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BattleFest! by AdoptableMaple

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of players: 8
The *real* meat of the story is found in the offline play, where the whole scene is set. With the current situation, the scout's report and the whole history behind the dilemma. In pretty good style too! ;)

Basically, the world has been torn to pieces by battles between the competing Kingdoms and the evil that has plagued mankind with bitter grief. 100's of years later, the evil still exists, and the only way to defeat it and bring harmony to the land is to destroy all of your enemy's. Whatever it takes, on land or by sea. The sky's the limit. And, if you play well, the god's might feel like *helping* you a bit for your hard work. All that and many more surprises and hidden areas of the map are to be found by actually playing it.

The map is split into 2 pieces - one for your team and the other is for your opponent's team. There are *lots* of resources on the map to build large armies, and there are more 50+ relics on the map to be found. The sea is huge and fierce battles on the sea is expected. Though there is some initial protection for both teams, once this barrier is broken or via sea, battles can be formed easily.

Of course, the land is not alone, there are many beasts out there that will guard *their* resources from mankind, because it's their land. The evil still plagues the land, and once play commences this can be seen by observation.

In short, I hope you enjoy this map and I'd appreciate any comments/suggestions/improvments for this map!

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 2
Generally, the abundance of resources and the extent of civilizations big maps can
offer are two great benefits for everyone.However,this map happens to be giant,which raises
the difficulty a lot.I could indeed expand my civilization,build however much i wanted whenever
i wanted and collect as many resources as i wished,but i could barely attack the enemy bases,
because my army would have been slaughtered before i had made another one. Having in
mind the population limit,there's not much someone can do,hence the game can become
boring in some occasions.

Balance: 4
This map allows everyone to create the biggest army possible.It can be consisted
of strong navy of large amount of land units.Even if a player is missing,the size of it drops the chance of been defeated in less time than expected down.The very long distances can become troubling,though,as players may spend much time just trying to find each other.Moreover,players should formerly be informed about the initial positions,else they may start,for example,in a location that requires much navy while they can not afford it.Plus,some locations are farther than others from the central bonuses the game offers-this does not offer equality.

Creativity: 2
(The units you can find by exploring the map and the hero each player gains after some time
are the only interesting points of the game.There may be unlimited resources and rich fauna,but
they are not that great--they are common in each game,just being more abundant and
extended.Taking into account the size of the map as well,rating is unfortunately dropped

Map Design: 3
The map surely can not be compared to random-styled maps,but does not offer something
innovative or very eye-candy either.There is much fauna and many animals do exist.Resources
can easily catch someone's attention.However,it can become confusing or even dazzling (if
someone tries to control the game by checking the small-sized map at the corner of the screen,
they will find it too difficult to do so). Luckily,there is some terrain mixing,increasing the
beauty of the map a little.

Story/Instructions: 3
The instructions the game includes are useful for the hoster,so that they know how to
set the game settings before playing.Been visible to the others is useless.
On the other hand,the hints you have added make sense--in such a big map,how can you
win without wasting time by just sending troops for carnage?
Anyone is possible to attack either by sea or on land,hints let them be more cautious before
doing anything reckless.In addition, in spite of killing,they can retard the pace in which an
opponent advances instead of trying merely to kill their army.

Additional Comments:
Those maps are not recommended as multiplayer gaming,due to a number of hindrances.Giant
maps can be used for other purposes,like eye-candy maps or big campaigns or so on.If,
however,you are interested in making multiplayer maps,see some of the maps
others have made (especially the high-rated) and do your best.

[Edited on 10/10/11 @ 03:54 AM]

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Map Design3.0
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