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Rise to the Occasion V2.1

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
This is an updated and improved version of 'Rise to the Occasion', which was my first scenario.

You are a peasant who lives in a village that has always been under oppresion from other greater nations. One day, as you come home from a visit to a neighboring village, you meet you're destiny...You have heard that the French Taskmasters have overtaken you're village! So you decide to overcome the opression and rise to the occasion, and end this unjust persecution...
Updates include:
-Two custom Ais
-More triggers
-Fixed player3 turns enemy bug
-Fixed Change Diplomacy bug
-Fixed Objective destroy the Town Centers bug
-Added eyecandy(a little bit)
-Changed map a bit
-Changed beginning scene

Current problems:

-Ai is not to agressive until you attack it.(working on this bug)

Additional comments: The teaser for my upcoming campaign('From Boyhood to Manhood') is going to be released in about a week.

Please tell me about any bugs you encounter.
All critizm, advice, and comments are welcome... Thank you for playing my scenario.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Rise to the Occasion, a scenario by Super_Cell_51

Playability: 4

Rise to the Occasion is a simple but enjoyable scenario, focusing on the traditional B&D situation. It starts out with a bit of FF then moves into the style of a B&D. All parts of the scenario were great fun. There is a bit more to do now too, with harassing bandits, a border guard player. There is *still* the bug that you are allied to one of the players who attacks you, just change your diplomacy with Player 2 to enemy. This time when beating the scenario I just destroyed the town centers and didn’t bother defeating the border guards. Perhaps beating the border guards should be marked as ‘optional’ or the main objective turned off until this is done.

Balance: 4

The balance of the scenario is very good. The FF part requires discipline, the siege is challenging, requiring you to destroy multiple targets after taking out a player. You can often lose if your hero dies, which adds a need for micromanagement and awareness to the scenario. The attacking part is harder after the update, and there are plenty of enemy attacks. I have beaten the scenario on moderate and hard. Hard is definitely beatable, but the enemy will be more aggressive earlier on, I think.

Creativity: 2+

This is the weak area of the scenario. The story is simple and the gameplay is very traditional. The objectives are far from conquest though; it is broken into stages with varying objectives, like building castles.

Map Design: 4

The map is random map-like in design, but has eye candy around most areas, and has some nice paths. The scenario as a whole is well constructed, with good choke points and level design.

Story: 3+

The story has clear instructions that are updated well throughout the
scenario, hints, even scouts. This area is done very well.

This category can still be improved a lot though: There were a few small spelling mistakes (e.g. ‘You’re’ (your); ‘enemey’ (enemy) and the victory or defeat were very abrupt (e.g. if Hanakuk is killed), not even giving a chance for the message to show up. The story is also fairly simple and needs fleshing out a lot. For future scenarios I would recommend spending more time on the story, making it more inspiring to play, more detailed, and more meaningful.

Comments: The campaign would be slightly easier to install if the files were zipped inside their destination folders (i.e. ai/per files in a folder named ‘AI’; scenario file in a folder named ‘Scenario’) so that they drop straight in when extracted to the Age of Empires II folder.

This is now the third time I have beaten the level, however, it doesn’t appear to have changed at all since my last review, I’m not even sure if it has been updated since then. Anyway, there review is left mainly as it was, since I haven’t found anything different from last time.

Overall: 3.4

This is a very good effort for a first time designer. The scenario doesn't
offer the level of creativity that would raise the eyebrow of most scenario
designers, but it is solid all around, fun to play, and difficult. I've
played a lot of weak levels from first time designers; this one is a great
beginning and one other designers starting out should look to as a

[Edited on 03/25/06 @ 07:21 PM]

Tommy Harms
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4+
I enjoyed playing this scenario. I didn't notice any bugs. No victory bugs or trigger bugs either. I didn't have any problems with lag. The objectives were clear and easy to understand. There was no way to skip enemys or soldiers. Or to finish an objective by skipping obstacles in the way.

Balance: 4+
It was a bit challenging but it made it fun. I had to play this scenario twice to finish it. I enjoy challenging scenarios , unless they are almost impossible. The only problem is for rookies I don't think they could hack it.

Creativity: 3+
Didn't have many cool triggers ,but when it did they were cool they all worked . I liked the map design. The story was ok . The starting position made it creative. i like that you don't start off like a very good unit like El Cid. There were no sounds so I have to daduct points.

Map Design: 5-
Excellent map I dig it. I like that you have elevation differences. Great eye candy it made the map look great. it went good with the story . I like your cities the way you set them up I like.

Story/Instructions: 3-
Your story was kind of basic but good job for your first time. I can't do much better. The instructions were flat out understandable. I know you can do better.

Additional Comments: Plz keep designing and keep up the good work.
Tommy Harms

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Map Design4.5
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