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Battle of The Empires III

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
The year is 1797,

The world has been caught up in a crusade for glory. Ancient as well as new Empires have waged bloody wars against each other. ---Now it has come time for you to prove your Empire\'s worth to the world.

--Battle against nations such as Saudi Arabia, India, Persia, and Sri Lanka.---

This is the 3rd part of the series BOE. Stay tuned for parts 4 and 5. E-mail any suggestions or questions to

I would greatly appreciate any comments or reviews

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Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
“Battle of The Empires III” is a campaign based around events, which took place after Omar 1797. For those that are ill informed this is when the Saudi Arabians attacked Felixia.

Playability: The playability of Battle of the Empires III is reasonable. You are given a small island and have to conquer different civilisations including your hated enemy the Saudi Arabians. It wasn’t too hard throughout the campaign because the computer lacks Ai to make it more of a challenge. The Saudi Arabians are the hardest to destroy and prove the hardest challenge in this campaign.

Balance: The balance of this campaign was on the whole average, by the time you have destroyed all enemies you aren’t left with many troops even after creating a lot more. The computer could do with more ships as you have many ships with which you can overwhelm small islands such as Sri Lanka. A stronger Ai could make this more of a challenge.

Creativity: The creativity of this campaign is fair. It has a few interesting features such as a sheep pen in Saudi Arabia despite this seeming a little odd. It also includes Mosques and other buildings. To improve the creativity perhaps you could include optional objectives, perhaps rescuing captured men.

Map Design: The map design of this campaign was good, all the countries were in the right places and the map was beautiful to look at. The author could improve on his map design by spread the fish out more on his map, some areas had a lot of fish whereas the oceans had very little. Try adding more elevations on your map to make for both tactical decisions and to make areas more interesting.

Story/Instructions: The story section is good, telling you as to why you are fighting. After having lost men at Omar 1797 you have to fight for your country so to speak. The history section of this campaign is very weak, but the instructions section more than makes up for this. The hints are weak unfortunately, which is a shame. The bitmap is good and helps keep the story/instructions section above average. In game you could do with more instructions and references to the story to further improve the story.

Overall: A fair scenario, nothing that particularly is above average, the in game campaign isn’t as good as the opening screen which is unfortunate as if the author spent a long time making a good opening screen it should have been progressed more into the campaign to make it a stronger campaign overall.
Tiago Marcelo
Map Design4.0
Battle of the Empires III is a one-scenario campaign which takes place on the Indian Ocean, between the 2 Kingdoms of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of India, along with others such as the Persian Empire and your island of Felixia.

Playability: I have to be honest... unlike BoE II, the playability on BoE III is a little bit dull(just a little bit.)This is probably due to the fact of not there being lots and lots of enemies. Overall, the fun factor is average, and you make many alliances with other kingdoms. The game takes a long time to complete, and many sieges must be made in order to suceed in defeating all the other enemies. A good way to improve this rating a lot is to include one or more AI's. The lack of an AI seriosly affects not only Playability, but the overall balance as well.

Balance: Balance was very good, it was not easy to defeat the enemy, and altough you had lots of units at the start of the map, so did they! Since the enemies fight with themselves, the player is provided an opportunity to strike, and confusion run amok. Changing the difficulty will seriosly affect gameplay, and on hardest setting, it really will be hard! In my oppinion, balance would be perfect if you would include an AI. There are many useful items on the blacksmith which you can pick.

Creativity: There are no trigger tricks on this map, but with Bosniak, that doesn't surpise me. There are, altough, lots of creative points on the map(my personal favorite - Indian docks, well made). The creativity rating is worth of a 3, but this rating could be raised by including some trigger tricks.

Map Design: Map design was above average, but had some negative aspects... There were large blank areas, especially on Saudi Arabia, altough i won't take points for that because that's how arabia is like. The big cities are very well made, and alone are worth of a 5, altough small.

Story: A well made story, based around events. A 4.
Instructions: Very few instructions and almost no in-game instructions, though those few instructions are clear. A 2.
Therefore: 4 + 2 : 2 = 3

Final Rating: 3.4
Average(3) Playability
Above Average(4) Balance
Average(3) Creativity
Somewhat Above Average(4-) Map Design
Average(3) Story/Instructions

Recommendations: Provides a good challange, depending on the difficulty the player chooses, and overall, a mediocre campaign.

Hints&Tips: An AI! It is clear that an AI or more would help a lot, there are many AI's at the blacksmith which you could use, furthermore, try to use a little more triggers, especially on Instructions.

Best of Luck on BoE IV and BoE V
Tiago Marcelo

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Map Design4.0
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