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The Story of Basse - Demo version

Author File Description
Lord Basse
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 1
Basse that has been building his yurt for all to long, he thinks, tries to sell it. An old fisherman in the town of Woodenburg buys it and Basse goes away to give him the paperwork that sais he owns it. But on the way, he meets several strange people and bandits...

This demo version contains only a small part of the full scenario. After you have gathered your army, this version ends and you'll have to whait for the next version.

In the full version you'll meet much greater challenges and powerfull enemies.
This is only a teaser. If someone really like it, I will put out the full version of the campaign also.

Please give me comments, tips and questions! I really need it if I'm going to become a better scenario designer!

/Lord Basse

--Updated (28-03-06)--
Anyone out there that has downloaded my file? What do you think of it? Please, give me a result! Give me stars! I love stars! Hehe...

--Updated (02-04-06)--
OK, If you don't give me any comments I don't know what you think of my scenario. Well, whatever you think, I will make the full version and put it out on this page! So you who didn't like this campaign... HAHA!!

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Jas the Mace1 I liked your RPG style set up...Maybe make the side quests longer and more adventuresome...definately more enemies...clicking the fence to get into Rich quarters didn't work...had to change them to 'neutral' to get through...wasn't able to do anything with the Siege engineer or scorpion...unable to end game...I'm looking forward to your full version when it's done, looks like you can make a good game :~)

P.S. Click on my profile and check out my game

Jas the Mace1
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Oh... I didn't think there where so many bugs!
Well. I can tell you this, as an answer to some of them:

- to get into the rich quarters, you have to stand just in front of the fence, or the trees around and then click the fence (did you do this? If it didn't work, I'll change that to the full version)

- there aren't many enemies in the beginning, but you can still be killed. Its hard, but if you find the Black Market, the guards there will kill you. (this is only an extra, outside game thing)

- the siege engineer and his scorpion is used for the full version. You'll get more use for them then.

- to win, you have to get the engineer, his scorpion, Sieur de metz & Bertrand, Gawain, Sortin, The Loner and the tired soldier.
(I found out later that its impossible to get the tired soldier. I forgot to insert a Change Ownership effect! Thats already upgraded, in the full version I'm working on now.)

Thanks for sharing your ideas with me!
I'll upload my full version as soon as possible.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
The Story of Lord Basse is a RPG and FF, dealing with a young man in search of adventure after selling his home to an old fisherman from Woodenberg.

Playability: (3.0)

I enjoyed this game. It had a good atmosphere, an interesting, albeit simple story, and there were plenty of sidequests to follow onto. If only I would recommend adding some more detail into them so that most of them wouldn’t seem like they were rushed. I enjoyed the slangy and modern dialogue, and just the playability overall. However I encountered many game-play damaging bugs. You can read more on this in Suggestions below.

Balance: (4.0)

The balance was good, if not a little bugged in regards to the archers who, although enemies, would not attack me. But, however, this can be fixed by changing the difficulty to moderate which the author does not notify us to do. The units I was able to fight after that were fairly easy to kill, but even later on, depending if you let the carriage be destroyed, the battle with the Bandit leader was hard, making for some quick thinking tactics.

Creativity: (4.0) +

Creativity was good. I enjoyed the sidequests, and the ability to talk to the units found around the map. I enjoyed having the option to help people, or namely, watch the carriage be blown up, or save the people inside it. This really involved the player, adding to good playability value and was fun to do. In conclusion, things like the plenty of renamed units, great and involving sidequests, nicely detailed forests and towns, a story, some good use of sounds and namely the witty dialogue added to creativity.

Map Design: (4.0)

Map design was very pleasing. I particularly enjoyed the forest in which you started in, which was dark, the forest floor blanketed in leaves and trees individually placed making for a realistic looking forest. I enjoyed the idea of the ‘white road’ which acted as the highway. There were jungle trees used to convey hedges placed alongside the roadside, and some nice structured townships bringing this category to a well-earned rating.

Story/ Instructions: (3.0)

The story in the ‘instructions’ menu briefly describes the profile of our hero, Basse, when he was born, and when the story of Lord Basse begins. It details the reason for the story arising, and what it is going to lead up to. Overall, it was informative and quick to read, but it was too short for my standard, a bit messy and there was quite a few grammatical mistakes. The dialogue was quite humourous however, and I enjoyed the pinch of modern speech, but lacked fullstops and other grammatical corrections. The in game story was quite good, but would benefit with more detail and fluency.


A serious playability degrade is the fact that none of your players have an AI to stop them from walking around. I would suggest here using an Immobile AI or something that disallows the computer soldiers from moving, and allows the villagers to keep working. Without this AI, the units presented in the map will group and begin marching around and attacking one another, making the completion of gameplay almost, if not impossible. I actually had to open up the scenario using ‘Campaign Manager’ and put the respective AI in. There is also the problem with ‘Sir Sortin’, the champion. Everytime you select him it activates the same trigger about going to war, but also an objective. The trigger is obviously a ‘select object trigger’ loop. Make sure you turn this off after its first turn.

