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Crusade ~The Beginning~

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Number of scenarios: 2
The first Crusade in 1097 marked the beginning of a struggle between the Moslems and the Christians which lasted for centuries and changed forever the way in which the west saw the east. The first of the Crusades was called by Pope Urban II when he addressed a massive crowd at the assembly of Clermont in 1095 urging all Christians to go to the aid of the Christians in the holy land who were being denied pilgrimage to the holy city of Jerusalem, in exchange of this service he claimed that all participants in the holy war shall have their sins forgiven and would receive salvation in death. The effect of Urban's well addressed speech was such that it sent uproar all throughout Europe and people of all ranks, from Knight to peasant took up arms and set out towards Constantinople. The earliest Crusade was known as the people's crusade for no high ranking noble took part in it and was a miserable failure, however the main crusade was much better organized and though the crusaders had many hardships and misfortunes, they marched on gaining one victory after another over the Turks till they finally captured Jerusalem and established a new Christian kingdom in the holy land.

The first Crusade was followed by many other Crusades and the holy land remained a place of religious conflict for centuries after but the fact remains that the first Crusade was the only successful Crusade ever.
The story of the first Crusade is well known to all but very few know the details of the early part of the Crusade. Everybody knows of the great siege of Antioch and about the massacre at Jerusalem but the story of the early half remains greatly unknown and it is this story which I have decided to present in my new campaign -Crusade-~The Beginning~

>Intense and Action packed gameplay
>A mix of various gameplay elements
>New ideas and tricks
>New kinds of objectives
>Over a 1000 triggers
>Lots of sound and music files
>All characters based on historical figures
>High focus on historical accuracy
>Option to choose difficulty
>Lots of cutscenes to move the story forward

Please download this campaign and let me know what you think.

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Map Design5.0
Crusade- ~The Beginning~ is of course based on the crusades, the playable scenario being the seige of Nicea.

Playability: 5
In the opening scenario I watched the long cut-scene it was all good though by the end I was just wishing it to end. In getting to the actual seige I was wishing it to start, and it started with a nice little mission which got you into the feeling of things. The fights were all good fun and action packed, the desert journey was also good. Overall one of the most fun-filled scenario's I have played and does definatly deserve a 5.

Balance: 5
The balance here was very good and what the designer said for the balance was exactly what it said on the tin. I first played on moderate and had to restart a few times, Hard took me ages and I haven't completed it yet and standard was quite easy. So in that sense deserves a perfect rating.

Creativity: 5
This scenario was creative, it developed the FF genre in a way, the layout was effective and how you forfilled your missions was good, the seige tower section of the scenario was creative and good fun.

Map Design: 5-
This map was very well done the desert was just done to perfection with just enough eye-candy and it still looked realistic. The mountainous area and the general countryside was completed to a similar high standard. Though perhaps the only drawback I felt was that the actual city of Nicea for some reason didn't work as well as the other parts hence the minus,yet overall a good map which anyone would be proud of.

Story/Instructions: 5
The instructions were definatly one of the best I have seen, the Objectives were layed out in a effective manner, giving the player what you needed to do and hints for the part of the scenario. The designer uses Historical accuracy as a feature, and I did check up on the History and it is told very accuratly and very well. The cut-scene though long was very good and you got through the story very well.

Additional Comments: This is a great scenario and I recomend this to anyone and I am looking foward to Troy.
File Author

I have mailed the cpx file to you.I hope that one works.BTW you are using the conquerers expansion right?

[Edited on 04/01/06 @ 01:12 AM]

ByZaN Well I'm downloading it now, its taking a while so I hope its worth it. Anyway Troy was great and this should be great too.

I only got the 1st scenario (Prologue), I watched it and after i was Victorious I went bak to Campaigns and it had no scenario after it, Is this how it is supposed to be?

[Edited on 04/02/06 @ 09:24 AM]

INdesstructable Play it again and type in "i r winner"
Official Reviewer
This scenario is great, only (very) slight downside is there are a couple of spelling mistakes. But pedantic comments aside, it is one of the best out there.

[Edited on 04/06/06 @ 03:12 PM]

ByZaN Nope I tryed that cheat and it still dont work.
ataturk yep...same problem. the 2nd scenario just isn't coming out...
Rangar I'm not sure but I think some one has said this before, go to the Blacksmith in Aok and then create a new player. The reason why the second scenario is not showing up is because the memory is full having a new player will sort that out.
Official Reviewer
What I did was use 'Campaign Manager' to extract the second scenario into the map editor as a scx. file. This way I can go to the campaign editor, create the second scenario as a campaign file and play it in custom campaign.
Stu183 got your mail but still no luck! I am using the expansion pack, I extracted it into scx try still no luck. I also unistalled it and created a new name. but still it keeps crashing.

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Map Design5.0
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