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Killer v1.7.7

Author File Description
Toha Gage
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Strong enough to beat older ais but not sure about the ais these days
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Official Reviewer
EDIT 05/29/06

Thank you for using the update button for version 1.7.6. :)

I removed your last two new submissions of v1.7.5.

-Blacksmith Administrator

[Edited on 05/29/06 @ 09:52 AM]

Skull i guess the main question is, how does it behave on HARD-difficulty ?

Kosmos was intended to play on HARD -

so i suggest be a man and face him on his Home-settings - or die as a stupid lamer -

i guess nobody gives a shit if you defest whatever AI not using the settings it was intended to play.

so i will test this AI on HARD (no cheating by default) difficulty versus Kosmos -

and then we will see -

btw, should this ai cheat with resources by default, don`t exscect a better rating than 1.0 from me.

i saw an ai that lose bad on HARD difficulty.

It is obvious that the AI really needs the in-build cheating on HARDEST, it cannot play without.

i suggest though to try to make an AI for HARD-Diffculty, even if it is harder than you might think ;)

it wasn`t me who started to praise this AI be able to beat this or that ai - on equal footage and playing the setting the "enemy" ai was intended for, this AI will lose.

so be a man and join "hard" or keep making hardest-only to avoid fair competition -

beside that it looked that i may have some potancial if some more work is put in it.

Keep it and join "hard".
Toha Gage
File Author
Thanks Ill try make one for hard difficulty
Skull yeeees !!!!!

That would be cool - and don`t foret to join

there they make lots of Tournaments
(mainly (or all) for HARD Difficulty)

like i said, your AI works good, and i would love to see it work on HARD and Battle other AI,

which is not possible atm -

remember for play vs Human you can still alsways prepare HARDEST Mode

[Edited on 04/04/06 @ 07:39 PM]

lycon_of_nightfa Ahhh... so this is toha gage, I just saw you at aiscripters. You need to look back at your post. Now I see why you joined. For some help you should take a look at the pinned articles there and start asking questions specificlly otherwise it is hard to help you. Try first off by having better goals and different settings for stuff like researching certain stuff otherwise stuff may go wrong on the battlefield. Like skull said, I see some potential also.Try looking at other ais for inspiration, like kosmos and try to understand it.
tushar I downloaded it thinking it being a good AI but afterall I knew that its nothing but skeleton AI made by a child. Rightnow I'm in Xth standard and at HARDEST my AI easily defeated yours. This means I'm better scripter, although I took some ideas from many excellent AI or say just copied them but I worked hard and tested mine AI to reduce its flaws. Today I'm a proud scripter who used his mind to make some awsome ideas and trying it on others.

I'll only say your AI needs a lot improvement as mine needs but you'll always be 1 foot behind me. Its a challange.

My AI is Macrocosm, play deathmatch, land map and delete cheating if oyu don't like.

The archive contains four AIs, use Macrocosm II. The IInd option is Macrocosm IV.

Download mine AI from AOK heaven and I'll always be waiting for your suggestions.
Visual_Basic lol - i think this AI is not made for death match, as it is mentioned that it is tested against Kosmos. And Kosmos is written for standard-arabia games (1vs1 or 2vs2 and things like that, with dark-age-start, low-resrouces,...).

I already tested Macrocosm II (i cut out cheats myself) on those settings (arabia, standard-game, standard-resources, dark-age-start) - and it was quite bad ;). You see? Testing an AI on wrong settings won't get you far ...
Ai_user_101 Agree with visual_basic
Toha Gage
File Author

[Edited on 08/19/17 @ 03:43 PM]

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