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In the Land of Dorar

Author File Description
Chancellor Erik
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 1
Hey everybody. This is my first post and first submission to AoK Heaven.

This is my work in progress RPG "In the Land of Droar". It contains over 250 triggers, 8 quests, two minigames, and a s*&t load of bonus stuff in-game. The file you are downloading contains the scenario (Which I have placed in a campaign for now, upon final release I may let it go as a single player scenario), the Immoble Units AI Gold AI, and the required sound files. Enjoy playing it, even if it isn't fully finished yet.

Features not currently finished:
Relic mini game (You can recover 7 relics so far)
Villager talking (Not in the last city yet)

I'll update this once the game is completely done. And if you'd really like, I could make it availible in scenario format so you can check out all the cool triggers...I'll have to think about revealing all my secrets ;)

Ciao for now,
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Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
It was hard to understand what to do sometimes, like when Vyith wants you to go to Mak'amat for wood. But mostly it wasn't. But I think Erik is to weak. You could add about 50 HP or something so he can take part in more fights.
This RPG is pretty good, but I think there is to few instructions in the game. There is a lot in the scouts, but only about the quests.

Balance: 4
The duells where pretty realistic. Like fighting the 2 first Highwaymen guards on the river/shallows. But I still think Erik is to weak. Not a big problem although. I think the cities are very nice and its good that you can buy weapons and armors and stuff. How do you do to make it possible to answer with taunts to close shops or buy things? I'm checking the scenario of your campaign out right now to find out. It could proove very usefull to me.

Creativity: 3
The nature is well designed in most places. I like the buy weapons and loan horses with taunts things. And one of the best things is the names to all cities and the Amitca desert. They're very cool. And about names, its not very good that Erik is called man-at-arms, longswordsman and so on, but I know its impossible if not using Berserker Jerkers invisible tile. But that is very hard work to, so its better to do as you did.

Map Design: 3
This is a weaker part. The least detailed place on the map is the Amitca desert. Its only desert with a few elevations. This could be improved, like adding more elevations and mixing the desert with dirt 1.
In the whole, I think there are very few elevations on the map. But the nature is very well designed. Maybe a little more other terraintypes in the cities, but not much more.

Story/Instructions: 3
The book in the history part is very usefull, and the scouts is absolutely neccesary. These parts are strong with a lot of text and facts. The weaker parts is the in-game instructions. To few I think. And it would be better if you had to be close to a unit to talk to it. Not extremly important, but more realistic if it was like that.
But one thing I haven't understood yet. (am I very stupid or have I just missed some text?) Why does Erik go out for this journey? Adventure? Fame? Honor? Money? For his country?
Please tell me

Additional Comments:
I really like the names of cities and villages. They're just cool, like you where in a fantasyworld. (But thats the idea, right?) These are the summary positive and negative stuff:

+ cool names
+ lot of scouts and history
+ buying weapons and armor and loaning horses
+ realistic duells

- to few nature details in some places
- to few in-game isntructions
- Erik is mabe to weak
- irritating sidequest: a lot of walking from Vyith, through the tunnel, back to Vyith, to Mak'amat, back to Vyith and so on, and no talk on the way. Almost.

Summary: An RPG game. Its good, but has a few things that can be updated. Good story and names. Really like a fantasybook.

/Lord Basse

[Edited on 04/14/06 @ 03:55 AM]

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Map Design3.0
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