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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » CDC - Leburr Cave - In A Cave! Contest

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CDC - Leburr Cave - In A Cave! Contest

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
This is an entry for the In A Cave! Contest in the Scenario Design Forum. It's rather short and simple, so it's a quick play. The scenario was mostly designed to try and show off the cave entrances/exits.

If you find any errors or mistakes please E-Mail me at

I hope you enjoy :).

Cave Design Contest Thread
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Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Leburr Cave is a single scenario with FF and RPG elements, a scenario as apart of the 2005-2006 ‘In and Out of a Cave’ contest hosted by Dark Reign. It is a contest whereby the cave design is as much important than anything else. One of the rules in the contest states that you can either have a cut-scene to go along with your cave or have an actual playable scenario to go along with it instead. Leburr Cave is a playable scenario, and is about an old Dwarven warrior Goili, famous among many, called upon by a man known as Rego to help save his people from the menacing wolves and slay the one they call Leburr, a beast of great size and strength who resides in his gloomy cave to the far north. Goili comes to the call, and thus is where the scenario begins...

Playability: (4.0)

Leburr Cave by the author newIdea is an entertaining scenario, which strongly focuses more on the visual aspects rather than gameplay, and what it lacks in the long play, it makes up in its creativity and action. Everything is nothing short of magnificent! Everything is well sculpted, written and with care to detail nearly everything featured in the game. There is a lot of walking, but don't let that ruin it for you as you will soon find yourself satisfied after a much enjoyable play and impressed by the great fantasy world newIdea has conveyed in his scenario. There is quite a bit of fighting, but I do believe that there should have been more detail added into some parts of the game itself, so gameplay would have been much more valuable. Overall, a job well done!

Balance: (5.0)

The balance was good, in the manner of which you must use either the protection of companions' missile weapons, or the use of hill bonuses to overcome your multiple enemies. But even then, life can be very slim, and death very close. You will need to micromanage accomplices to the best of their ability, all the while using our hero, Goili to fend off any approaching target.

Creativity: (5.0)

Creativity in this scenario was nothing short of brilliant! It had a great story line, a great map design and well-named characters. There were nicely conveyed cave entrances, ones in which the player may be able to walk through and which leads to a labyrinth of tunnels where Leburr the wolf resides, and where you must slay him and his pack so that the outlying townships and villages maybe able to live in peace. We see cave dwellers, people forced to stay in the cave for fear that, if they try to leave the darkness and gloominess, the wolves would kill them all, and you must help them escape by getting them food and wood in which they will later join your quest to slay the one they call Leburr. The creativity of this scenario is tied up with good music and sounds to help bring out the atmosphere of the story. One thing that really stands out here, is the author's use of his unique campfire. A small fire with smoke roiling off of it. It offers a great effect to the scenario, bringing this category to another perfect rating!

Map Design: (5.0)

The map design was beautiful. Grass and snow have been mixed to perfection, and really bring out that warm atmosphere of a late winter when the snows begin to thaw. Trees are placed against mountain lines to good effect, and village settlements and towns are beautifully made, with effort to form a suitable town structure that is both neat and charming to the eyes. Since the cave is the most important aspect of the scenario, I will now go onto that. The Cave is well made, with cliff walls and mountains used in the interior to form passages and dead-ends and cave springs scatter within the cave and are beautifully made. The cave floor is nice to look at with the use of dirts and desert to convey it with, and the cave entrances themselves are fantastically made, with the use of shadow to give a darkness effect over the entrance. A job well done!

Story/ Instructions: (3.0) +

This part of the game was rather disappointing. There is no story in ‘History’, ‘Instructions’, no decent ‘Hints’ or a proper ‘Scout’. But it is not the hints or scout I have deducted points for, but rather, it is the lack of a story in ‘History’ or ‘Instructions’ or even something to detail Leburr or the world around. On top of that, I would have liked to have seen a bitmap and even though this does not affect the rating, it would have been great considering the effort thrown into the scenario itself. Overall, the use of dialogue was great and written beautifully and the plot of the scenario itself was great and creative and original, with care taken so that it was nicely written and understandable, giving this rating a 3.0 +.

Additional Comments:

A great game and play! I highly recommend this scenario to anyone who enjoys fantasy scenarios, and great map designs. Well done newIdea, I very much appreciate your effort put into this scenario, but only wish that you focus more on the written aspect of scenarios. Well done, and I look forward to your future submissions.

In a word - Beautifully-crafted.

In closing – A must download.


[Edited on 01/18/07 @ 07:54 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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Size:7.49 MB