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Dat edit

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
I messed around with Genied2 a bit heres what i did.

Made sea towers and seagates placeable on land (anytype)
all trees (Ecept palm) can be placed on water/shallows.
Packed trebs can hold five untis. (Hero Trebs 10)
Rubble 6x6 replaced old acadamy
Rubble 8x8 replaces old (Cant remember but its the 1st one that says old ---- on units)
Rubble 4x4 Replaces Old FISHERMAN
House and yurts are garrisonable
Sea towers are garrisonable
Outposts are garrisonalbe
TWAL is garrisonable
and if you dont have it, EVERY THING AVALIBLE.
This will probaly help senario designers.

P.s. All buildings have recovery rates.

All done with Genied2 Ev (Enhanced version)

Brithish bug FIXED

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Night life The Sea buildings on land - AWESOME. (they work on water too!)

Great work!
File Author
Did any one have proplems with the houses? Like every civ had british houses?
Night life Yeah, whenever using any civ, I got British houses.
File Author
Well i kind of fixed that (Stupid auto apply to all civs!)
Now only the feudal age stables and one type of house(That dosen't build) is british much better will be editing the submission soon.
Official Reviewer
I played a scenario starting in castle age with Aztecs and your .dat files.

Fortified Walls are British, gate middle Aztec, town centre top Aztec, lower part British, Barracks and Siege Workshop British. I cannot build a mill and no palisade walls. At the barracks, I cannot train swordsmen.

In Imperial Age, mining camps, archery range and blacksmith turn British.

Edit your submission using the update button above your description.

-Blacksmith Administrator
Free Scarler You must not have selected "Gaia" as civ when auto-applying anything to all civs! The reason is that there's a bug that prevents several objects to be created if you're Gaia (can be tested by typing 'natural wonders' on a map where there are Gaia villagers - some buttons will be missing) and if changing Gaia objects with Genied2 while "copy to all civs" is checked, also all the other civs won't have the button to create the object.

If you want to change something so that it's changed for every civ, you should select "British" or another non-gaia civ in Genied2! Also, you could change the terrain restriction for every civ manually. It would last longer to do this, but the objects would still look like their actual culture's objects.

(The creator of Genied2 should implement a function that only copies certain properties to all civs if checked!)
File Author
Got to reinstall the whole game and make all the edt AGAIN...

In reply to the post above

When you click on anything with auto apply to all civs it will change the unit graphics.
and i did not understand anything about that.

If anyonecan give me the grphic numbers for
All civs castle age house
All civs Castle age archery range
and i can correct all the mistakes

[Edited on 02/15/06 @ 07:15 PM]

Free Scarler Are you using the newest version of Genied2? I sure hope you do... because only the newest version can change graphics at all. Well, to see what the graphics originally were, simply load the unmodded dat file with Genied2, select the civ you want to see the graphics numbers for and the building you want to have the old look again. For example: If everything looks british now in your modified file, you can for example choose Koreans in the un-modified file and look for "house" or "barracks" or whatever building you want to get the old look back. Then, you write down the graphics values and transfer them to the Korean house/barracks/whatever in the modded dat file.

However, it would probably last longer than simply doing everything again without auto copy to all civs selected.

Always remember that auto copy to all civs will copy _all_ aspects of the object you modify! And all aspects means all aspects, also the look of the object or if the object has a button that creates the object (if Gaia is selected, houses, farms, villagers and several other objects will have NO buttons and thus can't be created)!

[Edited on 02/16/06 @ 03:35 AM]

File Author
I Fixed it and made moutains placealbe on water
trademark148 how do u make stuff garrisonable i tried it with genied and it didn't work.
and where do u get the latest v. of genied

[Edited on 02/23/06 @ 03:59 PM]

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