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True Kingdom Revealed

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
True Kingdom Revealed

"1. Expansion"

This is more of a movie, but not a teaser, this is about a Great Lord who is sorting through his people for true loyal subjects. A King of reason, wisdom & understanding, who give all he has for his people... But the people want more, will his kingdom rebel and take the throne for themselves? or will the loyal remain to obey and lay their life down for him?

This is more than a petty cival war based around one Kingdom and its king, the rebelion is nothing compared to the sly enemies that rebelled long ago, who continue their attacks against the Grand Lord even when death is certin. Why do they fight then? The hope for glory will plung them into certin death just for the one chance, even if 1% of victory is left, their desire to rule is greater then their conserns of death.

Do not think you can predict what will happen. This is not a story that contains unrealistic twists and turns, many many many different depths are here. Dont think outside the square, look outside the paper that square is on!!!

Another will follow this, around 10 days i will post Act II, (if all goes well).

Map contains:
Plots that will look right through you and laugh. Their is no stupid twists!

Great detail into charaters on feild. (the apperance on all charaters reveals parts of their charater, look at everything about them!)

I hope you all enjoy,
True Kingdom Revealed

Im not saying this will please everyone, and im not saying this is the best ever, but im saying there is more than you think!

Ive played only a few great games such as,

Day of lost memeries and hatred,
Lightning & Thunder,
War of the White rose,
Lord of the Rings fellowship & 2 towers.

and a few more,

So i am very sorry if any parts of my game are copied, I see mine diiferent (not to boast, but i have great respect for other people games and hope no material is copied).


I ask everyone to download this and would like their veiws on it. Not so much the game but the story lines and what they think personally about the charaters. For a faster reply email me.

Ive talked enough, Hope you enjoy!


The story continues in True Kingdom Revealed-2- Preparation v 1.1
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Am Downloading! By the way, I know what campaign (One you have listed) that your plot sounds familiar too, lol, I don't mind, just glad that something of mine could come of inspiration for someone else. Cheers.

EDIT: I watched your movie, and it is brilliant! It doesn't lead to any playable scenario, but just to a whole set of movies. This is something worth the download -people, watch up!

-My personal view on the characters-

*Musaf'a - He seems really evil, headstrong, and sick for power. He is a perfect resemblance to my Wardrick Ironn from TSKW. But his character seems somewhere in the back, like his story lies somewhere else?

*Haissem - A young, innocent man who thinks well of his father and kingdom, though it has gone through much treachury and pains. He is yet to know the truth of things.

*Grand Lord - My first instincts tell me that he is a king, not of some moral good, but there is something more to him, something bad, untrustworthy. I don't know if this is right, but the way the story went, what it said, tells me this. I feel that the story lies behind this man, perhaps, and that, Musafa is only a man in the background. The Grand Lord seems to have good, almost utopian intentions, but is almost willing to get them at all costs. There is something deep in his character, I feel.

The story is exemplary. Lots of Treachary, deceit, war and death. This is a jewel to watch albeit the spelling mistakes, but I stress that you need sound effects and music, else people can get bored by watching it -not that I did. Brilliant work!!! I hope there is another movie coming out. I would love to do a review as well, but time forbids me too, but I will try, but that is not a promise. Cheers.

Oh yah, I also loved the story you wrote. With more improvement this could turn out really well. I loved the end of the story, how we had to scroll down to view the rest, and it was suspenseful. Much like a movie.

[Edited on 03/30/06 @ 04:38 AM]

File Author
Thankyou for your kind words Mashek. Im sorry but my charater Mufus'a was created from your charater Wardrick, forgive me Mashek, and other veiwers if the charaters have common ties with each other, but i never intended for them to appear linked/copied. The charater Wardrick looks for power, inspired and also driven by revenge, but Mufus'a has different traits that may appear in my next senerio.

Ha yes, well i tried to inculde some from windows (the standard sound that windows has) also tried using joan of arc, rome total war, empire earth2, lords 3, but they are different format, i needed mp3 like the rest, but i dont have the net at home and the one i use is my neigbours that has limited downloads, (and i dont want to use all his memery up) so i wont download mp3 from there, also i cant download Macbeth and ~First Cursade~, ill have to visit a friend for these. But my next will have sound, if its allowed. But even though no sound, i hoped this brought a quite mood to it all, a quite time to think, sound helps HEAPS here but, still, the quite side i also wanted to express.

