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CDC - Cave of Doom

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force

This is my entry for Dark_Reign's and Wizardboy's "In a cave!" competition, where the designer's goal is to create the most realistic and good-looking cave with the use of the AoC scenario editor. This scenario should not be played as an epic campaign of good versus evil or other corny stuff, but rather like an introduction to good cave-design and a source of inspiration.

Still, I didn't want to submit something that was just plain eye candy and no action. Therefore I have included some sort of game play with elements of Fixed Force and Puzzle. You might find the instructions unclear and this is the point. If you want to get out alive, put aside the he-man attitude and use your brains.

Got problems? Spotted a bug? Email me or drop a post here or at the forums.

Member of Tsunami Studios

Cave Design Contest Thread
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smahlt Wow, this was pretty good! The cave looked great; you could actually imagine yourself being in a cave that looked like this.

Your choice of music, I felt, was very appropriate for the setting. Also, the water dripping sound effects made it seem even more real.

Plus, it was fun to play! It was hard, I didn't win, but I could feel that victory was in my grasp when I was overwhelmed.

Map Design5.0
I'm sorry but i had to review this after playing it...
Playability: 5
I found this scenario great fun yet challenging,It had a small puzzle which you had to work out, if you did have a Brain it wasn't too much of a challenge. Also in it there was no bugs so an added bonus.

Balance: 4
Well, lets say this is hard the spirits just keep appearing, I admit I couldn't do this on moderate though I was close. Even on Standard it took me a while.

Creativity: 5
I found it quite creative and as usual an epic soundtrack and quite intresting design.

Map Design: 5
As alway's one of your strong points it is on parr with your Lighting scenario. The cave with a river and running water is V realistic.

Story/Instructions: 4
Not too much of a story but it is clear you have to use an ounce of Brain to work it out. The story was simple though effecitve enough it told you all that you needed to know and a good finish.

Additional Comments: It is very good and enjoyable. I do recommend it for Download.

[Edited on 02/09/06 @ 07:12 AM]

File Author
Small update. Fixed a few bugs.
Jas the Mace1 Wow!!..of all the cave designs I saw this was the best!...Love the undead theme...challanging and fun to play...Great job.!..

Jas the Mace1
The Sad Clown
Map Design5.0
Wow! This was my favorite single player scenario I've seen!

Playability: 5
No noticable bugs that interacted with gameplay. It took me a while to figure out I was supposed to walk down the cliff, but that's my own ignorance and inexpierience speaking.

Balance: 4
Simply put - the faster you go, the better chance of survival you have. Standard mode was a bit easy, Moderate killed me on my first attempt, and hard was just impossible. The difficulty gap here is a bit too wide.

Creativity: 5
This game just wouldn't have been complete without Zimmer's "King Arthur" movie soundtrack. On top of this is the idea of restoring the broken pentagle, the abandoned ship, and the cave enterance. How the hell did you make the bridge b beginning and the bridge b end have a shadow!? Definately a 5.

Map Design: 5
The map, from the haunted forest, enterance, cave interior, exit, and the end forest, was nothing short of perfection.

Story/Instructions: 5
The sidenotes, such as walkig by the ship and the ice on the river, sounded like cousin grimm speaking. Also, a pentaGRAM is a five-sided shape, whereas a pentaGLE in a star inside a circle (I'm pagan!), so I belive that's what he meant to use. But these very, very minor and picky grammer breaks are just too small to lower the rating.

Additional Comments:
It's just a tad from perfection. Really.
Dantares IV Real fun. However, I never found the exit.
Official Reviewer
Well, I played on moderate and found the instructions unclear, so I put aside the he-man attitude and started applying my brains... First I brought the 5 pieces of the pentagram to the church of doom... nothing happened. Then I brought the 5 pieces to the exit where Dolorozo says 'the exit is blocked' but again nothing.
Finally I had a brilliant inspiration,played the game all over again and put the pieces of the pentagram right on top of the ghosts spawning spots (which were right next to them) and pretty soon I had the cave completely clear of ghosts, hardly losing 1-2 units. Still nothing!!! Then I spent a long time moving around my 15 or so units in every nook and corner searching for an exit and could find nothing. Please, if anyone's played this game and won, tell me if I'm short of brainpower or this game really needs to give some hints.

Apart from this, it was really a CLASSIC!! Great map design, eye candy, music, etc.
Official Reviewer
That's an innovative tactic, but not what I think oliver planned.

You weren't far off with the Church of Doom, look for something which resembles a pentagram and I'm sure you'll find it out.
Official Reviewer
Oh dammnit that was so obvious...
Imperium60 Great cave design! I won it without cheats. To make the ghosts disappear I used a trick of mine jejeje. Try putting a unit in the place where ghosts are created, like a unit is using that space it cannot be created anymore. I really enjoyed playing this campaign it was interesting.
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Map Design5.0
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