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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of scenarios: 4

MACBETH, King of Scotland

Scotland, 1039:

The kingdom was in turmoil. Rebellion raged across the land. King Duncan relied upon his two generals, Macbeth and Banquo, to quell the uprisings and maintain order in the nation. But Macbeth, having heard rumour of a prophecy, had his own plans.

Few characters have caught the popular imagination like Macbeth. Was he a conniving rogue, as Shakespeare would argue, or one of the nation's greatest kings, as some Scots nationalists have recently argued? Spanning four scenarios, the Macbeth campaign may help you decide.

Follow the career of Brother Gregory, a young Franciscan friar who witnessed the events first-hand. Experience game-play elements including

  • Over 160 custom sound files,

  • Two avis,

  • Custom bitmaps,

  • Very realistic maps,

  • Gripping gameplay,

  • Over twenty custom ais,

  • All difficulty levels supported,

  • A comprehensive history section,

  • The full text of Shakespeare's play, and

  • A total file size of less than 5MB.

Some comments from respected scenario designers who've viewed the campaign:

"It's a very enjoyable campaign. There's no doubt that this will be in the Best of the Blacksmith." Stephen_Richards, winner of the 2005 Age of Kings Heaven's "Historical Campaign Contest"

"The game was perfectly balanced for a casual player... This is simply as good as b&d gets in my humble opinion" Oliver, author of 'Lightning and Thunder, the teaser" (5.0 at the Blacksmith) and 'Teuton in Love" (4.8 at the Blacksmith)

"Good luck on your project too, it looks promising to be one of the 'greats' released this year" Mashek331, author of "The Feud Between Two Kindoms" (4.8 at the Blacksmith).

I hope you enjoy Macbeth

Cheers, Dave_Earl

Version 1.01: Non-critical update. Cheat function updated in Scenario 1 to prevent players inadvertently winning. Some grammar and spelling errors in about.html and Scenario 1 victory screen.
Version 1.10: Recommended for beginner players who are struggling on "Standard" difficulty. "Standard" difficulty made significantly easier. The computer now attacks less frequently, attacks with less troops, and builds fewer troops to defend in seige-type scenarios. Some small bugs on level three (training villagers at the barracks and a cliff graphics issue) are fixed. Some other small modifications.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
s3rjiu It's very very nice, I love the voices, but I do have a problem. I won the 2nd scenario but the third one didn't appear in the list after I saw the achievements.

I'll repost after I destroy Durham castle once more.
TheLaughingMule I've heard of this problem cropping up once in a while on Campaigns. If I remember correctly, it could be fixed by making a new player name (under options) - something about freeing up memory I believe.

If this doesn't solve your problem, come ask the folks at the AoKH Scenario Design Forum:,,0,20

Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
I don’t usually play B&D scenarios as I find them quit boring at points but when I saw this I had to Download, having just finished a piece of work about Macbeth I had to see if was anything like the Shakespearian story it certainly didn’t disappoint me. It is an extremely fun campaign and it is fantastically executed. You can play for hours without getting bored and it is also a game you can play more than once

Balance: 5
I found Macbeth quite challenging. It was quit a hard but not impossible. I struggled to complete the game on Moderate, but found it easier on Standard. The campaign suites all difficulty levels and it is still great fun no matter what difficulty level you choose.

Creativity: 5
Although Macbeth feels a lot like an ES Campaign it certainly isn’t. When playing it I felt like I was back on the ES campaign section not the Custom Campaign. However it has a much better map design and much better trigger tricks. It has waves, fun instructions, and a great story. Macbeth also has its own set of custom AIs and sounds, and it is also the first campaign I have seen which uses an AVI. Macbeth is a very creative campaign.

Map Design: 5
Macbeth’s map design is another great aspect. Even if it feels like an ES Campaign the map design is completely different. It has great uses of cliffs and elevation along with a great use of terrain mixing and eye-candy, like the waves. It also has an awesome use of GAIA objects. As for the cities and fortresses…WOW! They were so detailed I thought I was actually in them.

Story/Instructions: 5
When you play Macbeth you leave your homes and go back to the time of William Shakespeare. Although dave_earl didn’t write the story of Macbeth he certainly implemented it into the campaign extremely well. It is a great story and it makes the whole campaign go around much better. Without a story a scenario is unclear, dull, boring and doesn’t make sense. The Instructions too were a clear as crystal. I knew exactly what to do at all points and if I did get stuck all I had to do was go to the very useful and helpful Hints page for a few helpful hints.

Additional Comments:
One of the best campaigns ever! A Highly Recommended Download!

Thanks a lot!

vonstranglej For some reason, enemies never attack villagers in these custom scenario/campaigns! Don't know why. So I took a villager on the second scenario and built a small wall by the gate, the enemy of course attacked, and since they had onagers, they wiped out their own gate! I did the same with Durham Castle, and hey presto! I won.
Official Reviewer
The reason is probably because you played those files on standard difficulty, on which the enemy will not attack your villagers. You need to play on moderate difficulty or higher.
vonstranglej Ahh. I thought it was a fluke. I must therefore replay it!


For some reason I cannot survive on moderate, on the second scenario I'm just barely hanging on to my position against hundreds of soldiers when they bring in trebuchets, help.