In one of the side quests however, when you had to take the monk back to the other monk, you spelt medicine like medecin. Just be careful with your spelling. A problem with this sidequest, however, was the fact that the monk’s requested location was too close at hand. You should make the journey much more longer so that the player has to sort of struggle and go through his way to get the monk to his requested location. Also, the archer bandits who were lined up to destroy the carriage on the ‘white road’ did not seem to attack me when they were enemy to me. This is a difficulty effected bug, be sure to notify player's what difficulty to play the game under.

Some suggestions regarding 'Story/ Instructions' would be to primarily take a more formal approach with your writing. Use the word ‘two’ instead of 2, and make it more presentable. For instance, I would suggest not using words entirely highlighted in caps, such as the word, ‘THIS’. It makes the writing look unprofessional and sloppy. Also, try to drag your story on a bit longer too. Don’t rush it, take your time. Describe where Basse lives, if it’s in a forest, by a mountainside? Whatever. About the spelling mistakes and grammar, if you cannot check it yourself, get someone else to. Maybe a friend who is more skilled with English, or even a playtester will help you here.

In a word - Promising.

In closing - Give it a go.


[Edited on 11/05/06 @ 09:10 AM]

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks a lot Mashek for your review!

The answer to why no player had any AI, was that I didn't know about Immobile Units AI then, and used triggers instead. However, the Advanced Immobile Units AI will come with the full version, and will be used to all players.

The Sortin problem will be fixed in the full version too.

I had problems with the archers too, but still didn't fix them. They will be fixed for the full version, along with other bugs.

The ability to choose what to do, and how to do it, is one of the major themes in the campaign. Some decisions will form the entire game! Others like the Old Man quest, will only give an extra reward. Having some heroes will give access to other sidequests and etc. etc.

The Storyline will also be upgarded for the full version. The reason to why I didn't write all too much, was that its just a demo. More info and story will come in the full version

And I'll try not to rush through it all, that would spoil all the fun.
My english is not the best too, but thats cause I'm only thirteen, and we haven't learned that much of common english in school yet.
And when talking about learning english, Age of Kings was the reason to why I ever started to learn english! I was 6-7 years old when I started playing it, and didn't understand a thing of what people said. I had to ask my mother all the time, but that helped me to learn earlier than many in my class.

Enough of my personal history, once again Thanks a lot for the review Mashek!
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
PIm played this scenario and had to review it. I found it very enjoyable but did find a few bugs in it.

Playability: 4
The Story of Basse is a bit like Lord Basse’s “autobiography”: AOK Style! It is a really enjoyable scenario which has a fun story, includes some good humour and some very enjoyable missions. Unfortunately it was spoilt a bit by a few bugs and quite a few spelling mistakes in the grammar.

Balance: 3
The Game was a bit bugged. The Bandits who were meant to attack me just walked around and let me kill them. They didn’t even fight back. The rest of the game was either really easy or really hard.

Creativity: 3
Never before have I seen a scenario which is about the author. It is a very unique idea. The thought of making a sort of AOK “Autobiography” is very clever an ingenious. The game itself has a very good story and a pretty map design. It has some very fun side-quests which a very fun to play. Unfortunately I didn’t really find anything very new or anything which made me go “WOW!” Also I found that there were a few
bugs in it. Not all of the triggers worked.

Map Design: 4
A very pretty Map Design. The Story of Basse is set in a beautifully made forest. It is all spaced out and gives room for a lot of exploration. The map had a nicely designed village and used some good GAIA objects and cliffs. However It would be much better if a little more terrain mixing was used. Apart from that a great design.

Story/ Instructions: 3
The Story of Basse is a very enjoyable tale of adventure. It is very fun and keeps the game going. It boosts the playability and is full of humour. The Instructions are good and clear but don’t always tell you what to do. Sometimes I was sitting there trying to think of what to do next before finally deciding to find it myself. There is a Hints page but it doesn’t give too much help. It does give us some good tips though. The dialog also was full of spelling mistake but I will not deduct too many points for that because I know that the author isn’t English.

Additional Comments:
A good scenario. Very fun and a recommended download.

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks for the review Possidon. :)

It's not much of an autobiography though, it's just a scenario with me as the main character, in a completely fictional setting.
RladalFatih The first submission of Lord Basse. It is encouraging to see how much a designer can improve his art with time and, certainly, a lot of work.

But I was looking at your profile, and I may ask you, Lord Basse: how did you submit 32 files, including 20 single player and cinematic scenarios in less than six years? And, more important, why ES never ask you to work for them?
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
There are many reasons, but primarily because I've always had too much spare time to spend, and because I work rather fast once I get into a project. Plus a lot of the files I've submitted are minigames, short cut-scenes or otherwise small scenarios; the few huge projects I've started have either never been finished (ADOC) or taken years to get done (Gwyndlegard).

As for ES not hiring me, well, could be because they don't exist anymore. :P

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Map Design4.0
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