable and not so well trained as his own.
Nobunaga took a strong position on a high ground behind a stream a mile from the Takeda lines and built a loose palisade of stakes and ropes. He detached 3000 musketeers (the principle Japanese fire-arm was a matchlock arquebus, its drawbacks were its short range and slow loading) and lined them in three ranks. They were ordered to fire each rank alternately in volleys.
The battle began at dawn on June 29 1575. The ground was uneven and muddy. As soon as the Takeda horsemen approached the edge of the stream, a devastating volley of a thousand arquebuses tore into them. Volley after volley followed every 20 seconds. Soon most of the Takeda commanders lay among the dead. Katsuyori personally led the final assault on the stockade but was beaten off. At that moment the garrison of the Nagasino castle attacked him in the rear, and the Oda main body left the palisade and joined in hand-to-hand fighting.
Now you have a chance to re-write the history of Japan. In this game you play for the Takeda clan against the much larger army of Oda Nobunaga and his generals - Toyotomi Hideyoshi, Tokugava Ieyasu, Honda Tadakatsu, Oda Nobutada, etc.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
“1575_Nagasino” is a campaign based in Japan where you take control of a small army lead by Katsuyori.

Playability: This campaign’s playability was good, it was fun to play and the choices were great. Not only this but through an impressive group of Ai files you could control when an ally sent his army into combat which was truly original. This was inventive and felt like you were really taking charge without controlling them. For the most part this campaign playability is good, the only thing that irritated me once was when I sent them to attack but the bamboo had not been removed so the Ai looked everywhere and got stuck. So they all went attacked in small groups and as a result were massacred.
I feel this is a minor bug and down to my willingness to attack straight away rather than the design flaw.

Balance: The balance in this campaign was a tad hard. This was because the sheer number of enemies you have to fight. It took me several times before I realised how to effectively use my army and my ally’s army effectively. I won’t spoil this for you because that’s what makes this campaign fun, in that it provides a strong challenge. If you like micro-management this campaign is definitely worth a look.

Creativity: 1575 Nagasino’s creativity was strong. It provided another solid part of a good all round campaign. The most creative feature of this campaign I feel has to be the ability to tell your ally to attack when you want and with the units of your choices. This is a great spark of originality and the Ai was great.

Map Design: The map design of ENOTH’s latest creation was well crafted and was good. Some parts of the map seemed a little odd though, there was desert near bamboo and this did not look right. Most of the map was beautiful although the use of gaia flowers was perhaps over-used on the farm land areas. On the whole though the map was good to look at and was attractive.

Story/Instructions: The story is based around the “what if” question in the sense that you are trying to change previous historical events outcome. This is ok and can add to the fun knowing you could have brought about a drastic change in events in Japan’s history. The story was portrayed well, I think it would all-ways be hard to make an alternate history scenario and the author has done well in this respect. The instructions were clear and seemed ok but a few times I saw instructions just seem to vanish before I finished reading them.

Overall: A good campaign and with a good playability and a great Ai. For anyone looking for an interesting challenge this is recommended.

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Map Design4.0
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