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Roua's Great Ride

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Number of scenarios: 9
No Description Available
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Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
“Roua's Great Ride” is a campaign based around King Roua a leader of the Huns who led an attack through Kassan point where Huns and Mongols lands clashed.

Playability: This campaign’s playability is reasonable. Taking command of a army and gradually building it up is good, it also seems a little too much like the first scenario of the ES Mongol campaign though. The lack of Ai is not so good. The campaign was ok riding to all the tribes and destroying them, but it lacked variety to keep players interested.

Balance: The balance in this campaign is ok. As you begin you think you will overwhelm the enemy but by the time you have defeated all of your enemies you are left with a few men. This is despite the massive attacks given to some units, such as a couple of champions which begin inside enemy territory but soon die because of a lack of hit-points to back up their massive attacks. The balance on the whole is good.

Creativity: The creativity in this campaign was below average, it included a couple of features such as gaining units who wanted to fight but there was simply too much standard fighting. This made for a lack of variety and would stop a few players continuing to play your campaign.

Map Design: The map design in this campaign is good. Some parts have been use with big palettes but these are the parts of the map you don’t see and so does not really matter as much. The land isn’t constantly changing and is generally grass which is strange as in the Mongol Steppes and surrounding land there is a lack of grass.

Story/Instructions: The story was strong in the opening screen, lacking a bitmap seemed to be the missing touch although a comprehensive set of hints and history were good. The lack of in game instructions was a little bad, and when you did receive instructions there were often too many to read at once which is a shame.

Overall: This is a mediocre campaign and as a result, doesn’t really stand out from the crowd. A note to the author, try to change things around more from just fighting to keep the player interested.
Tiago Marcelo
Map Design2.0
In the mid 400s, the huns rode out of the asian stepes, the pride and prowress of their tribes being that of the King Roua. And so, the great king and his tribe devastated all that would stand on their path to glory. Roua's Great Ride is a game where you control Roua's Tribe, and must defeat the other tribes that oppose you.

Playability: This game was boring, you have a small army of Tarkans, Catapracths and Cavalry Archers and must kill all the other tribes. It wasn't too bad, homever, there are some interesting parts of the game where you can really see that the author put some effort into the map. (Ex: Destroy the Xola Tribe Camp to recieve a tribute from another Tribe)

Balance: Roua is a little overpowered...(1000 Health Power and 100 Attack). I didn't have to reload my game, homever the game itself was slightly hard(although, in my opinion, very hard to lose). The game is very easy. You start with several units and you find several more along the way. As you travel, you will start losing units.

Creativity: This map is not creative(by the way, i didn't know that huns had janissarys, and that there were stormy dogs back then.)One other small thing... this map seems to have been based on ES first mongol scenario(Crucible). The Creativity rating is very low, i'm afraid.

Map Design: Cliffs, more cliffs and large blank areas. The map design is... well... patethic. It's not a 1, but you should have used a random map... it would look much better.(Ex: A randomly generated Mongolian map.)
As for eye candy, the only thing i noticed was some rubble with rugs and a couple of skeletons. The stone and rocks was a good ideia, but you put a lot of stone a lot of rocks, making it horrible to look at. You really only get a 2 at map design because of the slighty well designed cities.

Story: A very well elaborated story, the strongest point of this map(4)
Instructions: Few in-game instructions, and a bitmap would also help.(2)
Meaning that: 4 + 2 : 2 = 3

Final Rating: 2.0
Below Average(2) Playability
Below Average(2) Balance
Somewhat Low(1) Creativity
Below Average(2) Map Design
Above Average(3++) Story/Instructions

Recommendations: Well... i really wouldn't recomend this map in any way... If you want to know about Roua's Tribe, then the well made story should tell you all about it.

Hints&Tips: Make a map historical acurrate, don't put stormy dogs or gunpowder units, further more put some more creative points on the map(Ex: Trigger Tricks)

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Map Design2.5
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