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Battle Ships

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of players: 8
Welcome to the legendary BaTtLe ShIpS scenario created by David_Zhan_Yang!

GAME PLAY: Valid for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4 battles! Excels in 3v3 or 4v4 battles!

OBJECTIVE: Destroy your enemies' accursed towers. These are located at the four corners and center of the map.
OR destroy a player completely. This requirement is only valid for players 7 and 8.

Once a player's accursed tower gets destroyed, he loses. This means you should protect your tower at all costs. :)
FOR players 7 and 8, just make sure you have at least one unit remaining.

As the game progresses, kills and razings will equally have an impact on how well you do. From razings, you get age advancements, villagers, buildings, upgrades, and more. From kills, you get better units and a better chance at defeating your enemies.

Here are the basic strategy hints:

Land is limited. When you get villagers, build on all you have.

Try to get razings and kills at the beginning of the game. They will help you as the game progresses.

If you fall behind, do not seek the tougher foe.

For Players 1-4 ONLY
You start out with 75 units consisting of auto-spawn War Galleys and Crossbowmen. You also get a hero.
100 kills=Arbalest
200 kills=Galleon
300 kills=Elite Plumed Archer
500 kills=Conquistator/ Research Husbandary For Faster Speed/ Replace missing bombard towers in the back
1000 kills=Turtle Ship
1500 kills=Elite War Wagon
2000 kills=Subotai
2500 kills=Ghengis Khan

For Players 1-4 ONLY
1 Razing=Castle Age, Blacksmith and University
3 Razings=Imperial Age
5 Razings=Spies/Treason
9 Razings=Research Dry Dock, Careening+2 Villagers by your Tower
12 Razings=Elite Turtle Ship
For players 5-6 ONLY
The object of the game for you is to build. You will start out with 2 auto-spawn villagers with which you can build buildings with. You will also get a hero. The only auto-spawn units you will receive are huskarls and elite teutonic knights. Your villagers will respawn every minute in normal mode. In turn for starting with villagers, you will not have razings advancements. You are restricted from building siege workshops, trebuchets, and town centers.

100 kills=Castle Age
300 kills=Elite Teutonic Knights (40)
700 kills=Imperial Age

Players 7-8
You will start with 20 villagers and a hero in castle age. You can only advance ages through the towncenter. You are not limited from building anything, however, you will not receive any more villagers. You lose when all of your units and buildings are destroyed. To prevent an early loss, you should establish a town center on your ally's land as soon as possible. If you lose your hero, it will not be replaced!

Hero Upgrades
100 kills = 500 attack and 2000 hp
1000 kills = 1000 attack and 20000 hp
2000 kills = 5000 attack and 50000 hp

The BaTtLe ShIpS scenario was completely created and designed by David_Zhan_Yang!
Changes and additions are welcome PROVIDED that editors maintain integrity and give main credit to the original creator and keep the welcome messages unedited except for the addition of the editor's screen name.

Please help Battle Ships become the next popular scenario by hosting it whenever you can.
Thank You.

David_Zhan_Yang 01/2006

P.S. This is my only scenario and my first post at AoK Heaven so please do not judge harshly. Thanks.
AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
geoman521 Everything was good here except that I destroyed a castle (first razing) and I didn't get my upgrade. I don't know if it's been used before, but I really enjoyed the way you get rewards and upgrades for killing units and razing buildings.
You could be a bit more creative and not make a symetrical map. Overall this game is pretty cool.

[Edited on 11/25/07 @ 04:51 PM]

File Author
Thanks for reviewing my scenario!
LC_Pupitre the map is symetrical becuz it makes it fair for all players....did u ever paly on the zone or any online server that hosts this game???
File Author
I did and you should too.
File Author
Review Needed!!!!
Official Reviewer
Update with shorter file name, others could not join, not load the game data due to a too long file name.

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