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Takeda Katsuyori

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 6
Takeda Katsuyori
By ENOTH DESIGN TEAM, January 2002

This campaign is an attemt to look at what happened in Japan between 1560 and 1575 through the eyes of Takeda Katsuyori, the son and heir of the famous Takeda Shingen. Katsuyori was a brave and ambitious man and a fine warrior, even if not endowed with his father\'s outstanding strategic abilities. He took part in many of Shingen\'s campaigns, fought many battles. Shingen probably did not trust him to the end, always appointing one of his old commanders to look after the young man, to prevent him from making something rush or stupid. From time to time Katsuyori was given command over some part of Takeda cavalry, usually some elite troops. But most of the time he was occupied with mopping-up operations, arrainging baselines, scouting, etc. That is what war meant to him.
The present campaign includes six scenarios:
1561 Shinano. A mopping-up operation in the province of Shinano
1561 Kawanakajima. One of the bloodiest battles between the armies of Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin, the ruler of Echigo. Katsuyori commands a band of cavalry archers
1564 Shinano. Scouting and another mopping-up operation, but on a different scale
1564 Kawanakajima. This time Katsuyori is entrusted with delivering important military supplies (sake, swords and gunpowder)
1573 Noda Castle. Baselines and supplies again, routine of siege works, cutting off enemy supply lines. At the end, after Shingen\'s death, Katsuyori becomes the head of the Takeda clan. Now he is, for the first time, in full command of all Takeda forces.
1575 Nagasino. The siege of the Nagasino Castle and the great battle between Oda Nobunaga and Takeda Katsuyori. Some chance to win the battle Katsuyori actually lost.

Note: The Nagasino AI used in this campaign is extremely aggressive. It builds nothing, being designed for \'build & destroy\' scenarios, but attacks violently when it finds a weak place in enemy ranks. By a simple trick the \'Nagasino\' armies are made stand still, waiting for you or your allies to attack first. Needless to say, any cavalry attack against ordered ranks of pikemen and musketeers protected by a palisade is doomed. When most of your forces and those of your allies are destroyed, the enemy may change his tactics. Now he is free to attack you wherever you are. Tanabe AI (Japanese ta - \'rice\', tanabe - \'rice-grower\') needs no comments. It only fights back if attacked and grows rice.

mailto: (sorry, the site is in Russian only)
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Tiago Marcelo
Map Design4.0
Takeda Katsuyori is a Campaign, like the title indicates, about Takeda, and his 6 most famous battles.

Playability: Playability was good, and the game itself was fun to play. Altough Playability is very dependent on Balance, and vice-versa(if the map is very hard or very easy, then it's less fun to play.) I really can't say much here. The Campaign takes a lot of time to win.

Balance: Balance was below average(but not that below). Most of the scenarios are very hard, and you have to reload often. Micro-Management is very important in this map, and it is a great challange. Altough it is hard, that does not make it any worse, but the fact is, some parts are just plain hard, you do not control most units in the beggining of the map, the AI does all the work, but you have to issue orders. You must order the attacks of several unit types.

Creativity: There were lots of Creative aspects on the map, my personal favorite was the bridge on scenario 2. I won't spoil anyone, check it out for yourself. Creativity is way above average, and i believe that no-one has made a campaign where you have to click on tents to order a group of units to attack.

Map Design: Map Design was above average, and much better than a random map. Altough some scenarios repeat themselves, well, that really doesn't matter. Floating farms and well used eye-candy, the maps are very well created and it is obvious that the author put a lot of effort into making the scenario beautiful do look at.

Story/Instructions: All maps include a Bitmap. All Maps Include Instructions(Mixed with History). All maps Include Hints. They do not include scouts and in-game instructions are clear.(In other words, everything is just perfect, i have no choice but to rate you a 5)

Final Rating: 4.0
Good(4) Playability
Average(3) Balance
Very Good(4+) Creativity
Somewhat Good(4-) Map Design
Great(5) Story/Instructions

Recommendations: A campaign above average, lots of battle choices, very challenging. This is not a B&D campaign. This is a FF Campaign with your orders. If you are considering downloading it, wait no longer, download it!

Hints&Tips: Make the Campaign a little easier.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
“Takeda Katsuyori,” is a campaign based around Japan and is historically accurate apart from the final scenario.

Playability: The playability of this campaign was mediocre. There was some repetition in the campaign, which isn’t a good thing. For the most part this campaign presents a challenge but some of the objectives and missions seem a little too similar. Travelling a way around the whole map’s edge for a trade cart with very little do is not all-ways fun.

Balance: Takeda Katsuyori’s balance is very hard. I feel the last review of this campaign contradicts itself so I decided to voice my opinion. The balance in all missions is almost impossible. Sometimes you have to lure out your enemies but with the Immobile Units AI Gold units go back to where they were so for the most part this is impossible and very frustrating. I found 2 missions, which I could not complete at all. The Ai whilst good also makes a scenario impossible because it travels looking for an enemy and is attacked on the way so your allies are massacred and you are left with a near impossible task.

Creativity: The creativity of this campaign was good. You have many interesting things, which made me laugh such as fixing the bridge only for it to break after crossing it again. The campaign on the whole is good and the author tries to expand on previous ideas, which is all ways a good thing.

Map Design: The map design is detailed, some parts seem a little odd such as desert in Japan but for the greater part of this campaign the map design is an attractive and alluring feature. Wherever you go you have something to look at and the author has spent a long time making the maps.

Story/Instructions: The story is strong throughout the campaign and is very good, combined with excellent history, instructions and hints sections the story is very strong. The bitmaps also were reasonable and helped enhance playing. The instructions in game were well timed and nothing seemed to go pass to quickly.

Overall: The balance is the only thing stopping this campaign from making the Best of Aok section. I’m sure if the author made some of the scenarios easier and possible to win then the playability’s score would increase as well as the balance. It’s a shame as this has the makings of a good campaign as well.

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Map Design4.0
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