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The Good and The Bad (Tutorial/Parody)

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The Kestrel
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This shows a GOOD scenario and a BAD scenario. The best way to learn SD is to see what NOT to do compared to what you should. Anyway, the first scenario will be amusing to you if you have any sense of taste, but the second on is dencent and shows a few basics. That\'s about it.

Post comments with your opinions, but no reviews, please.
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LoRd_YuRi_NiNjA Really, I'm no newbie. But I'm only d/ling this because my bro keeps calling me 'newbie' - even though I know more about triggers, eyecandy etc. than he does, but I may be able to prove him wrong with this. Thnx.
Bono the Celt I couldn't stop laughing while I was playing the first one! Bad flashbacks... heheh... some of the campaigns I made (but never uploaded) looked something like that. I'm gradually working my way to making stuff more like the second, but I'm not about to post them on the Blacksmith until I can get them good enough so people won't call me a newbie. ;)
The Kestrel
File Author

Ah, it was a fun experience, trying to think like my old scn editor-self. I've come a long way, and I had fun making this. Glad to see so many positve comments!
LoRd_YuRi_NiNjA Yeah Bono's right! The second one would be REALLY good as a finished campaign - if it was developed further it would have no trouble gaining over 3.5! Hope to see it made as a full ver.! PS the eyecandy was actually excellent IMO - this should see my map design improve by one point in my scen's!

[Edited on 06/18/08 @ 10:08 PM]

Official Reviewer
@ The Kestrel : I agree it's not really fun to play these scenarios. Maybe younger authors could state under authors description that they are under x years and like their scenario to be played by people of their age.
@ The Experienced : Scenario 1 is a good exercise to practise how to encourage the author, to give tips that he improves and what one could say positive about this scenario. For example that the lack of challenge was tried to be compensated by the rush against time and that the town in the south is economically well based on farming.
@ The Newbie : In the second scenario you see how to make a good landscape; it has elevations, looks good and has little "eye-candy". Like the author said: "Mixed terrain with gaia, but not overdone."
You also see how you should not do a town. The town where you start off is condemned to starve. It has no food supply at all, it's only economic is wood, but the people don't work and state that they are lazy.
It would have helped the scenario if your hero would just start on a path.
The town in the south has neither food supply nor economy.
There're parts of the wall to which you don't have access to, which means you cannot repair them. Explore the south-east of the town, houses where nobody can live in are blocking your way, but what is in that corner? I won't tell, you have to MARCO POLO to see. Most of the wall is "defended" by a double layer of houses instead of towers. A path for bowmen or siege weapons would help. Talking your bowmen, you have two stables, two barracks, but no archery range to train them.
Think of a 2 vs. 2, would you like your partner or your enemy to build towns like that? And in migration, don't you try to build your town near resources?
Do you really think, by choosing role playing campaigns, that good design of towns should be replaceable by people saying "You got a match?", "I like that guy", "Don't come near me", "I was born here" or "I hate this job" ? Unfortunately most of the people on which you click don't help you with the plot and say boring things, apart from some really good campaigns.
It would have helped the scenario if your hero would have arrived directly in the military camp.
Chris B Tanneur, you really show no respect for a good map. Either fix this or stick to B and D scenarios. It doesn't matter if a city is efficiently planned in an RPG, especially if the city never gets attacked. You clearly have no grasp of this concept nor do you understand that particularly in the middle ages towns weren't perfectly planned out. It is also widely known that your not supposed to grade map areas you can't see. Kestrel makes excellent towns. And forget the B/S about farms- how do you know there not in an area outside the map, or that food is carted in?
Take that.
-CB (Kestrel's brother)

I'd like to hear some more opinions on this issue.

Oh, and Tanneur, idle chatter is just put in for fun- no one really cares what it says. I suggest you check out RPG's from legendary names like Shadows (an almost everyone form SCNPunk) and CerberusXXL to determine the standard for RPG/RPS's before you criticize people like this.

[Edited on 11/15/05 @ 06:45 AM]

The Kestrel
File Author
Sorry about my brother's attiude, he can hard to deal with somethimes. >:-(

Anyway, the Blacksun cities are quite a bit better, as is the map and triggerwork. This was a one night project.

And about him saying that you have no respect for RPG maps, oh well, I thinks he's right on that one. Besides, he can't draw cities for s**t.
LoRd_YuRi_NiNjA TheKestrel said:

"Besides, he can't draw cities for sh!t"

Hmmm... I do believe your cities are better than Chris' ones, but his cities aren't sh!t! You probably didn't even SEE his campaign with the good Rocky Harbour town! Even I couldn't draw better cities!
The Kestrel
File Author
LOL! I'm his brother, and I helped a lot with that.
LoRd_YuRi_NiNjA Oh. I have to help my OLDER brother with triggers, he doesn't know a thing about them! With the help of my "Fenced Houses" new eye-candy, I should be able to make cities better.

it gets annoying after a while coz he rejects going to SCNPunk and asks me things like, "What is create object? What is object name? What is set location? How do I create units using triggers? Can..." blah blah blah etc etc etc.

[Edited on 11/15/05 @ 06:46 AM]

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