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making my own rpg

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
so far it is in early stages and if it will ever be finished i dont know but i will keep at it.

Story line: You have been captured for killing a "king", you friend found you and saved you from certian death, he has transported you to another island where no one should find you.

If there are any bugs so far plz tell me by repling to this and i will try to fix them.

---= I have updated it a bit more =---
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Map Design3.0
Hey this is Terry from the former Era Productions doing a review to repay all those great reviewers who have reviewed my works in the past. Now onto the actual review.

I'm aware this scenario is in development but from my own experiences i always wished that a reviewer would review my works while in production. There is nothing better then sniping problems early instead of later in the project. I can relate to a new designer trying to begin designing. Anyways enough about why i'm reviewing now what is it that i'm reviewing? "Making my own rpg" as it's calleds is the beginning of a scenario. By beginning i mean very, very beginning. Which don't get me wrong isn't that bad of a thing.

Playability: 2
Triggers work fairly well. The scenario is playable to an extent but there's not enough "play" to really get the full marks here. I have taken into account it's unfinishedness. It's a start. Heck my first scenario had no triggers with no plot, balance or anything. Mind you i was a total n00b... g00d 4 teh 2.

Balance: 2
Let's imagine a balance scale for a moment. On one side there's the enemy units, roughly 20 times as much as the allied units. On the other side there is a lone blue unit. The one blue hero cannot survive against the large force that is the red's. Once again i've accounted for unfinishedness. Still a very good start.

Creativity: 2
Rpg's have been around as long as aokh has been on this fine internet of ours. While that does not make the mark 2 it does make it harder for the designer to pull originality points. There are some unique concepts (like secrets) and once again it is a decent start.

Map Design: 3
The map is a lightly modded random map. Here's where i'll give some suggestions. Random maps are all fine and good. But they will not get you more then a 3. The gaia set of units in the scenario editor has many nice looking objects which you can put on your map. Wether it's mountains or flowers it's just something different to look at then just trees, grass, and dirt. As for beginning with a random map, some designers feel that designers should build maps from scratch. Other's feel that random maps are a great base for maps. Me i like to stay neutral . It's the designers choice if they want to begin with a random map or not. Anyways play with the gaia units and see how they can beautify your scenario.

Story/Instructions: 2
The story needs a little work ( when i mean a little, i mean a lot) The scenario's just beginning productin, which i understand. But your better off getting the story good before you start really working on the scenario. This is one thing you gotta snipe from the start. Without the story the scenario will never reach it's fullest potential. You have an idea (which is good) but expand the idea. Work storyline into in game dialog maybe add some twists instead of just raw fighting? Some of the best scenarios out there right now have no fighting whatsoever. Something to strive for?

Additional Comments:
I think this scenario is a beginning. Like all beginnings it has it rough parts. But with some dedication, forum posting and thought this scenario can be a very good scenario. I'd suggest a new title and some storyline reworking. As for now this scenario is only worth downloading if your going to help this designer playtest his scenario. Keep at it Massivego!

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Map Design3.0
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