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Crusade ~The Beginning~

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Number of scenarios: 2
The first Crusade in 1097 marked the beginning of a struggle between the Moslems and the Christians which lasted for centuries and changed forever the way in which the west saw the east. The first of the Crusades was called by Pope Urban II when he addressed a massive crowd at the assembly of Clermont in 1095 urging all Christians to go to the aid of the Christians in the holy land who were being denied pilgrimage to the holy city of Jerusalem, in exchange of this service he claimed that all participants in the holy war shall have their sins forgiven and would receive salvation in death. The effect of Urban's well addressed speech was such that it sent uproar all throughout Europe and people of all ranks, from Knight to peasant took up arms and set out towards Constantinople. The earliest Crusade was known as the people's crusade for no high ranking noble took part in it and was a miserable failure, however the main crusade was much better organized and though the crusaders had many hardships and misfortunes, they marched on gaining one victory after another over the Turks till they finally captured Jerusalem and established a new Christian kingdom in the holy land.

The first Crusade was followed by many other Crusades and the holy land remained a place of religious conflict for centuries after but the fact remains that the first Crusade was the only successful Crusade ever.
The story of the first Crusade is well known to all but very few know the details of the early part of the Crusade. Everybody knows of the great siege of Antioch and about the massacre at Jerusalem but the story of the early half remains greatly unknown and it is this story which I have decided to present in my new campaign -Crusade-~The Beginning~

>Intense and Action packed gameplay
>A mix of various gameplay elements
>New ideas and tricks
>New kinds of objectives
>Over a 1000 triggers
>Lots of sound and music files
>All characters based on historical figures
>High focus on historical accuracy
>Option to choose difficulty
>Lots of cutscenes to move the story forward

Please download this campaign and let me know what you think.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
revealer Is it possible to have my question confirmed by the author or other readers to aid me?

sauron432000 I will venture as far as to suggest it might even be one of the greatest and extensive campaign in heavengames for Aok but other will contest that claim. Tu est grand,c'est formidable, Mon ami!

[Edited on 10/11/06 @ 08:26 PM]

Moco Great campaign Sceletar!I must say that the Crusades are probably my favourite historical event and this campaign was just what the doctor ordered for Crusader fanatics!The cutscenes in the first scenario were very good and well designed.I'm certainely not the best AOE II player, so it has been pretty difficult for me to get through the second scenario so far, even though I'm playing on easy difficulty.But although I've lost once in the second scenario, the game has been challenging and fun to play so far!Are you going to make a sequel to this campaign as you are intending to do with your War of Troy Campaign?It would be very nice to have a sequel to this one as well, because the Crusaders' march towards Jerusalem from Niceea was marked by other battles against the turks and it would be nice to recreate them.Thanks again for your campaign!Keep up the good work!Cheers!
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
The playability of this campaign was amazing. I was at first suprised that it was only 1 scenario for the entire campaign at first, but then I realized I was wrong. It had objectives and the action that 10 scenarios have, all unto one map! It really satisfied me to play in three different roles.

Balance: 5
I loved the balance of this campaign; when it comes to campaigning, Sceletar is the flamingo. This campaign proved to be very difficult and I had to restart and save many times, but it made me feel even better when I finished it. There were parts that seemed impossible that really weren't. Sceletar also made sure that you didn't ruin the campaign by exploring the map. He did these with great set traps.

Creativity: 5
The creativity displayed in this campaign is that equal to Berserker Jerker's! It had a very different, unique interface that most scenarios have that made me really use my head. The hunting part of the scenario was a great idea. Sceletar obviously worked his butt off to make this as I can find 1000's of triggers inside the campaign. The cutscene was freaking amazing! I would never be able to do something like that!

Map Design: 5
The map design was everything that it needed to be. It made sure that the player did not wander too far and skip his objective. It had a great terrain mix that made me really think that I was in Nicaea. There was no spot on the map that was the same.

Story/Instructions: 5
This was a extremely good written story. It was very good and explained what was happening without talking to me like a parent. The instructions helped me find what I needed to do while still making me guess and figure out instead of spoiling the entire secret!

Additional Comments:
You have really outdone yourself this time! This is some of the most amazing work I have ever seen and some day, I hope to make something like this. I am looking forward to seeing more scenarios in the future!
design and help This is the best campaign I have played! The sound files are the best part. Really good choice of sound, and what seems like over a hundred new sounds! If you don't download this, you are crazy! Hope it gets rated as the best of AOK!!!!!!

[Edited on 03/06/07 @ 12:34 PM]

Dantares IV This is a great game Skeletar!!

design and help: Do't expect to keep that reviw for long!
PunKZ_91 Fun to play and you never get bored. The maps were very good designed, very detailed and of course perfect for the campaign. The intro was the best thing I´ve seen it was like watching a movie. The story was perfect and easy to follow, very good dialogs and I really liked the hole story:)
I'm impressed, you have my gratitude

[Edited on 09/26/07 @ 05:25 AM]

MythWriter I won't go over how brilliant this scenario is, brilliant though it may be, and skip straight to the bad bits, few as they are (actually only one that I've found).

* When I used Godfrey to heal the skirms etc. against Kilij Arslan, about half of my skirms were wiped out! This caused me to win the battle, but only with about 6 units to spare, and I could have been less lucky. I know healing is a difficult trick to pull off, but this is quite annoying!!

Otherwise, perfect. It's that rare thing: an FF that doesn't lag my computer to an early death. Great job, Sceletar!!!!
Turty Did he run away?
Lt_Andrew_Post I have something that seems to be a bug in the second scenario. It's the part where I am Bohemond and I have to get 200 kills, the Nicaeans were pushing me back and to keep Bohemond safe, I brought him back near the camp, and suddenly got "You Are Defeated". As far as I know, I hadn't done anything to be defeated. This happened twice.
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