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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Shadows After Sunset (Part One)

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Shadows After Sunset (Part One)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 3 (2 cut-scenes)

Part One: A Perilous Journey

The Story:

Twenty years before, a mysterious army of Demons rose from the shadows of an obscure Northern valley. It was just everyone's luck that they were met by the grim determination of Lord Dankarton who, against all the odds, banished them back to the depths from which they came before they could get up to strength. Unfortunately, he has since grown old, and now he has finally passed on, hopped the twig, crossed over and any other euphenism you feel suitable. After twenty long years the demons have at last gained another chance to conquer this mortal realm, and this time there is no one to stop them. As village after village falls beneath their hooves there is only one dim hope for the country, for, as all heroes do, Lord Dankarton has a son. Can he repeat the feats of his late father and save the land of Faralon from total destruction?

In Short:

This is a fairly long playable scenario with several different choices to take and a large map to explore. For the majority you will control only one unit, with some medium scale skirmishes later on.


Comments and reviews are welcome.



- Approximately 500 triggers
- A giant size map
- Five different routes to take
- Several sidequests and other optional things

Last updated on 20 December

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
File Author
I'm afraid I realised too late about the horrendous attempt at a bitmap on the second scenario, please don't mention it, it will be fixed for the next version!

Fixed, as noted below.

[Edited on 04/09/06 @ 02:10 PM]

Official Reviewer
This is a good campaign.

Play the first cut-scene on normal or slow speed. The third scenario, cut-scene crashes at the game's start. Trigger 'Start effects' Effect 7, object (Sabato) not set for the Change Object Attack, the game engine tries to add AP to all Gaia object and crashes the game.
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks Tanneur99!

I'm afraid I didn't realise that after you put files into campaigns any saved changes will not have effect. This is why the crash happens, the bitmap is horrible etc etc.

Updated so some of these annoying things do not occur, also I've pruned down the previously monstrous file size (don't know why it was about 5mb, any ideas?)

[Edited on 04/09/06 @ 02:07 PM]

King Lomos Um, this game is cool but it needs some bug checking. It's fairly a good download, but it's a bit easy.
Official Reviewer
File Author
Bugs first- As you can probably tell this is my first attempt. I don't suppose you could tell me whereabouts they are? I did fix a few in the update.

Difficulty- Did you play on "hard"? If yes, were there any parts in particular that were too easy?

Finally, thanks for the compliment.

[Edited on 04/10/06 @ 04:50 AM]

Jas the Mace1 Great Game!!! I'm about 1/8 done and it's fantastic!! Good terrain...I like the RPG aspect of it...especially the extras like digging for treasure and werewolves...just finished killing the 'Angry Tree Spirt' (whew!) Can't wait to finish it.!..As for bugs...I haven't had any...Make MORE!!!

Jas the Mace1
p4lad1n2000 I would like to say this map great. Nevertheless, I find some bug in the game :). I found a polished armor (I'm sure, this event triggered when danzi killed a throwing axemen), and it start to increase my HP amount. And it keeps on increasing until the end of the game.....

PS: at the end of the Danzi had roughly about 65k HP...
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks for the comment.

Interesting bug, I'll fix it now, thanks again for telling me! Done.

Would you believe me if I said - "Ah, that's not a bug... just some REALLY good armour polish"? No? Ah, well...

By the way if you're interested (unlikely I'll admit) it ISN'T when you kill the axeman... it's when you destroy his tent.

(You were lucky with the 65k thing, much more than that and for some reason it kills the unit! ...and to think that upgrade was only meant to be 5hp)

[Edited on 04/11/06 @ 02:24 PM]

p4lad1n2000 Ah...yeah I remembered it. After the tent being destroyed, my HP adds 5 hp per seconds. i feel relieved for a minute until i still saw my HP constantly increase when I'm fighting the wolf (in a way I become invicible, but when I remembered that a unit have a HP limit, I'm getting scared that my character might die for too much HP). I'm amazed with the trigger work though :). I think this map will get a high review. Though there's some bug you need to take care of :D.
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks again for the kind words!

I don't suppose you can remember any more of the bugs? If you still can please tell, I'll also include the names of any bug-finders in the credits of the next version.

You say "the wolf", out of interest, which?

Last question- Assuming you've finished it (65k hp really makes that easy I expect), did you find the little blue chat messages interesting/funny or annoying? I'm wondering whether to discontinue them in Part Two.

[Edited on 04/12/06 @ 08:56 AM]

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