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Erik's journey (best-version)

Author File Description
the tukker
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 2
I\'ve already make such cpn but this one is better.

Please download it and review it,

The Tukker
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The Kestrel
Map Design4.0
Okay, firstly, the origonal of this campagin had a lot of false reviews on it. If you see any high stuff, it is just the deginser of maybe one of his friends making this look good. The only improvements on this are you have 10 more food, 20 more HP, and 1 more attack. The map has also had gaia units added to it.

You die after about 3 minuites. This is because you run out of food, but that's anyone's guess (I know from reading one of the old 5.0's given by the degisner). Totally impossible.

There are way to many enemies and a "great weapon" raises your attack by 2. Again, totally impossible.

This is a common RPG with almost no story. I give it a two because of the cutscene and because of negotiating with merchants (I looked at the triggers and it's in there).

There are a few notable errors, such as a pice of bridge used in the wrong way and everyone being in the dark age.

There is a little of a story, but the insturctions are pretty much non-existant, so I think a 2 is a fair score.

~Above average map

- Points
~No instructions
~little story

This could be decent if it were tested and the balace were worked out. It has about 280 triggers and you only see 15 of them in action.

Map Design4.0
I only downloaded this because I got stuck on my campaign (Viper's Vengeance). If I had something else to do I wouldn't have downloaded this, but who cares!?

Balance -1: Oh dear. I should have put a -1, but I can't... :-( The sorts of enemies you fight gets very boring, only wolves, militia and berserks. And there were so many of them, and so few monks, that the triggers should give them each 30 less HP :o{ Your heroes strength is far too weak, Tony only has the strength of 2 samurai, and the user should have noted that infantry do 2x damage to (WEAK) huskarl. Oh yeah, then there's the food system. Firstly, I don't see why Erik should be eating food while he's sleeping, plus the food goes too quickly. What I found was, after the dream I had 5 food left and there was no market in sight. Just as I saw the samurai bloke, I lost from lack of food. The user should have given you about 30-55 more food to satisfy this, or decrease the amount of food you lose.

Map Design 4: The map looks pretty good, there was plenty of eyecandy to look at, but you have no time to look at any of the eye candy because of the food consumption. The only errors I could see was a weird bridge (bridge top was reversed) and every civ was in the dark age (Vikings were only around in the feudal and castle age).

Creativity 2: Nothing new here. The enemy types were pretty obvious. All I can see is good, is the Negotiation System (except a bug with the camel one made the price go higher on first bid instead of lower). The food consumtion is old and it is more for balance than creativity (see above).

Story / Instructions 1: uhhhhh, what instructions? At the start, all you are told to do is "Defeat the Viking Boss so the Vikings will retreat to Norway." You could think of a better name than Viking Boss, plus at the start you cannot get to him, you are not told where to go at the start, so you have to presume "Follow Road, Watch Sh*t, Go To Dead Nameless Town, Get Sword Which Increases Attack By Zero, Do Nothing Else." Oh, the story, the idea of avenging some one's death has been overused in overtowering number of scenarios and campaigns.

Playibility 1: I have nothing to say, really. It's not fun to simply follow a road with nothing to do, killing everyone in your sight. It's also not fun to have Food Consumption, because most players want to go along at their own pace rather than have "time limits".

Overall score: 1.8 (should be 1.6 because of -1 balance)

+ points:
Negotiation system
Map design

- points:
Everyone in Dark Age!!!
Story is old
No instructions
Nothing fun to do

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Map Design4.0
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