Yes the opening and ending message, i wished it to be short sweet, i could of spend days on it, but prefered to speak on screen about the charaters, to show there traits with visual signs.

Also could you/or others point out the spelling mistaks, this was one point i hoped to perfect.

You veiws on my charaters, some right some...nearly but others not quite.

Mashek could you email me so i can talk about somthing out of this forum please.

Thankyou for you comments,


Official Reviewer
I sent you two emails, haven't either of them worked? Just email me at

Email Removed

I would point out the spelling mistakes, but no time sorry -school, you know. Maybe though i could fix them up myself, and sent you the fixed spelling version? I will try.

No forgiving either. I really don't mind you using Wardrick. Its actually cool. I knew it was a reminisence of wardrick the moment i saw him, lol.

[Edited on 04/03/06 @ 06:43 AM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
True Kingdom Revealed is a movie, and not a cut-scene, describing the illness of a Kingdom’s reign, where different masters, good and bad, look upon people on all sides for loyalty and where the incessant blizzards of war, murder, corruption and betrayal are a norm. We’re scrolled through a good ten-minute’s watch of the many years of important change in the Kingdom, and the enemies outside her borders who threaten the Kingdom’s very existence at almost every moment.

Playability: (4.0)

True Kingdom Revealed is a great movie, and at that, an intriguing watch for those who enjoy well thought up stories. In a story woven around war and jealousy, you will be met with questions, questions about truth, the intentions of men and the corruption of others. This is the strength of this movie, the ability to raise many questions and possible outcomes in every surface and character so we are met with a quite entertaining, well thought up and thrilling story that nearly everyone should enjoy. Not only this but there was great characterisation, good scenes and a well orchestrated plot that is both suspenseful and mysterious, never telling too much at any one time. On the down side there were some game deficiencies too. There is the suffering under the constant beatings of some bad spelling and grammar, and the map design which could have been better, but that is explained further below. There is also some heavy lag in one scene, where on a hill, General Mufus’a heroically slaughters, and sends to hell, everything that hails under the Dlrow banner, and who, opposes the Kingdom. There was also the problem of the dialogue, which sometimes popped up all over the place, making it, at times, confusing. Other than that, no real bugs were encountered.

Balance: (5.0)

When rating this category, reviewers must take into account the author’s intentions and goals of the design. It is in the intention of the author that this scenario evolves plot and story, and to show a cut-scene whereby the player receives no units to control and no struggle to survive. As such there is no deduction from the overall score because there is no fighting for the player.

Creativity: (4.0)

Inspired by many a great game, this cut-scene has an in depth and riveting background story, with threads of information trailing from all corners and characters, all with their own lives and intentions, never seeming to fail to capture your attention. Throughout the many scenes of the movie, all of the units have been renamed, even though there is a chance that many viewers won’t notice, and goes to show some of the effort the author has put into this. Not only that, but it gives background characters and people lives of their own, adding much depth into the surrounds. Overall, there were not that many tricks, or elements of creativity to factor into a perfect rating for this category. However, a pleasing story, great watch, great character names, brilliant bitmap and some little details such as the “Air Mailer” bump this score up to a well-deserved 4.

Map Design: (4.0)

The map design was better than some scenarios, and certainly better to look at than a random map, but I felt more care could have been delivered in making it all the more better to look at. There was some nice designs, such as cliffs overlooking populaces, and bridges crossing rivers, and cities, but there was little in the way of terrain mixing in most areas, which would have surely highlighted the movie many more times over. Some of the Gaia objects were overused, such as there would be too many flowers, flower beds, forage bushes and plants in one area, making it quite distasteful to look at. But overall, there was great use of map copying, nice visual designs and some pleasing uses of elevation.

Story/ Instructions: (4.0)

The story was a pleasure to read, nothing beautiful, but detailed and with care to mention the facts that the viewer needed to know to understand the story. And though, as I mentioned earlier, it did suffer under the few spelling and grammatical mistakes, and was a bit rushed in my opinion. More detail and effort could have been applied here. There were brief instructions, indicating what screen size resolution to use, and what speed to run by, and some good dialogue. However the story, as good as it was, did not meet the standard I would at least ask for and so this category does not manage a perfect rating. As well as this, the story is only just beginning with no ending. I do not know what happens next.