Bug: When I attack Elvet, the game crashes.

[Edited on 09/04/10 @ 01:05 AM]

Silencer150 A well-designed campaign, but I have a couple of problems.

First, there's the use of objects that resemble resources but aren't resources, like the decorative rocks and shrubs. In order to tell which is which, I have to click on each one, otherwise I waste resources building a drop zone. If it weren't for this fact, they would be a nice aesthetic touch to the map design. However it's screwed me up a few times already.

Second, the Loch Watten scenario drops a bridge on me every single time. I tried to liberate Shebster first, since they don't have as many defenses, but that gave Westfield time to build up and they wiped out my starting units. Then I tried to liberate Westfield first, but as I was luring out defenders, Macbeth's Army (the one that destroys your ally) wandered along the path and swatted my guys like flies. The last thing I tried was liberating Westfield by sneaking in from the east, which worked, but by the time I reached Shebster, all three enemy armies had swarmed my new base and destroyed the town center. So I restarted and tried liberating the towns faster, building walls and towers, rushing the exposed enemies, etc. but the results were similar.

Yes, I'm playing on hard, but I'm not normally one to complain about difficulty. I already beat the "Ottoman Onslaught" campaign on hard. I keep thinking I'm doing something wrong or missing a special trick to this scenario. Any advice?
Official Reviewer
Macbeth was very challenging, even on moderate. I would really suggest playing on a lower difficulty; I think hard for this game would be pushing it.
Silencer150 I actually just beat "Loch Watten" on hard.

I attacked Westfield first, approaching from the east to avoid the towers. Didn't lose a single unit. When Macbeth's massive army came through, I told everyone to stand ground and they didn't bother me, and I was even able to convert a cavalier. Then while I advanced on Shebster, I pulled the villagers back to tasks closer to the town center.

The first thing I did after claiming Shebster was have the cavalier escort some builders to Halkirk's north gate. While he distracted the towers, I built my own gate to block it, then ran like hell. Instead of attacking it, Halkirk sent everyone around the long way, so now all three enemies were approaching from the same direction.

This let me use the north base as my economic site, and the east base as the response base to absorb the constant siege attempts. The one advantage you get in this scenario is your enemies are limited to Castle Age and never upgrade their units, so the most you'll see are knights, woad raiders, and rams. So I blockaded the forest paths and built a wall that funneled enemies along the shore. When I hit Castle Age, I put a castle right there to both shoot Watten's ship raids and take the strain off the town center. Additional town centers went between the mines in the north, hidden in the middle of the forest, and between the mines in the east I hadn't touched yet.

All three enemies have villagers working right out in the open, so they were easy to rush. By Imperial Age, I was able to mass paladins and elite woad raiders, and wiped them all out easily. Except the castle that Watten has on that island.

The biggest nuisance is the frequency of the attacks early on. My eastern base almost never got any work done because I had to keep the villagers garrisoned, or repairing things. Still, the limitation imposed on your enemies shows a sense of gameplay balance, so credit where credit is due.


Just beat Dunsinnanne. Probably the easiest scenario of them all, however I do have a glitch to report. At one point, around the 2 hour mark, my ally Scone started sending additional ships to attack Tibbermore. However, I had already demolished the purple base and destroyed their entire fleet, so Scone had nobody to attack. This meant the ships got stuck at the harbor, perpetually running into each other, and Scone kept telling me, "Ships have left my harbor," every 2 seconds. It was extremely annoying and drowned out the normal alerts.

The only way I was able to stop it, without using the "torpedo" cheat or changing diplomacy, was to have an onager attack underneath the stuck ships to destroy them. This got rid of the messages and I was able to finish the rest of the scenario in peace.

[Edited on 01/05/11 @ 05:09 AM]

Zakuzelo The first two scenarios were pretty good. Mcdowland rebuilding absolutely anything you destroy and NEEDING to be taken out all at once was pretty annoying, and the second scenario's vast tracts of nothing and giant fortress getting wrecked by one well-place castle was anti-climactic, but I enjoyed them still. It's the last two missions where I really run into problems.

When I first played the third level, it seemed bluntly impossible. After taking the first village, I was IMMEDIATELY attacked by three different armies bigger and higher-tech than my own. I died. The second time I tried taking the other village, and lived a little longer, but how weak you are at the start meant I could never get much further than that. The third time went the best; I took the first, towered village, allied myself with Macbeth so his army would blithely march through my base without the towers pissing them off, let the west towers handle the other village's attack while my Woads and town center fought of the cyan guys, sent my Woads and converted knight to take the other, now-emptied village, got a new objective involving trebuchets, AND THEN...!
Age of Kings crashed. Repeat playthroughs did the same.

I've got a lot less to say about the fourth scenario. Almost immediately after getting control of my troops, every single Reaver on the map high-tailed it for my position, and did so again on all repeat attempts. I think you can imagine how that turned out.

The campaign seems good when it works but, but...I'm really not sure what to make of this. Did I install it improperly and screw up some AIs, or is the second half of the campaign just THAT hard? And what was with the crashing?

[Edited on 06/21/12 @ 09:31 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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