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Story of the warrior 2

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
The Ramarian king is the reason why the conspiracy originated.He made the Ionians sign an unfair treaty which allowed him to place his troops in Ionia and have free access to the resources of Ionia without paying Ionia a tribute.So the leaders of Ionian kingdom Hank,Jarius and the Ionian king plot to slay the king.Unfortunately it is too late as the king of Ramaria finds out and immediately orders for Reinforcements.
Play as Rexanovich,Jared and the Poultry caretaker as they help complete the quest of saving Ionia from the Ramarian oppression.

Added map revealer to help find Ionian spy.
Added instruction to go to Rebia
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Official Reviewer
I am about to review this game. Thankyou for a good game Mk101.

[Edited on 01/13/06 @ 05:48 AM]

The stephen i think that this is on of the best rpg themed scns for aok good job and i do hop you make more scns about story of the warrior
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
A great end, to a great campaign!

Playability: 4
We open up in the Ionian Kingdom as our formiddable hero, Rexanovich, who was the mysterious warrior from the first segment of the campaign 'Story of the warrior-preview'. Like the first, I enjoyed this game mainly for its theme and RPG, Fx Gameplay. However though, as in the previous game, there were many mistakes that could have been fixed and more detail to the overall game that could have been added. This really effected the overall score of the game. In my oppinion, these type of games need to be really challenging to take it that one step further. There was alot of walking too, so may I suggest being more informative with where places are. Perhaps stating, when you have to find an object, that the people who stole it fled south from your location. This would still keep the idea mysterious, but we would have an idea where to go. This way we wouldn't be stuck for ten minutes scouting the map for this stolen object. Overall the playability was great, because it was fun and enjoyable, even from something as simple as this.

Balance: 4
The balance was quite good because you had to, at times, watch what you were doing when in battle. Sometimes you had to fight alone, and then with an army crush entire Ramarian Garrisons, but I was slightly dissapointed with the overall challenge offered. There were idle Ramarian soldiers, so they weren't hard to dissipate their numbers by dragging a few away to deal with alone. And the overall siege at Rebia by the Ramarian army could have been alot harder, with the Ramarians attacking with many more soldiers, rams and trebuchets. Perhaps a better Ai would make the enemy march in vast groups instead of just the messed group running towards your walls.

Creativity: 4
Like most of Mk101's scenarios, gameplay is widely focused around a mix of RPG and FF based style, which is all very creative. This may mean talking to people to get information or doing side quests for them, so that you may overcome your overall quest in the future. The game itself was creative with a good theme and layout of map design. To conclude, the names of the characters, places and bitmap was quite creative, and the story, if a little too short (In my oppinion), was creative too.

Map Design: 4
The map design was good and well laid out, but was perhaps too dull and no real treat to the eyes. It could certainly do with some more eye candy and detail to towns and cities.

Story/Instructions: 4
There was a normal sized story here, detailing what was happening about the conspiracy of the Ramarian King, but I believe it lacked detail in some parts. There was an average amount of dialogue, with a little bit of grammar and spelling mistakes that can be ignored, but should be fixed up. Overall the Instructions and hints were good and explained many things well. One problem was that when you had to go to Rebia after aquiring all four characters, no objective came up stating that you must find a transport to get there. Otherwise everything was well told.

Additional Comments:
A great end to a great campaign Mk101! You did well, but as I had mentioned earlier, attention to closer detail would benefit you alot! You should really get some playtesters. Post a topic in the forums and let everyone there know you need playtesters for any of your campaigns.

Overall this is a good scenario apart of a so far, two piece campaign that should be downloaded and played by anyone who enjoys a mixed style of gameplay! Once again, well done Mk101 and keep up the great and ever improving standard of work!

[Edited on 01/13/06 @ 06:33 PM]

File Author
I do have one question for you Mashek.Did you click on units other than the villager.They also convey some information!
Official Reviewer
I talked to villagers and soldiers. Why?

EDIT: Wait, now I know the reason, because I said you had to be more informative with locations. I thought that most villagers would keep saying the same thing as in the traditional RPG so most I didn't bother talking to again.

EDIT2: Great an update, will download.

[Edited on 01/18/06 @ 02:41 AM]

laz123 I'm not too sure what's happened, but the monk didn't pick up the relic, and in Rebia I didn't get any villiagers. So with no food, only gold, I couldn't produce villiagers without cheating.

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Map Design4.0
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