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Battle Island

Author File Description
Sir Gwydor
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Number of players: 1 or 2
A peaceful island is the scene for Celtic and Viking warriors to go toe-to-toe tactically. The island is an ovel with elevation on both side's starting position. Each side has an 85 unit army, which are virtually identical (see below). Rudimentary defenses (2 Watch Towers and 2 small palisade sections) are also at the army's disposal. The middle is a short trench in which the most vicious part of the melée can take place. Most of each side's back is covered by copses of oak and pine forest, but there are a couple places to escape to the beach. Several deer were calmly grazing before being disturbed by the warring forces, and they are now easy targets for the wolves who stalk behind the trees.

Celts Vikings
William Wallace Erik The Red
Aethelfirth Harald Hardraade
18 Knights 18 Knights
6 Two Handed Swordsmen 6 Two Handed Swordsmen
10 Longswordsmen 15 Longswordsmen
15 Woad Raiders 10 Berserks
8 Pikemen 8 Pikemen
3 Arbalests, 9 Crossbows 12 Throwing Axemen
8 Longbowmen 8 Longbowmen
4 Cavalry Archers 4 Cavalry Archers
2 Monks 2 Monks
3 Scorpions 3 Scorpions
3 Onagers 3 Onagers

Note: This is my first submission. I've only had the ability to try out each side and play against the game's 'AI'. It seems fun enough, but I'd definitely appreciate any feedback from whoever tries it out.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Battle Island is a Multiplayer, a 1 v 1 FF on a small island, Celts blue against Vikings red.

PLAYABILITY: Good things first, it is a pleasure to play a Multiplayer on an unsymmetrical beautiful map with an overall different unit mix than the opponent. Still the fun was limited because the game is unbalanced, not even suitable as a Single Player because player 1 has the starting advantage. 3

BALANCE: The game is unbalanced in blue's favor; blue has a terrain advantage, occupying a larger space of the map not hindering each other as the red player units do. The position of red's Onagers in the last row of their attack formation is the main reason for the unbalance, while blue's Onagers can attack from the middle at the game's start. In addition, an error of 12 Elite Woad Raiders gives blue an overall advantage of +185 HP and +60 AP. This combined with a 'ready to attack' position of its Onagers against red's less movable units swings the odds dramatically to blue's favor. Still the effort to balance is remarkable. The opponents receive the same amount of units, most units are identical and the author lists them in his description. The differences, William Wallace, Aethelfirth, 3 Arbalests, 9 Crossbowmen, 10 Long Swordsmen, 3 Woad Raiders and 12 Elite Woad Raiders for blue, Harald Hardraade, Eric the Red, 12 Throwing Axmen, 15 Long Swordsmen and 10 Berserks for red. In his description, the author lists 15 Woad Raiders for blue and no Elite Woad Raider. As intended blue would have an overall HP advantage of only five and red an AP advantage by 30 out of almost 90 warriors. The good intentions are worth an extra point. 2

CREATIVITY: It is a creative attempt of an uncommon FF scenario on a small island with a good map design, lacking in balance, playability and story. 3

MAP DESIGN: Without any doubt, better than random with elevations, terrain mix and broken road. 4

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: This is disappointing, a blank introduction screen, no story, no theme but a good description at the blacksmith, which is not available when playing the game. 1+

SUGGESTIONS: Replace the Elite Woad Raiders with Woad Raiders, give the same space for the attack formation to both players and place the units equally especially the Onagers. Repeat your description text in the scenario instructions, give some hints about protecting your siege weapons and monks and make up a story of why the Celts and Vikings meet on a small island for a fight to death.

OBSERVATIONS: The Reviewing Tutorial is in operation for Single and Multiplayer and so is the category rating for story/instructions. The Tutorial's objective is to score the categories consistently between reviewers and we argue that even a Multiplayer needs a hint of a story or a theme explained in one form or another to score above average in that category.

IN CLOSING: Battle Island's balance is neither suitable for Multiplayer nor Single Player.

[Edited on 03/18/06 @ 06:39 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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Size:6.10 KB