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Life of Death

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
An RPG type game with mixed features. There is the opportunity to further your character in his quest for revenge and fame. You can take to the bad streets and be a thug or take jobs from wealthy patrons and raise fame.
Keep in mind that it is still a project in the works and this is just the prologue.

Prologue - Birth Of and Advanced Immobile Units AI are also included as well as a must read read-me.

Thanks for Downloading and I hope ypu enjoy the Prologue. Please leave a review with comments and tips with any mistakes I might have made.
Thank You
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Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Life of Death is a scenario with FF elements, the preview to a much larger scenario. It is about a young tribesman called Garian who seeks to become the Head of his tribe and hopes to one-day lead his people to victory against all his enemies. He is a strong warrior, more so than anyone else in his Tribe is. Denied his right to become this ‘great’ leader, he feels to make himself heard he must go to the annual tribal meeting being held that night far off to the east of his village. It is here, where the story begins…

Playability: (2.0)

I quite enjoyed this scenario, mainly because of the feel and atmosphere delivered. The idea of a man wanting to become a tribal leader, and showing more potential than anyone else in strength and leadership isn't an idea popping up too often, and so it offers us a bit of a change from all those ‘hardcore’ action scenarios so commonly delivered to our eyes these days. There are some exciting ideas and clearly good potential is shown, but is too often let down by the sheer lack of detail throughout. Although it is only a prologue, an 'introduction' it still needed that bit extra to make the scenario all the more enjoyable. This may mean more gameplay, map design and elements of creativity. Other than this, it was interesting, but kind of boring, nothing to keep the player interested from start to end. There were also some grammatical errors, which should be fixed up. I encountered a few bugs. The two raiders standing at the camp entrance must have been on a freeze object trigger as they never attacked me, but stood idly by as I drove them into the earth. Once the Bandit leader was killed, the objective saying that you must kill all of the bandits in the camp was accomplished, even though there were still quite clearly some bandits left. Finally, at the start of the game, it said to sit back and watch the cut-scene, but the objective immediately crossed out as though it was over, even though the cut-scene had only just begun.

Balance: (4.0)

On Standard the difficulty was quite bad in the manner of which there was no challenge at all. Defeating outlying raiders and bandits was just a matter of charging forward and slaughtering. However, on Moderate or even on Hard, it was a different story. You will find yourself being forced to use uphill tactics or even drawing the enemy away from the main band so that you may defeat them that way. Nevertheless I would have enjoyed a much greater challenge so that the game would have had more entertainment all the while through. I would suggest putting wolves in the forest, as if to force the player onto the roads or perhaps even patrolling bandits who lurk throughout the wilderness and or certain parts of the road, forcing you to avoid them at all costs if you wish to survive. Other than that the balance as it was worked fairly well.

Creativity: (2.0)

Creativity was slim. We had a good name or two, and an overall good theme to the scenario, but the lack of RPG orientated ideas, which was what the game was supposed to be based on, was disappointing, thus leaving you with a fairly poor rating in this category and a game that can really only be classed as a FF. The overall lack of creativity really told us nothing about what to expect in future scenarios concluding this one.

Map Design: (4.0) -

The map design was fairly good, certainly better than that of a random map, but needed many more touchups and use of Gaia to be able to make straight 4 material. The lay of the design could have been better, with a wider use of terrain mixing, a greater variation of trees, such as mixing pines and oaks together and making the mountains more presentable. Since the better part of this scenario was set in a forest, in the wilderness, alot of attention should be placed upon it. So making the terrain as beautiful as possible, but not going too overboard would be ideal.

Story/ Instructions: (4.0) -

The story written was probably all that needed to be said, but it was too short for my taste, and left the game open, asking too many questions right throughout the game. Perhaps here you could talk about the tribe itself, and perhaps more about Garian's life and maybe even the forest surrounds itself. But whatever you decide to do, I would recommend placing alot of focus on the tribe. This would really add colour to your scenario and draw the player in more. In conclusion, the Instructions were straightforward and the player had no trouble in doing what he was asked to do.

In a word – Interesting.

In closing – Give it a go.


[Edited on 11/07/06 @ 06:45 AM]

rwilde I'm just wondering, Mashek, why you gave this scenario a 3 for balance, yet you said 'there was no challenge at all'. For me, if there is no challenge at all, I like to give a 1. I'm a fairly tough reviewer, but I see a lot of people saying how easy a scenario is an then giving a fairly high score, and I'm curious why they do this.
Official Reviewer
This game has been updated to suit my own personal experience of the game. Sorry for the inconvenience.

[Edited on 02/10/06 @ 04:00 AM]

rwilde I'm no expert myself - I would reread the guidelines on it and see what you think. It does say to consider the scenario in question, but that's tricky. For example, by rule, a cutscene gets an automatic 5.0 for balance. If a scenario is a role playing one, perhaps there is room for consideration, I don't know. Are role playing games allowed to be easy just because they are role playing games? Is that fair to FF designers?

It says we should take the author's considerations into account, for example if they intended a role playing senario to be more like an interactive story, not a difficult challenge. But how do we know exactly what they intend?

And it's a slippery slope - if a person simply says they didn't intend their scenario to be hard, is that an excuse for poor balance? Where do we draw the line?

It's similar to playability, where we are not supposed to review scenarios of a style we don't 'like', but again, very slippery slope. What if we do 'like' the genre, but not quite as much as others? And how broad is 'style' - are we talking about entire genres, like B&D, or are we talking about the specifics of the scenario, like scenarios with a lot of walking?

There's really endless questions and nobody can give any definite answers. Debating it is also somewhat pointless, because the guidelines are basically set in stone - how can we change them without affecting all the past reviews?

Just try to be consistent and keep at it, we need more reviewers as much as anything else. As long as you do your best, designers will be grateful for your input, the assessment and advice means a lot to them.

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Map Design4.0
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