I would suggest, primarily, fixing up the map design. It was good, but not exceptional for a high score. Some of the terrain was just too bare and boring. Try mixing grass 3 and grass 1 together, with perhaps Dirt 3 and even Dirt 2. Using a wider variation of trees, such as Pine and Oak mixed together would suffice. Go with a theme and stick with it. If you want a European theme, try and mold the map design around it. Some of the roads you used are too boring and or rough looking. Try straightening up roads, and fix up those horrible gaps within the cliff lines, which sit atop the elevations. To fix this, fix the elevations so they suit the layout of the cliffs. You used mud paths in one occasion, namely the scene where it shows Mufus’a arriving from oversees. Try to not use these in future times, and concentrate on more terrain blending. I used to use those horrible mud paths until Oliver turned me, now I concentrate on some better terrain blending. But do not completely ignore mud paths, because when used right they are effectively eye opening and can convey really well a dark atmosphere. Now we can move across to the dialogue situation. Some of them appear randomly for a single character across the screen. Instead, and this is what I do, and it does take time, is one dialogue comes up, and depending on its length, ten seconds later a separate trigger activates, and clears the dialogue, thus activating another trigger and is when three seconds later, the next dialogue fires up. This makes it more organized and relaxing on someone when reading. But that is my alternative approach for the messy organization of the dialogue. So basically, a trigger that fires the dialogue up and one that clears it. The clear dialogue trigger activates the next person’s dialogue three or two seconds later. Regarding the lag in the battle scene you have on the hill, and I know the more men looks better, but try to delete some of the men so that it does not lag as it did. Some people viewing this movie will not appreciate the lag. In addition, more play testing. You should alert people at the forums about your scenarios and or movies, and ask for play testers. I certainly would be one. With playtesters you can get them to scour the scenario for bugs and even get them to help you with your spelling if you are not so good with it. As a sideline, never use slang such as LOLZ in a scenario such as this. Be mature when writing.

In a word – Intriguing.

In closing – A must download!

[Edited on 07/02/08 @ 10:25 PM]

File Author
Thankyou for your reveiw, ill learn from what you have posted and hopefully improve.

On the hill you can use some units, they are coloured cyan, you cannot influence the battle, its just something to give people a break.

Im nearly done with actII, this will be a movie, but with a large battle. In this im pushing to create somthing, different, but thats hard with so many games out there. So parts will have been seen before, but im tring to push the story line into the battle. So what players are doing, IS the story.

*The map*
I know what you mean about the roads, being to plain and also grass2 begin do strong, but i made it that way, the broken roads also. But this is apart of the stoy. everything everything everything that you see is the story.
You noted a theme, well this is my theme, flowers everywere (in Grand Lords+haissem's kingdom). But yes your right in what you have said.

But spelling, i could be blind or just a bad speller, but im in australia, could our spelling be different? just a thought.

But i stress this again everything you see IS the story!!!!!
Official Reviewer
You may not realise, but I am Australian too, I live in Victoria, in the Gold fields. And our language does vary to other countries such as the USA. We spell colour, they spell color.

I know your map design is the theme and and is what is the story, but it needs to be more presentable. I have an understanding of what theme you're after, and it's just that the map design could be even better, and would suit your theme well.

[Edited on 04/03/06 @ 03:09 AM]

fuzzydude45 This is just a helpful tip, You spelt priest wrong at in the first movie(I am a semi-perfectionist when i comes to spelling) You spelt it preist when it should be priest (I befor E exept after C)
File Author
My 'checker' showed me my mistakes, i thought i fixed all them all, but i guess not.

Thankyou for taking the time to reply,

I ask if others could please comment.

Stephen Richards
Official Reviewer
This is actually pretty impressive. Some nifty ideas - in particular the opening scene - and an unusually articulate story (ignoring the spelling mistakes for which being Australian is no excuse!)
File Author
Thankyou very much Steven, I am glad to hear from you. Truly I am! Lol!

I have invested time into making sure my work is near perfect in Act 3 coming up, by the way, try ActII.

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Map Design4.0
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