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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of scenarios: 3
Jihad is about the wars of Mohammed. I tried to be as accurate as possible. The three scenarios are:

1. Mohammed's rise in Arabia.

2.His successor's war agaisnt the Byzantine and Sassanid Empires.

3. Muslim expansion into North Africa and Spain. Includes the battle of Poitiers.

I had a great time making it and it is good quality. My personal fav is the last level. Download and have fuN!
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Map Design5.0
This campaign has a historical setting with to much accuracy about the story. To everyone that like that kind of campaign this one is a good one.
Note: I’m not an English speaker so I try my best to present my ideas.

Playability: 4
As I said before is you like historical campaign you will like this one so was very fun to played it. The first scenario was the best one because you should do your best if you want to finish because you start with just one character. The second one is regular because you have to many fortifications and the amount of enemy troops attacking you in some point starting to drop off, may be that happen because I played in standard. About the last scenario, I think that is better than the second one because you have more difficulty thank to the terrain feature for example is you want to defeat the Byzantine Empire you should try a amphibious attack.

Balance: 4
The balance was good in the first and last scenarios with a good resistance and with different types of terrains. The problem with the second one is that in one point you are playing in the same kind of game, just trying to destroy all the fortification without any other motivation. To fix that, I think that you should put some triggers that make extra troops around the fortress to protect them when I attacking, also other objective would be good to fix the problem. Other suggestion about the defense of the fortress is do the same that you did to protect the monastery in one of the Berbers tribes where you have a group of troops into defensive position and they could not move out of it.

Creativity: 5
The creativity is very important to make a historical campaign because you should try to following the real event and that is very difficult because some time a historical person could be see as a bad character in other as a good one, also that depend from the point of view that you have about any historical fact. Other problems is that you cannot see the history as a movie so the interaction between the people in the story was lost to just a good one and the bad one. I think that you present a excellent view about what happen and give to us the opportunity to change some minimal event (I destroyed the Lombard, the Franks Kingdom and I conquest Bizancio before time) that did not happen but could was happen, so think: What happen if…

Map Design: 5
The map was very accurate and the terrain feature was wonderful. I think that a historical campaign without a real feature map is not a suitable historical campaign. This one, I think, give to you hard time to make it because you should try to present a realistic map and that was hard to do. So, How much time did you use to make the map?

Story/Instructions: 3
The story was good but the instruction could be better and more; also, I expect some historical fact in the history section and the objectives more individually (the second scenario was just one objective but in that one you should destroy 9 castle of 2 different civilization, I think you should divide that objective in two. Other thing that I expected was something in the scout section, so if anyone don’t know something about history he will be lost. I know that is very hard to write but I think that in a historical campaign was very necessary.

Additional Comments:
Overall the campaign is very good, no to hard no to easy, and the most important is the accurate in historical fact.

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Map Design5.0
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Size:185.38 KB