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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Lakota Noon - The Battle of Little Big Horn (Updated)

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Lakota Noon - The Battle of Little Big Horn (Updated)

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Mix
On June 25th 1876. the most famous battle in the history of so called Indian wars took place on the valleys, bluffs and the ravines of the Little Big Horn (today: Little Bighorn) river in Montana when 650 troopers of the 7th US Cavalry Regiment clashed with the united warriors of the Plains Indians - the Lakota (Sioux), the Northern Cheyenne, and the Arapahos. The outcome is well known - the cavalry regiment was halved, also losing its commander, Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer.

Today, 130 years since, the event still captures the imagination of the people. They still visit the site of battle, historians and archaeologists excavate it, debate the actions of Custer and his officers, and praise the military skill and determination of the Indian chiefs and braves. So many theories and legends have been developed about the last few hours in the lives of Custer and his men that even the known facts start to appear controversial...

In this game you start the moment Custer divides his command into three columns, the first led by Major Reno, the second by himself, and the third, followed by the supplies unit (mule pack) by Captain Benteen. That's the historical (though a little simplified) order of the battle.

Left to themselves, the units will more or less repeat the events of the June 25th 1876. up to the moment of Custer command's defeat.

Feel free to intervene at any moment to see if you could turn the tide of history.

Play and have fun. Please report bugs, if any occur. I would also appreciate comments.
Scenario updated 05/05/06 - fixed a bug, nothing much, but improves the balance of the game.
Yet another update 06/19/06 - added few minor changes.
Updated 07/17/06 - added a trigger or two.
Updated 12/13/06 - again nothing much.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
legy1 Great scenario...but are we supposed to lose?

[Edited on 03/25/06 @ 04:36 PM]

File Author
Hell, no - but you're sure in for a good fight. :)

Here are some hints:

At any time you can choose not to follow the historical order of the battle. Please, experiment, find your own way out of the mess Custer led you into.

By all means you should use up the supplies unit (mule pack).

If on the defensive, fortify (build palisades) and convert the mounted units into skirmishers - they can fire more accurately and are harder to hit. That especially goes for Reno and Benteen: if you allow them not to follow after Custer, their units should barricade quickly to prevent being overrun by the Sioux. If you need more hands, convert the soldiers into workers and back. If besieged, keep good watch, for the attack can come from all sides, and the Indians are very good in combining long distance arrow shots with sudden bursts of infantry. Use every break for the "Sick Bay" option - turn the badly wounded soldiers to workers and back to soldiers to "heal" their wounds. One more "technical" hint - when you change your units into something else, task them in twos and threes at most, for the triggers are sometimes slow, and you can lose some units in transition.

If on the offensive, one way of winning is to attack the civilians (teepees) mercilessly.

You can also try to stay unseen for as long as you can.

Normally, it should take you no more than an hour to win (that's the time Gen. Terry arrives with the reinforcements).

You may find a recorded game with the fairly accurate historical outcome (Custer and his batallion destroyed, Reno and Benteen survive the siege on the bluffs) on .

[Edited on 04/06/06 @ 07:36 AM]

Jas the Mace1 I must say...I haven't even finished yet but it's not very enjoyable...You get this nice little army but they keep moving on their own...I would like to play the game...and not have every! step sculpted for me...
File Author
Hello, Jas. I'm glad you've downloaded the game. Let me explain what I had in mind when I created the scenario: you start the moment Custer splits his regiment and orders Reno's column to attack, but you can at any time easily override these commands the usual way. (In reality, stopping a regiment in motion would take more than a few clicks.) I must admit I have been fascinated with this battle since I was a boy - I have created the scenario partly because I wanted to try different strategies, and I did, therefore, it is certainly possible. The situations in which your units seem to have a mind of their own are rare - for instance, when they are outnumbered, or when they lose a commanding officer, they may tend to flee (historical fact) - but you can easily rally them, if you want to.

[Edited on 11/29/06 @ 10:38 AM]

Jas the Mace1 To Gaston:

Sorry about the short comment before, the game has many good points. I haven't played a third time but I lost both before...Way too many troops coming in...Good game overall.!!...It seemed realistic 'cause everyone dies...Custer and Reno were the last...
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
The gameplay of this scenario was very good. Nice fixed force elements. But still, it could be improved a lot. I doubt author is at AoKH anymore as this scenario dates far back to 2006, but maybe there is a way to contact him, either to make him complete this great work, or to ask for permission for it to be reworked by someone else. The gameplay's only issue was huge map and overcrowded Gaia objects (Berry bushes especially). It would greatly benefit by usage of MCrnigoj's morale system, making this a great game to play.

Balance: 3
Balance was changing all the time. At the beginning player had a significant advantage but that changed quickly with non stop trigger based unit creation from the enemy. Balance also suffered from health and attack buffs, which seemed random, rather than result of multiple test.

Creativity: 4+
Creativity here is very, very good. Even now with AoE3 and Little Big Horn battle there, this remains a good idea, as it shows battle from another perspective. Author gives a possibility to change history and win the battle, rather than loosing it. The only problem was the way author did that. Units were tasked at random moments around the map to fulfill their historic role, while player was trying to do the opposite.

Map Design: 4
Map was designed nicely, with cliffs, elevation and terrain mixing fairly good, only to end overcrowded, especially with cliffs and berries. I don't think it truly represents the historical site, but even if it does some reworking should be done. In the first place map size shouldn't extend medium.

Story/Instructions: 3
Included with the download came a nice little Word file with history section covered, while ingame instructions were fairly good, while hints were a bit poorly written. Scout section should also be redone.

Additional Comments: This is a scenario with great potential and with slightest of changes a lot could be done. Incorporating morale system would be vital. Also player count could be increased, so that enemy heroes are other color than the rest of their army, therefore easier to recognize. Player heroes should be based on heroes, so that they are not selected every time player doubleclicks a conquistador. Diversity of units on the enemy side was good, but the AI sent his heroes out all alone and they died (not that any morale of the enemy was lost due to that - again morale system should be used). Player's army consisted of conquistadors only, here diversity MUST be increased. To sum up: This scenario would achieve very high score with proper reworking done, either by the author or a designer, who would receive authors agreement of this. Until then it remains a promising, okay design.

[Edited on 04/23/17 @ 10:43 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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