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The Cave

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Ron,Mia's big brother,founds a cave.when he tells Mia she won't belive him so he takes her there....

all you've got to do is follow them and make some desicions for them.

update:i found a bug so i fixed it and updated the file.
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Official Reviewer
This scenario is quite creative, it is unlike any other scenario I have played. It is an interesting story about a young girl who finds a cave, and nags her older brother to go inside with her. Inside the cave, there are many obstacles your heroes must dodge, in order to survive the rest of the cave. You will come across a river in the cave for example and the little girl wants to swim across, but the brother says no lets go over the rocks. You must choose which path to take. Overall there are many of these options, with you the decision maker. I recommend this game for download if you enjoy puzzle sort of games, where you make the decisions. Well done Mact, please make more of these!

[Edited on 02/14/06 @ 04:17 PM]

smahlt This scenario IS very creative and fun, but it's very short and simple.

I'd love to see you take the time to make another scenario just like this, but make it longer.
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
'The Cave' is the author's sole upload, and features a very creative if not simple scenario. You follow in the footsteps of siblings Ron and Mia as they discover a secluded cave entrance in the forest one day. What follows are a series of dangers and tests which you must get them through if they are to reach safety.

PLAYABILITY: I remember playing this when it was first released, and applauded it solely for its creativity in depicting a cave as well as for its unique game play. It's essentially a "choose your own adventure" tale; you do not control anyone but must decide for the siblings on how best to proceed further into the cave. It's not a perfectly implemented mechanic by any means, but it's well thought of. Perhaps the main detraction here however is the scenario's lack of replayability or chance of death once you've explored the different options presented to you. Unless you suffer from chronic amnesia, you will know the correct option to select every time in order to avoid death on your second run. The whole scenario can also be completed in just a few minutes, but it is very unique in its execution and offers plenty of food for thought. 2+

BALANCE: This scenario gives the player a challenge to survive in a way I cannot recall seeing before. As you do not actually control Ron and Mia, you must decide for them by selecting either one depending on their preferences on how to proceed into the cave. One decision is correct while the other one leads to their deaths. The problem with this mechanic however is that once you've worked out the correct answer you'll never lose the scenario again. That being said, save often on your first play as you will likely want to see what every course of action does. 2

CREATIVITY: The best part of this scenario is undoubtedly its creativity and how it showcases the cave design. It's along the same vein as a "choose your own adventure" book, whereby competing decisions left to the player to resolve will affect the fate of the siblings. Trigger work is promising and the decision to place the characters under control of the computer is as far as I know unseen before. 3

MAP DESIGN: The map design is very simple and aesthetically underdeveloped, but it showcases the cave in a creative way, as well as the various dangers along the way. 2+

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The way the designer wove the story into the game play was about this category's only notable aspect, with much of it being very simple and borderline gimmicky. It's also very short and gives the appearance of being rushed out in a single day, but the ending provides a good laugh. I'm not sure if the author was taking the piss or was simply lost for ideas on how best to conclude the scenario. 3-

CONCLUSION: 'The Cave' is good for its creativity but not much else. It works better as a utility for creative cave designs and unique game play.

In a sentence - Creative and simple.

In closing - I recommend this download if you are in search of creative ideas to fuel your own designing.

[Edited on 03/20/17 @ 08:08 PM]

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Map Design2.0
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