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Fallen Campaign Teaser (Updated)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Number of scenarios: 1
This is the first mission to my new Campaign based around an undiscovered island, over 20,000 years ago. It's got a detailed history as well a language made for the race you play, a language which will be fairly important in future missions. If people like this mission, then I'll submit the rest of the campaign. Please note that this particular mission is a WIP (work in progress) and ALMOST complete. I just need to flesh the triggers out a bit.
I tried to be fairly detailed on the map but I disagree with cacti and stuff, so it hasn't got any.
No mods needed.
And I will make an intro map in future but only when I've finished the campaign.
And please, PLEASE be as critical as possible (but not dishonest).



- Additonal history inside the map itself,
- More detailed map
- More, better triggers,
- And a second defeat condition (how on earth I missed it the first time I don't know!).

It's pretty much complete now. I'll probably end up adding a bit of eye-candy or fixing any bugs one day, but so far it seems OK to me.


Updated (again):

Added sound effects and music now, they're contained in the ZIP file along with the readme.
Now about 16 MB, sorry!



I'm getting tired of this now. I only missed a MAJOR bug in the game, but luckily I played it again and found out. The map itself is now slightly changed, and the bug is thankfully fixed. Unfortunately to fix it I had to get rid of three out of the original four Villagers, so it's even more essential to be careful now. You CAN find more Villagers near the flags though so that compensates slightly.



Caught a bug which didn't allow you to win. Fixed it so it should work now...
Damned playtesters...


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rwilde Akria62: I'll be happy to review it if you do a review yourself.
File Author
Here it is:

[Edited on 01/21/06 @ 02:24 PM]

File Author

It won't let me review so I'll do it as a comment.

Playability: 3.0
Since the many bugs have been fixed, the game itself is a good idea. A mix of a fixed-force and pseudo-RPG, it uses quite good (to my mind) ideas, such as the mini histories, created language and map detail. Minus marks due to the amount of time taken to find and correct the bugs.

Balance: 4.0
Not for total beginners, but definitely not hard, it kind of swings between mildly difficult and total ease from time to time. Though the combined enemy forces greatly outnumber your own, the fact that they're hostile to each other and rather spread out (due to my intentional defining of their AI as 'none') detracts from the difficulty, though it really depends on your skill as a leader. If you rush your entire army straight in without any caution whatsoever, then you're guaranteed to lose; if, however, you're careful and lure the enemy forces out a few at a time, then you're almost certain to win.

Creativity: 3.0
Not really a radically new concept, the map does use the 'Roman Ruins' unit quite well as history 'hotspots'. The scenario idea isn't really original, but the map itself does use terrain quite well.

Map Design: 3.5
A bit sparse when it comes to things like cacti or rocks, it is a good mixture of terrains with gradients from desert to dirt to sparse grass to full grass, and deep water to medium water to shallow water. The map itself is an interesting design, with long, thin peninsulas, lakes, mediterranean seas and a great sea formed in a crater. The map is fairly detailed when it comes to information, and is better than most beginners but not as good as experts.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
This is where the map excels. I've a passion for writing histories of imaginary worlds in any case and I'm always more than happy to write for hours on end. The history is detailed, with a good plot and superb detail. The instructions are clear and concise, and nary a hint of improper grammar or spelling is to be seen. Voice acting enhances the experience slightly, and the in-game histories, accessed through the ruins, are very detailed.

Overall: 3.5
Better than many I've seen, but worse than many at the same time. Couldn't match, for example, Against Thee, Wickedly or Athelstan, Emperor of the World of Britain.

I hope it doesn't sound too conceited, but you did say.

rwilde Oh, uh, sorry, I meant if you do a review for someone elses work, I'll review yours :)

Sorry about that.
File Author
Okely dokely. Finding an unreviewed one now...
oliver lol, you need to express yourself more clearly Richard. ;-)
rwilde I see you've done a review now. I will review your scenario shortly. If anyone else would like a review, my offer is the same.

[Edited on 02/07/06 @ 11:47 PM]

rwilde Fallen

Playability: 2

Fallen is a teaser scenario for a campaign about an ancient mythical kingdom from before 20000 BC. The scenario is a mainly linear FF. I enjoyed it, but the gameplay was perhaps a little too linear, and the objectives and fighting fairly simple. It was a good designing move to add those extra villies, monotonous tasks like building a town center are always best sped up that little bit. The atmosphere and mystery made up for the weaknesses here and the diplomacy aspect spiced it up a little. A little more variety of gameplay and maybe a few more tasks would improve the score.

There was a problem though - I built the town center, but I didn’t win. I defeated all the enemy players after this, and couldn’t win by conquest either (which is good, if the normal victory is working). It seems as if the area to build the town center in too small (make it a little more inclusive), or something else has gone wrong. I built it right in the middle, equal distance from each flag. One point has been taken off for the bug.

Balance: 2

I found the scenario quite easy in the end. The priest makes it a bit soft, though if there were some battles where you can’t attack slowly and retreat it wouldn’t be so bad, for example fighting a few cavalry units. The numbers of units and the power of the hero are too much, though it would be okay just as a quick intro scenario to a larger campaign. I must however rate the balance entirely based on this scenario. I played on moderate, so it may be a little more challenging on hard, which I would recommend to most players.

Creativity: 4

The campaign has good creativity, especially artistically. The music, voice acting, mystery and setting all contribute to the creativity. Gameplay is fairly simple however, this area needs to be a little more creative. I suggest adding a few tricks, there are many different tricks out there that can really add some ‘fireworks’ to a scenario.

Map Design: 4-

Map design was fairly good – some nice ruins and a good mix of terrain. Some weaker points: the small forest area was just terrain brush, and there were few elevations on the map. Also, vary the water transitions with a little more randomness. The unique look of desolation and eerie atmosphere of the ruins is what I liked most.

Story: 4

The scenario has detailed story, instructions and hints. The story is carried on through the scenario by discoveries as you go along, where areas are described to the player. A good teaser will raise many questions, though I feel it should answer some of them as well. The music adds a lot to the scenario, though for so much file size it was a shame it wasn’t looped – it stopped playing after around 10 minutes. There is a notable absence of a bitmap; I encourage you to include one as it sets a good impression for a scenario, plain text looks a bit bland.


The campaign was well zipped, and have a good first impression. Thanks for doing a review, and remember to let me know if you update, and I’ll update the review accordingly.

Regarding voice acting – for some parts the volume is quite low or variable. See that the volume is constant when doing voice recordings; if it isn’t record it again. You can also turn the volume up using a sound editor e.g. GoldWave. I also suggest you use an audio editor to make the music around 56-64 kbps, not 128, so it will be only half the size. 15 MB is a little much for a demo.

Overall: 3.2

A slightly underwhelming score I guess, it was let down a little in the playability side of things, but strong artistically. Don't feel disappointed, I'm no soft touch when awarding scores. Worthy of a download, though I wouldn’t recommend on a slow connection.
Den cekke I like the music and the speech(Those kings use to have high voices in those times:) ) Also the idea ain't that bad but it could be better. You should bring more variation to the map and the terrain. You also should make it more difficult, this scenario was too easy so if you would create some more men, outposts with defenders... it also would be more fun.
It's a good thing you have a historical base in the scenario however I'm not sure which one.

Keep up the good work,

File Author
Thanks, Dan cekke.
I'm considering updating it again if I can find the scenario file; if nothing else I'll just download it. :D
It seems that it is too easy, so that'll be something to fix.
Looping music was mentioned. I'll get around to that as well. :D
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